Disney World employee reveals secret store for employees: video

Being an employee of a Disney World Resort certainly has its perks, including free admission to theme parks, discounts on food and beverages, and early looks at upcoming attractions.

But a Disney employee is going viral on TikTok for sharing a relatively unknown perk that employees can access: an entire store just for employees.

The clip, which has since been viewed more than 907,000 times, was filmed by a Disney employee at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and features a look inside the store called Cast Connection and Property Control.

The rules are simple, you can only enter if you are a cast member or relative of a cast member, and you cannot shop the items for anyone else.

A Disney cast member does certain like any employee who works in the Disney parks or the Disney store.

The items, which are heavily discounted (think $0.25 for a desk), come from Disney properties across the country and are brought into the store when Disney deems them “obsolete.”


Did you know that Disney has a secret store for cast members and just wait till you see what’s inside!

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Items range from large furniture to clothes, food and holiday decorations – basically anything you can think of that an amusement park could throw at it. New items are exchanged every week.

In another clip, the employee shares all the near-incredible items she bought at the store for just $1, including an Animal Kingdom platform bed and a dressing room lamp and mirror.

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Viewers were shocked that the store existed and items were available for such low prices.

“The most magical place on Earth, actually,” one person joked in a nod to Disney’s famous tagline.

“I need a friend who works at Disney,” said another.

While the benefits are plentiful, being a Disney cast member isn’t always fun and games.

Earlier this week, two cast members were attacked by a drunk guest on a boat ride at Disney World’s Epcot after the rider tried to exit the ride while it was still moving.

There are currently an estimated 75,000 cast members employed by Disney.