Who is Dylan Llewellyn? Age, height, gay?


Dylan Llewellyn is relatively new to the limelight, so much of the information published online is based solely on his work as an actor. Much information about his private life is contradictory and there is a lot to sift through to find the truth among the gossip.

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Early life

Dylan Llewellyn’s British parents welcomed Dylan to England on September 10, 1992. Dylanthe youngest of three brothers, is still on the rise in Hollywood – most of his childhood and family life are yet to be confirmed.

Early schooling

Llewellyn attended More House School in Farnham, a school for children with special needs and learning disabilities. Here he gained confidence around other people and made progress in his newly learned learning techniques. It was many years before Dylan revealed to the public that he was dyslexic and the challenges of growing up with a learning disability.

Speaking to ‘GetSurrey’, he exposed his vulnerable side by explaining: ‘It was hard for me to learn scripts on a short term basis at first, but after playing in ‘Hollyoaks’ for a few years and doing it daily to learn rules. , it became much easier.’

Career 2009 at the National

2009 was a great year for Dylan’s career. He got his start by being cast by Anthony Horowitz in Theater, and not long after Creative Artist Management (CAM) signed him on, before going on to play Ricky, the lead in a short film for the National Film and Television School (NFTS).

The following year he was chosen at Llewellyn to play Adam Wilcock in the TV series “The Bill”, and later that year secured a place at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, a school that only admits 28 new students each year. students accept.

In any movie starring an aspiring actor, the character plays so brilliantly that a scout who happens to be in the audience “discovers” them and offers them a unique opportunity to become a Hollywood star. For Dylan, this is how it all started.

Llewellyn gave such a passionate performance in a high school play that he was contacted by an agent soon after and so Dylan scored his big break in 2011 when he was cast as Martin ‘Jono’ Johnson in the TV series ‘Hollyoaks’ . After many small roles and cameos, he was cast in his most famous role to date as ‘James’ in the TV show ‘Derry Girls’.

In an interview with GQ.com, Llewellyn described finding out about getting the part in ‘Derry Girls’: ‘I got the call at work and told him it was my agent and he said, ‘Go!’

Dylan Llewellyn

Ever since he saw ‘The Inbetweeners’, Dylan had always wanted to get into a comedy series and that dream came true when he was cast in ‘Derry Girls’. Dylan said that everyone at work was very excited for him and that he would always have a place there if he ever wanted one.

Famous husband

In “Derry Girls,” Dylan’s character James plays a shy, awkward teenager who enjoys a boy band who slowly begins to find his own among a group of bullies who target him at school. Based on the character’s interests, James could have been considered gay.

As is well known in Hollywood, rumors and speculation often fly around with little or no evidence regarding the actor’s sexuality – as happened with Dylan.

When asked about his sexuality, Dylan replied, “I support gay people, even though I’m not actually gay myself.” He even went on to tweet the quote using the hashtag Pride2018. With a picture underneath that reads: ‘Those gays stick together.’

The actor has not been associated with romantic relationships in his life, but in 2013, he sent out a tweet expressing his desire for a girl, followed by the hashtag lonely. To date, the actor has still not revealed in interviews or on any of his social media platforms if he has a girlfriend. However, the possibility that Dylan has love in his life isn’t unlikely – like most celebrities, Dylan might keep his romantic endeavors away from the prying eyes of the public.

Net value

Sources estimate that Llewellyn has a net worth of nearly $1 million as of early 2020.

Physical Characteristics

Dylan’s dark brown curls frame and contrast his fair skin and blue eyes. Llewellyn is 1.7 m tall and weighs about 75 kg. There are many conflicting sources about his exact dimensions, but based on his appearance, the above information seems to be the most accurate.


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