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Who is Lilypichu? Age, ethnicity, boyfriend, brother, real name



With the rise of social media, more and more young people are choosing to live their lives in front of the camera; some of them even manage to make live streaming their profession. One such person is Twitch streamer and YouTube personality known as LilyPichu, who gained popularity thanks to her playing and singing skills. What is LilyPichu’s real name? And what happened between her and her boyfriend, Albert Chang?

Early life and interest in video games

Lily Ki was born on November 20, 1991 in California, USA, and is of Korean descent. She grew up with her parents and a younger brother named Daniel. The family moved around a lot, so young Lily grew up without many friends and fell victim to bullyingbut things finally calmed down towards the end of her high school, as her family settled down for a while.

She took piano lessons from the early age of five, and this aided her future creativity and musical skills. This was also the period when she got her first Nintendo console, which started her love for playing online games.

During high school, however, things went wrong again when the bullying returned. To make matters worse, she kept fighting with her parents, who always expected her to get the highest grades — an expectation she couldn’t always live up to. All this combined stress caused Lily to lose her confidence and go to some counselors as well. She was put on antidepressants, as therapists hoped it would help boost her courage and self-esteem, but as the bullies continued to harass her, she didn’t get better for a while. In fact, it got so bad that she stopped going to school and stopped caring about her class success in general, finding solace in the safety of her room, creating art, playing video games, and being active in cyberspace.

Her parents thought the video games were the cause of her poor grades and the amount of time she spent on her computer, which was not helping their relationship. However, Lily’s depression got better when she started talking over the internet to people who had the same interest in video games and anime as her.


Lily opened her YouTube channel in 2006 under the name LilyPichu – a mixture of her name and that of a character from the famous anime and video game series Pokemon called Pikachu. Her first upload was a short comedy sketch she made, featuring ‘guest characters’ Rammus and Anne, characters from League of Legends. She gained several thousand followers through her gameplay and singing videos, but got real publicity in 2011 when her song titled “I’ll Quit LoL” was released on YouTube and quickly gained over 6.3 million views.

This caused a lot of traffic on her profile, on which she mainly uploads her vlogs, animations, songs, piano covers and art. She also opened a profile on the live streaming platform, Twitch, where she regularly posts her skills in playing the famous online game League of Legends, live videos, as well as music and art. Her gaming videos are not the only ones that draw a lot of people, and she is very popular for both the song covers and her original songs, such as “Sky”, “Shurelya”, and “Consolation”. In 2015, she released her debut EP under the title “Lilies”.

She opened her second profile on YouTube, called LilyRaichu, on which she rarely posted, but the content was more private and warm, although still funny. She also often posted covers of songs on her second channel, but as of 2019, LilyRaichu channel went private, but the reasons were not disclosed.

In the fall of 2018, she and her fellow YouTuber and Offline TV member, Sleightlymusical, became part of the cast for League of Legends commercials launched on Riot Games. Unsurprisingly, these ads soon got their name, “LilyPichu and Sleightlymusical: Duo”. As of April 2020, Lily has attracted over two million subscribers to her main YouTube channel.

Offline TV

In 2017, Lily became part of the YouTube entertainment channel, Offline TV. The channel was founded by William “Scarra” Li and Chris Chan, his former manager, and was soon joined by two other Los Angeles-based content creators, Pokimane and BasedYoona. A few weeks later, the group was joined by Disguised Toast, Fedmyster and LilyPichu. As of April 2019, YouTubers Yvonne and Michael Reeves are other regular personalities on the channel, while Chris Chan and BasedYoona have left the channel for both private and professional reasons.



Lily was in a long-time relationship with former member of Offline TV, Sleightlymusical, whose real name is Albert Chang. Apart from being another Korean YouTuber, Chang is also a musician and a professional violinist. He graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, California. Besides being a member of Offline TV, Chang also did video editing for Freelance Film Production in Greater Los Angeles. They were loved by many fans of offline TV, and many young people claimed that they were their relationship idols because they were cute and a seemingly perfect couple.

However, rumors of their breakup started to emerge while the couple was on a trip to Japan in November 2019, when Chang started hanging out with another Twitch streamer named Sarah Lee, also known as Avocado Peeled. The gossip only intensified several days later, when Lee allegedly accidentally posted a coquettish Google Docs file she had previously sent to Chang.

This caused other members of Offline TV to start posting angry messages on their social media profiles, especially Twitter. In the middle of that same month, Lily announced the split on her Twitter profile, and Chang herself wrote a tweet at 12e November which stated, “I chose to be unfaithful to Lily and caused her an excruciating amount of pain. I am incredibly sorry for my selfish behavior. I betrayed her trust and love for me.” Sarah Lee also apologized for her part in the breakup, and all three parties decided to take a short break from social media. Neither of them confirmed whether or not Chang cheated on Lily, or if there was just flirting between him and Sarah Lee, but Chang dropped out as a member of Offline TV.

In February 2020, Lily announced that she and fellow Offline TV member Michael Reeves are dating, in a live stream where she told her viewers that her Valentine was Reeves.

The relationship was further confirmed in several other streams and videos, but the pair has yet to be seen together.

Private life

Before making her official YouTube career in 2015, Lily had a plethora of part-time jobs to earn a living. Despite being an American national and born in California, Lily is very close to her Korean roots and many of her parodies are influenced by Asian culture. She is also a big fan of traditional Japanese cartoons called anime, and spends a lot of time sharing her favorite anime titles on Twitch.

Lily has stated on a number of occasions that she and her brother were close to their late grandmother and enjoyed spending time with her while she was alive; she has noted that none of her grandparents are still alive. Lily now has her own clothing linebut she also takes voice acting classes as becoming a professional voice actress is her dream.

One of her best friends is a professional Dota 2 player and streamer from Canada, Jacky Mao, whose online name is EternaLEnVy. She has a dog named Temmie

Net value

LilyPichu has about 4,000 Twitch subscribers, which makes her monthly payment a whopping $13,650. also earns a lot of income from merchandise sales, advertisements, brand deals and sponsorships. According to Socialblade, her estimated monthly earnings on her main channel can reach $18,800. As of April 2020, her net worth is estimated to be around $800,000.

Physical Characteristics

Lily is a black-haired woman by nature, but often changes her hair color and style, although she usually has bangs and shoulder-length hair. Her eyes are black and she is somewhat short, standing at a height of 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in). Her weight and vital stats are not disclosed, but she appears to be rather slim and short.

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