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Whiteboard Fox Alternatives

Whiteboard Fox

With Whiteboard Fox, you can quickly sketch on a virtual whiteboard and share it in real-time with team members. With this solution, you can sketch within a minute, and automatically, the share link will appear. You can send the link to your coworkers, and increase productivity and efficiency at work.

For the purpose of creating the proper sketch, this tool combines anti-graffiti and scratch-resistant materials. With the tool, you can sketch your idea on the whiteboard without installing anything and without having to create an account. It offers fast sync capabilities to share your changes with others as soon as they are made.

Whiteboard Fox features conformation on the clear, a cursor that trails anyone while drawing, a white pen that acts as an eraser, and the ability to draw circles/lines or rectangles easily. With a stylus pen, you can use pinch-to-zoom gestures to sketch using tablet-friendly features.

Whiteboard options include ‘Only Myself’ for individual work and ‘Any Participant’ for teamwork. With the Whiteboard, you can design sketches with zoom in/zoom out, snap shots, rulers, and other essential features.

#1 Cr4yon

With Cr4yon, you can collaborate on a whiteboard as if it was a real whiteboard online and on any device. Sketching and adding text including HTML canvas can be done quickly and efficiently with this program. Simple and easy-to-use drawing interface with pen touch support gives you the tools you need to draw any design.

With an online whiteboard tool, small and large businesses can collaborate easily with desktop and mobile platforms, such as android and iPad. It provides remote teams with access to a single page where they can collaborate efficiently.

The main features of Cr4yon include design tools of basic functionality and built-in advanced options, quick setup with simple steps, export board online, multi-color facility, and many others. Logging in is the only requirement to access the whiteboard interface. During the drawing, it also provides tips on how to use the tool in a more effective manner.

#2 IDroo

IDroo is an online educational whiteboard solution that lets your browser be used to collaborate in real-time. It connects teachers and students worldwide. Besides allowing you to edit a whiteboard freely, it also provides freehand, documents, formula & equation facilities. With this tool, you can upload images and other documents by dragging them to the board as well as pasting them in.

IDroo uses digital paper that allows you to use all directions of the page and endless amounts of ink. IDroo offers many prominent features, including the ability to choose online tutors and teachers, a professional equation editor with formulas, the option to lock the background to prevent moving or deleting vector graphics, among others. You don’t have to download or install it, and it has keyboard shortcuts.

The tool includes a chat feature that stores whiteboard messages so that they won’t be lost. Changing the default permissions for newcomers allows the board owner to protect and keep the board private. The tool offers free and straightforward pricing plans to upgrade features.

#3 Rye Board

Rye Board is an online & ultimate visual work environment designed to bring your team and clients on one page and communicate project content with multiple stakeholders by utilizing its innovative and straightforward card system & boards. Slack is used for communication between the client and the company, and Google Docs is used for collaboration in real-time.

You can set up to-do lists, collect feedback from clients, store content on storage platforms, and use a whiteboard to explain business concepts. This solution is designed to ensure your team stays on the same page and emphasizes a flexible structure using tags and spatial information, modular content that syncs automatically and shares multiple boards, and finally connect content with connectors to track everything in real-time.

Rye Board’s core features include posting content as a web page, previewing standard file formats like PDF/PPT, automatically arranging boards based on user preferences, granting multi-user access to view and edit content, and many more. With its flexible user tag system, it organizes your content organically.

#4 Stormboard

Individuals and companies can build projects and participate in remote meetings with ease using Stormboard, an online planning tool. Team members can share their quick ideas, whiteboards, and sticky notes seamlessly over remote collaboration. The internet connection is secured with 256 bit SSL encryption, with certified data security.

Stormboard integrates with numerous third-party platforms, including Google Sheets, Microsoft Office, Trello, Pipedrive, and many others. Apple IOS, Android and other mobile platforms are supported. With instant meeting notes, you can report instantly, run in multiple ways, and avoid blurry photos of the whiteboard.

The cloud-based solution provides online and business hours support. Stormboard includes features such as status tracking, workflow management, activity & news feed, mind map, and many more. It consists of hundreds of built-in templates to streamline your business processes such as Kaizen, Kanban, project management, and Agile.

#5 OpenBoard

Designed for schools and universities, OpenBoard is an interactive and revolutionary whiteboard. The software is available on mobile and desktop platforms, including macOS, Linux, and Windows, and is compatible with pointing devices and projectors. By utilizing the current teaching tool, it supports open education and teaches differently.

Under the GPLv3, it is an open-source and cross-platform solution maintained by the GitHub community. Easy to download and install without any registration, the solution offers multiple and interactive courses for K12 students. It offers a handwriting tool for an interactive whiteboard with a mouse and a pen tablet to improve the writing experience.

OpenBoard’s main features include real-time collaboration, a built-in web browser, dual-screen support, export to PDF, and applications for additional demonstrations. The tool allows for the addition of many different elements, including boards, text boxes, widgets, pictures, videos, and more.

#6 Conceptboard

Conceptboard is an online and advanced virtual collaboration tool designed to boost the efficiency of team collaboration with ease. SMEs and large-sized businesses can use it to scale up their productivity. Collaboration with the team across different locations is handled by this cloud-based system.

Online whiteboards can be utilized for developing products, conducting virtual meetings, receiving feedback in real-time, and planning projects. Many third-party platforms are integrated into Conceptboard to facilitate a seamless workflow, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, and more. You can increase your project pace by accelerating your briefings and approval workflow.

