XVideoStudio Video Editor Apk Alternatives for iOS

#1 Musical.ly 6.0

Using Musical.ly 6.0, users can watch an endless amount of videos customized to their liking based on who they follow. The videos on this app are personalized based on what users share, like, and watch. Video categories include comedy, gaming, DIY, food, memes, and more.

Videos can be explored and scrolled at any time on the platform. The video can also be paused and resumed at any time. Create an account and follow others with the app

Video collection users can add their favorite videos and music files for free to Musical.ly 6.0. Videos can be edited and recreated through Musical.ly 6.0. In addition, the app allows users to express themselves through creative filters and effects.

#2 KineMaster – Video Editor

With KineMaster – Video Editor, you can edit your videos using a variety of professional editing tools and apply filters and effects before posting them to your social media accounts. The text option menu allows users to add customizable text to a video and to change the font type, font size, color, outline, opacity level, etc.

This app brings the editing experience to a whole new level by enabling you to add as many layers of editing to a video as you like.

Slow-motion or fast-motion videos can be created by adjusting the playback speed. A built-in mixer allows you to adjust the volume of default music in your video as well as add songs from your internal storage to create a music video with KineMaster – Add Music to Video & Photo.

#3 Dubsmash

The Dubsmash app allows you to create fun lip-sync videos to share with friends. You need it if you want to become a celebrity. It’s an extraordinary video messaging app. With this application, you can easily record a video dubbing over an audio recording or a sound clip from movies, music, shows, and all the other internal trends.

One of the most exciting things about this platform is that it has the largest library of sounds in the world. You can also watch the best dubs from the community from trends and challenges. More than twenty different languages are supported by Dubsmash, including English, Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish. It is possible to upload your own audio, add text animations, color filters, and much more to your recordings.

Furthermore, it offers prominent features such as being free to use, creating unlimited recordings, easy-to-use interface, allowing users to save clips and send them via social networking platforms, etc. With Dubsmash, you can make fun videos anywhere and anytime with your friends. It is one of the best lip sync applications compared to the others.


With OLR, you can share video clips from famous movies with your friends around the world and act them out together. Available on iOS and Android platforms, it was developed and published by RoleStar Inc. With this app, you can watch movies, connect with celebs, and interact with online personalities. In addition, it delivers new and fresh content to your fingertips on a regular basis.

Additionally, ROLR allows you to import your videos and favorite scenes, edit them with exiting effects, and share them with others. In addition to picking a character and role, inviting friends, sending your collection, creating unlimited videos, and getting instant notifications and regular updates, the application offers many other features as well.

By bringing all of the moves from celebrities so close, the app allows you to sharpen your acting skills. Create fun videos in the way you like with your desired persons anywhere in the universe and collaborate intuitively.

#5 Madlipz

Eigeuity Inc.’s Madlipz is a highly engaging platform that lets you make voiceover parodies and share them with friends, family, colleagues, classmates, and others. The app is specifically designed for those who want to create the next viral meme. Madlipz allows you to create a profile, follow your friends, comment on other users and like them from around the world.

On iOS and Android platforms, it is a free app to download and use. Using this application, you will see all the real-time posts right on your home screen, so you’ll never miss a thing. You can also check out your friends’ reels and browse their profiles. While Madlipz offers many new features and services, it is better than Music.ly.

This app offers the largest database in the world that you can access anytime, anywhere. You can use Madlipz’s search bar to find your favorite videos by entering the video title, tag, or other relevant information. You can save your dub videos to your mobile device and share them with others through social networks after you find and create your own.

#6 BeatApp

Developed and published by BeatApp Man, BeatApp is a music and audio app. Featuring excellent beats and hundreds of cool effects, it is an enjoyable app that lets you remix your voice tones. Your recordings can be precisely saved and shared after making, mixing, and editing.

A free mobile app called Beat App has thousands of users around the world who can use it to make their conversations more enjoyable and interesting. This app allows you to easily record, edit, and share your voice to stunning beats. Adding beats and effects to make them more entertaining is one of the most exciting and enticing features of this application.

If you create a voice message, you can easily share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media platforms. The application has a number of critical features that set it apart from other similar applications.f the best voice remix application that allows you to create stunning stuff to have fun.

