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Wintub Alternatives


With Wintub, you can earn money for watching videos and get paid with PayPal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and other platforms. Videos on the website include sports, movies, YouTube clips, history videos, and upcoming movie trailers. Creating an account is easy since you can use your already created email address. The video list is displayed in the form of a grid after an account is created along with the quality. Watching the entire video allows you to see the money in US dollars that is deposited in your account.

While watching the video, if you minimize or close the appropriate tab, you won’t see the payment added to your account. Its attractive dashboard on the main screen allows you to see your account information, videos, and other important information.

#1 Webtalk

Webtalk is a platform that allows you to organize, consolidate and manage all your professional and personal relationships in one place, enabling you to connect, showcase, and collaborate with others. One of the key features of this platform is the ability to easily access data at your fingertips, instant control over your new algorithms, and full access to your relationship capital. By engaging, writing great content, and referring others, you can earn points. As a result of earning 1,000 points, you will receive 1 pie, which is indirectly equal to 1 dollar.

In addition to short videos, animated clips, articles, upcoming movie trailers, sports videos, and many others, Webtalk encourages you to post your content. Like the famous platform, you earn based on views or clicks. It is possible to transfer the earned amount directly to your bank account, something the other platforms do not offer.

#2 Irazoo Watch Videos

Watching or posting your content on Irazoo Watch Videos can earn you money. The platform is one of the smartest ones out there. It encourages you to upload various videos like sports clips, advertisements, historical clips, TV shows, and others in all quality levels such as 720p, 1080p, and 4K HD. As a result of this platform’s efficient plans, viewers and creators both make money. It does not require any extra skills; all you have to do is create an account using an already generated email and begin earning. It displays different videos along with points you can earn after watching them after logging in.

Irazoo Watch Videos allows you to transfer money once it reaches ten dollars, which equals one lac points. When a viewer downloads, likes, shares, or comments on a particular video, it is an extra bonus for the creator

#3 CashPlay

Developers can use CashPlay’s platform to monetize their audiences through skill-based player-to-player cash tournaments in mobile and online games. By watching videos, playing games, visiting websites, or inviting your friends, you can earn coins by watching videos, playing games, or visiting sites. By using your already created email, you can easily make a CashPlay account; after you’ve created an account, it shows you a variety of content on your phone’s main screen, which you can choose according to your preferences. The coins are added to your account immediately after the videos have ended and are listed below.

While watching the video, if you minimize or close the video tab, the coins will not be added to your account. Then you can easily withdraw 1$ into your bank account via PayPal or another platform after reaching 10,000 coins equal 1$.

#4 VidyBit

VidyBit is one of the safest and most secure platforms for Bitcoin enthusiasts that allows you to watch videos, play games, share clips, and invite friends for Bitcoin with instant payouts. In contrast to other traditional alternatives, it allows you to earn money through Bitcoin. Account creation does not require any personal information except your email address. Videos on the website’s main page include sports videos, animated videos, technology overviews, cartoons, and history videos. This platform has the feature of only containing short-length videos that last less than one minute, so when you end video 11 you’ll receive satoshi.

VidyBit offers a modern dashboard that shows you important details such as total earned bitcoin, total viewed videos, referral income, and many others. It makes it possible for you to trade directly with your earned Bitcoins without adding any additional amounts, doubling your money.

#5 Zareklamy

There is a rich-featured platform called Zareklamy which offers full-time and additional jobs to all people in every country by watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, and inviting friends. The noticeable feature of this platform is that it offers different methods of monetization, such as leaving engagement on social media, playing games, writing comments, shopping online, and subscribing to newsletters.

Without investing any money, you can earn $150 per month with Zereklamy. It’s as easy as creating an account on Zareklamy, clicking a video, sharing, liking, and commenting on it. As soon as the points have been added to your balance, they can be converted into your desired currency. It is a modern form of online advertising created by multinational organizations or enterprises that rewards likes, followers, video views, surveys, games, registrations, website visits, and many others.


