Who is Mr. Pelo? Age, nationality, real name, net worth

Sr Pelo is the alias of a popular illustrator, animator and graphic designer turned YouTube star. He is known for publishing parodies of games, cartoons and TV series on his popular channel. Sr Pelo has attracted more than three million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Let’s take a closer look at this animator and entertainer.

Early life and family

David Axel Cazares Casanova was born in Mexico on October 23, 1990, better known as Pelo. Nothing is known about his childhood or how he grew up.

Most YouTube stars like to keep people guessing about their lives, and he does the same. Pelo’s family is not known to the public at all – it is not even known if he has siblings or if his parents are still alive.

Educational background

As with his private life, not much is known about Pelo’s education. He speaks Spanish while growing up in Mexico, and can also speak English. In fact, people can only guess at Pelo’s studies.

It can be assumed that he studied animation at one point, as that is the basis of his YouTube videos, but it is possible that he is self-taught.


He registered his YouTube channel – Sr Pelo, meaning Mr. Hair – in 2008, but it seems it took him a while to start sharing content. The first video uploaded on his channel was in 2012 and it was titled ‘Troll Dance’ which has over one million views. After that, he uploaded a lot of animated parody videos – ‘Mokey’s Show’ seems to have the most fans.

Pelo is known to be a very vocal and loud person, known for banging on his desk when excited. Some of his fans joke that he should stop abusing his tables in this way. He also has an online handle – 123pendejos.

He enjoys making videos in the ‘chibi’ art style, which originated in Japanese anime. He does all the voices for his shows, except one – Chara in ‘Underpants’ Genocide Ending’. Among his other animations that have gained popularity are parodies of games such as ‘Super Mario’ and ‘Team Fortress 2’.

Another of Pelo’s popular series is the “Stocktales,” stories told entirely through stock photos and video game music. In 2012, Pelo shared a video titled “Wellcom to Disnehy,” and it was the first of his Mokey’s Show series. This, as one might guess, is a parody of Disney and Mickey Mouse. Other parodies of Disney characters also appear in the series.

Mokey the Mouse has since become an adored figure in internet pop culture.

Sister Pelo

In addition to its English-language content, Pelo also has a YouTube channel and Facebook page with content focused on a Latin American audience. Pelo is known as one of the most successful YouTube stars and ranked on the list of famous people born October 23, 1990. He has uploaded many videos and most of them are viewed at least a million times each – currently he has over three million subscribers. He is also known for posting artwork to Tumblr, his DeviantArt account, and Facebook.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Most of Pelo’s information is shrouded in mystery and we only know what he let slip onto the internet. He has an unruly afro, hence his name (Mr. Hair). He likes to exaggerate his afro in drawings of himself.

Pelo’s zodiac sign is Scorpio – people of this zodiac sign are said to be intense and poetic; this could be the motivation behind his videos. He is also known to be associated with it Harold Andrew Partridgean English Indie (independent) web animator and voice actor.


Nothing is really known about Pelo’s relationships, both platonic and romantic. If Pelo has a girlfriend, he doesn’t share that kind of information with the public. It is believed that he has no children.

Physical Characteristics

We only see Pelo occasionally, and it can be deduced that he has dark hair and dark eyes.

His weight, height and shoe size is the kind of information we may never learn as he is a rather private person.

Net value

Pelo is a very successful YouTuber and while most of his information is private, his amassed fortune is estimated by TrendsCelebNow and other sources for approximately $5 million. at just 28 years old, that’s a pretty impressive number. Pelo also makes money from the various merchandise he has for sale, such as plush pillows, shirts, and sweaters.


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