#7 Triller: Social Video Platform

With the Triller: Social Video Platform app, users can merge music with their videos to show off their creativity to a vast community of music fans all over the world. Music and videos can be searched by selecting categories.

The news feed section allows users to watch new videos to get ideas for their own videos and can then upload them to the app. At the home screen of the Troiller: Videos, Edit, Filters & Music app, there is a search bar that allows you to enter the name of your favorite content creator to view their videos at a glance.

Triller: Social Video Platform app allows users to add songs to their videos from a large selection of trending songs by popular music artists. After editing your video, you can share it by applying effects and filters.

#8 Video Star

Video Star makes you and your friends the stars of awesome music videos in the easiest way possible. You can select from hundreds of built-in effects, backward clips, exclusive music, and a wide variety of stickers. The application is designed for people who want to create exciting videos and share them with their friends, family, and the entire world.

The most interesting and enjoyable feature of this application is that it allows users to lip sync videos. Using this feature, you can choose from a large number of songs and dialogues to create a video and get rid of the frustration of copyright.

Video Star allows you to make music videos, vlogs, and videos with live audio using its VideoFX Live feature. Other features include creating slow-motion videos, adding your own songs and dialogue, finding and following friends, a user-friendly interface, and a lot of editing tools. As compared to some traditional apps on the market right now, Video Star is one of the best options for making music videos.

#9 Funimate

Video editor Funimate lets you create excellent music video clips, lip-sync videos, slow-motion videos, edit your videos, and more. The app is developed by AVCR Inc. and is available for Android and iOS devices. You can create fresh videos and share them with your fans to get viral and increase your following.

Your videos can be made more interesting by adding cool effects, texts, music, and emoji. The application has a huge selection of background stuff for creating and sharing lip sync videos, just like the other lip sync applications. With this application, you can create awesome music videos with real-time effects thanks to patent-pending technology.

Aside from sharing your music videos, you can also create and share unlimited videos, enjoy a simple and easy to use interface, and enjoy new feeds and upgrades with Funimate.

#10 GIF Out Loud

You can use GIF Out Loud to customize and add audio to GIFs from your cell phone or tablet with no problems. Through GIF Out Loud – Gif with Sound, you can create your own short video and share it with anyone or share it with specific people. Similar to Dubmash, it provides all the same services, but with some new features. You can customize your GIFs with this application, add your own voice, clip or song to your favorite GIFs, or create your own GIFs to express yourself when words aren’t enough.

In comparison to similar applications, it provides a massive collection of entertainment stuff, including background videos, emoji, special effects, colors, and themes. GIF Out Loud is only available on the iOS platform and is free to download. Key features include adding sound to any GIF, sharing your GIFs, quick searching, importing your live photos, and more. The team at GIF Out Loud is always looking for something new and extra to deliver.

#11 Shabaam

You can use Shabaam to enjoy animated GIFs to share your day, to surprise your friends, or to celebrate a special occasion. Besides offering a wide range of unique and entertaining features, it is a brand new free mobile application that is available globally. You can dub your voice, record your voice, and make animated GIFs with the app. It is a bit different from Dubmash and other dubbing applications.

This app allows you to easily create GIFs and dub videos. In the same way as other similar apps, it offers multiple filters, color themes, and much more that make your content more engaging and interesting. Shabaam offers key features such as sharing videos on social media platforms, creating unlimited dub videos, and regular updates with new stuff as well as a user-friendly interface. As compared to other apps that let you have fun conversations with your friends, Shabaam is one of the best.

#12 Musical.ly

Millions of users love Musical.ly, an app that allows them to create funny short videos and share them with the world. With Musical.ly, you can use the world’s largest music and sound library to create fun videos wherever and whenever you want.

In addition to these, Musical.ly offers a number of other extraordinary features for your videos, such as face filters, stickers, and beauty effects. You can access the app anytime, anywhere, and it is available in more than 20 different languages. Your favorite music can be easily added to your videos using this fascinating app.

Featuring a variety of music playlists in genres such as R&B, rap, electronics, classical, and pop, this application is incredibly fun and exciting to use. Also included in the app are lots of editing tools that help you create more engaging and stunning videos. You can share your talent and artistic skill with the world through Musical.ly, a free app available for Android and iOS.