Conceptboard includes features such as sharing boards and exporting files with minimal design revisions, importing various file formats like PNG and JPEG, an extensive library of ready-made templates for crates and charts, and saving files automatically with revision history. With an unlimited workspace, you can generate and visualize ideas to support brainstorming and ideation.

#7 Scribblar

Scribblar is an advanced virtual whiteboard solution that lets you share images, play videos and live audio, and upload documents from websites. This is a tool designed specifically for teachers and tutors, but it can be integrated with third-party websites and companies for the purpose of connecting team members.

Users can upload and download documents and images easily using the tool, which allows multi-user collaboration. The platform has a variety of chat features such as voice and text chat, which are ideal for presentations and collaborative online meetings, and you can access them from tablets and smartphones.

Scribblar offers many impressive features, including a real-time multi-user whiteboard, crystal clear live audio, text chars with user list, no session or user limit, and many more. The tool enables online training and tutoring, revising artwork and images with creative brainstorming, and handling interviews and tests effectively.

#8 Whiteboard Team

Whiteboard Team is an online whiteboard that allows you and your team to stay on the same page to increase efficiency. Within seconds, you can share your changes with other participants thanks to its real-time support. Visual feedback makes collaboration easier, thus increasing productivity.

In addition to the infinite zoom-able canvas, it also includes sticky notes and basic shapes for you to share your ideas visually. This tool is used to present something in a better way, brainstorm, plan a business, market, and more. You don’t need to take a photo of the existing board since multiple boards can be created.

Whiteboard Team features include sharing and inviting teammates on your board, no need to leave the board to chat with teammates, works with the advanced browser & avoids installations, and many others. It is entirely free and requires no registration.

#9 Witeboard

You can create quick sketches on Witeboard according to your needs using an online and real-time whiteboard. Mobile phones, tablets, iPads, as well as desktop and web-based platforms are all supported by the tool. With it, you can create illustrations in seconds and collaborate with your team members easily.

A straightforward and simple interface is provided with multiple options for sketching. With the whiteboard, you can create big and long drawings with unlimited space and touch support. It lets you write using the touch pencil and use the keyboard to type text as well.

Among Witeboard’s prominent features are its blackboard interface for comfortable wiring, the ability to detect shapes, the ability to create new boards, and the ability to access previous work history. You can save the work in the form of images and the tool supports two languages, such as English and Korean.

#10 Scribble Together Whiteboard

Scribble Together Whiteboard is an advanced collaborative whiteboard solution that lets you draw sketches using mobile platforms such as iPad, iPhone and Android. This program allows you to draw images or PDFs easily and export them quickly. To call anyone or answer another’s call, the tool adds an instantly shared whiteboard.

Sync all the data to prevent any loss using the solution’s scroll down function using two fingers. It can generate the canvas by starting with a whiteboard, then attach image or pdf and finally snap the picture and start doodling. This process needs only two taps, and after finishing, you can share the board as a PDF file.

Scribble Together Whiteboard offers many features, such as synchronized focus and drawing space, better compatibility with the Apple pencil-like iPad, the ability to draw and invite others to view from anywhere, the ability to point or circle with a laser pointer, and many others. The cross-platform application allows you to create a new whiteboard and invite your desktop or android friend to draw.

#11 Deekit

Deekit is an online whiteboard solution designed to help remote teams collaborate more effectively. There is a desktop version as well as a mobile version for the iPad and Android. Using remote access designing tools, small and large businesses can scale up their efficiency and productivity.

This tool aims to simplify and visualise online collaboration by connecting people. There are millions of notes, writings, and drawings for the purpose of built-in accessibility. In addition to exporting boards, the tool includes a link that automatically generates a link for you to share the image.

You can access the board easily by setting up a Deekit account and checking your email for an invitation, then clicking the ‘join now’ button, and then selecting the desired provider for logging in. The tool helps to improve authenticity and efficiency of online collaboration by ensuring security and safety.

#12 Jamboard

Jamboard is an online whiteboard tool with a number of advanced features that set it apart from the basic whiteboard. Your ideas can be visualized in sketch format and you can collaborate with your colleagues easily and quickly. Access to an interactive canvas and the ability to drag images is provided. It pulls assets directly from the web.

You can experience unhindered productivity and efficiency with real-time co-authoring for teams. Jamboard mobile and app allow you to use multiple Jamboards at once or across the country. It has an accurate and responsive display with an original sketch and draws facility like traditional whiteboards that enrich you with a google search and google G Suite.

Jamboard offers many prominent features, including being intelligent and easy to use, presenting/saving and sharing your ideas, joining jams from anywhere with device support, passive stylus and eraser support, and many others. Because Google and G suit work on the same infrastructure, this cloud-based system provides a safe and secure environment.

#13 Surface Hub 2

You can hold meetings with Surface Hub 2’s whiteboard and other productivity tools. It allows team members to collaborate and meet remotely using powerful meeting and collaboration tools. Meetings can have an unlimited number of attendees and a 4K web camera. Digital assets can be shared across multiple platforms using the whiteboard feature. Participate in a live session while using other apps.

Tiling up to four screens in portrait or landscape orientation allows Surface Hub 2 to adapt to your space and scale. You can use dynamic rotation to provide people with the best orientation for working in the way that suits them and the people they are collaborating with. I would recommend Surface Hun 2 to anyone who wants to increase their productivity.


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