Using TV-TWO, you have the chance to earn crypto while watching content according to your preferences. The site includes a wide range of videos, such as sports clips, historical clips, and technology overviews. For big rewards, you must like, comment, or share a particular video on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Creating an account through your email is all you need; no technical knowledge is required. It provides 11 satoshis after watching one video, but gives 22 satoshis for referral clicks that other video-click-earning platforms don’t offer.

You can directly trade with Bitcoin on TV-TWO, doubling your money. This platform’s key difference from others is that the videos are all short, like 50 seconds or less, enabling you to earn more than $150 per month.

#7 Watch and Earn

Watch and Earn is a scam-free platform that allows you to make money from watching videos, liking, commenting, inviting your friends, and sharing videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. First, you have to create an account using your email address. Then, various videos are presented along with the mentioned viewing points, including sports videos, technology overviews, history videos, upcoming movie trailers, and funny videos. Your account will be credited with the specific rewards after completing the video, which may be viewed through the dashboard.

With Watch and Earn, you can easily keep a complete record of your earnings in the form of attractive charts or colorful graphs based on the number of watched videos each day, week, or month. During playing the video, if you accidentally minimize or close the specific tab, the points will not add to your account.

#8 Watch Video and Earn money

With Watch Video and Earn Money, you can watch videos, play games, like, comment, or share your favorite content on various social media platforms and earn coins. The app rewards you with ten golden coins for each view and ten silver coins for each referral click. You can withdraw your money through PayPal or other famous platforms after you have accumulated 1,000 coins, which is equal to 1 dollar.

You can earn up to $150 per month simply by watching videos and earning money. If you minimize or close the screen while watching the video, the points will not be added to your account. By inviting more friends, you’ll be encouraged to share your earnings on social media groups without any hassle.

#9 Real Money Earn

You can earn real cash rewards for your everyday habits with Real Money Earn, a secure website. It enables you to earn money while playing games, listening to music, or watching videos such as sports videos, technology overviews, history videos, and many others. One of the key features of this platform is that you can make money by listening to free music, giving your opinions through surveys, getting paid for offline music player streaming recorded from the radio, and many more.

By using your already created email, you can easily make your Real Money Earn account; once you have created an account, a variety of content will appear on your phone’s main screen for you to choose from. You can share your own content on your timeline and earn points as a bonus for the views, likes, and shares you receive.

#10 VidMoney

VideoMoney allows users to make money by sharing their uploaded videos on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. As a reward for watching or sharing, it gives you points, which you may convert into bitcoins or US dollars. This platform has a unique feature where you can earn 50 points if a particular video is shared by your referrals. Payment is based on the number of people watching, sharing, and downloading different videos. You can view the total earnings, number of viewed videos, number of downloads, and earnings from your referral accounts through its attractive dashboard, which is not provided by other traditional platforms.

VidMoney has a little bit disadvantage that is if you minimize or close the tab on which you are watching the videos, the mentioned points are not added to your account. It also offers bonus points on the basis of the number of time spent on the application.

#11 Stato

Stato is a social media platform that offers you the possibility of earning money by sharing, uploading, or downloading status updates, videos, images, quotes, and GIFs. This platform has the advantage that you can choose from a list of famous languages, thereby freeing yourself from language restrictions. No special technology is required; you simply need to create an account using your existing email address. After creating an account, it allows various content to appear on your timeline, allowing you to make money in an inappropriate way.

In exchange for your referrals sharing, watching or downloading videos, Stato gives you one-third of their income. The site only covers short videos, which allows you to make money in less time. It generates a simple referral code in the form of a URL that can be easily shared across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

#12 Funtap Rewards

With Funtap Rewards, you can earn money quickly without any technical knowledge. You can earn coins by watching videos, playing games, visiting websites, or inviting your friends to join. You do not need to provide any personal information other than your email address in order to create an account. Videos such as sports videos, animated videos, technology overviews, cartoons, history videos, and many others are available on the website’s main page. You can easily view your account dashboard after completing the video and seeing the particular rewards you have earned.

Futap Rewards offers the advantage of providing a complete record in the form of attractive charts or colorful graphs related to the daily, weekly, or monthly earnings with a number of watched videos. If you accidentally minimize or close a specific tab during the video, your account will not receive any points.


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