#13 Impersonate

A video face swap app called Impersonate makes your friends say the craziest things. The application is free to download and use and is designed to make hilarious impersonations of friends and other random people. There is no need to register for Impersonate, and you can download it on your mobile device and use it instantly.

As soon as you have completed the installation, you will be able to choose a photo of your friend, select a mask, adjust the color, and share your video. Several tools are available to enhance your photos and videos to give you a more engaging experience. You can access Impersonate from anywhere in the world if you’re on an iOS device. You should check it out; it’s the best entertainment app.

#14 Tik Tok

This is probably one of the most widely used lip-sync apps, or short video making apps, where you can not only create magnificent videos, but also view exciting and entertaining videos from beautiful boys and hot girls. With it, you will be able to watch and create videos whenever you want. Videos can also be made by capturing funny and memorable moments to share with the world. The application is developed and published by Musical.ly and is available on Android and iOS devices.

Videos in the app are personalized for you based on what you watch, like, and share. The app is designed to adapt to your tastes by providing you with the most relevant, fun, and attention-grabbing videos. Also, Tik Tok is great for those who want to show off their talent and get real-time feedback. There are already millions of creators showcasing their skills, precious moments, and knowledge.

Take your videos to the next level by using emoji stickers and face filters on Tik Tok. Additionally, you can unlock tones of fun face filters and effects that make your stuff more interesting. Among the app’s core features are editing tools, live streaming filters, easy filter editing, millions of exciting videos, and more.

#15 Fiesta by Tango

Tango’s Fiesta app lets you upload your location to get friend requests from strangers nearby or turn off the location feature to chat with friends all over the world.

As a new friend, you can send messages to introduce yourself and attach multimedia files such as photos, videos, and music. A straight-forward interface lets users access find friends, swipe cards, chat, profile, filters, and settings sections from home.

You can add recent chats to your favorite folder by tapping on the star icon at the top of the screen. Before sending a friend request or a message, users can view the entire profile of a stranger.

#16 Reverse Movie FX

Using Reverse Movie FX, you can create a reverse video that looks like a magic trick. The app is specially designed for those interested in becoming a magician and performing magic tricks all the time. There is a vast collection of magical ideas in Reverse Movie FX, including item kinetic attraction, tears of paper, money attracting, spilling juice, and much more.

Customers can customize their reverse videos in a variety of ways. It is a very simple and easy-to-use application that lets you record videos, select movie fragments, and play them back. It reverses your video.

You can also add music, filters, stickers, and lots of other exciting stuff to your ordinary videos with Reverse Movie FX to make them more engaging and addictive. Millions of users can use the application to demonstrate their skills to others around the world.

#17 JibJab

JubJab Brothers. The studio introduces JibJab, a fantastic GIF application that allows you to add your voice to hilarious GIFs for every occasion. The application is available on Android and iOS platforms, making it one of the best GIFs. You can add yourself to the application and create amazing GIFs with its massive collection of templates.

You can also use the photos of your friends and family members to have a hilarious time making their JIBJABs. They’ll be amazed when they see your creations on social media. It is easy to make fun memes and gifs with any photo and any time.

This application allows you to create and share GIFs with ease on all social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and many others. JibJab offers various features such as free-to-use scenarios, editing tools, a real-time selfie feature, and the ability to add a face to your camera roll, among others. To create your GIFs, you must download and install the apps on your mobile device and tablet. When you complete the installation, you will be able to create unlimited GIFs.

#18 Voice Swap

There is an app called Voice Swap for cool people who want to change their voice and sound like someone else. The application can only be used on the iOS platform, and it is simple and easy to use. With this app, you can easily record crazy short clips, change your voice, add different face filters, and share them with your friends. A unique voice will amaze your friends and shock them during phone calls and voice messages.

With the platform, you can create tons of crazy effects and express yourself in hilarious ways. The app contains more than 40 voices, unlimited video creation and sharing, advanced filter tools, live voice switching in real time, and an intuitive interface. Voice Swap also offers a collection of over 10000 videos and photos with new collections added daily.

You can use it to transform your own voice into someone else’s and no one will be able to understand that, be it you or someone else. Overall, Voice Swap is a fun application for those who want a fun way to change their voice with plenty of tools all in one place.

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