What mistakes do you make when you outsource your mobile app development?

The mobile app development process. Photo: rdomino via Bigstock

For a reputable company, it is no problem to build a mobile application according to the right development process. They have all the resources and experts to take care of every stage of development.

But for a medium-sized development company that may not have a QA team or design team or have no hardware to perform certain development tasks, the development process becomes difficult. When you run into the same kind of problem, you can outsource the project. It means that the part of the application development that you cannot do can be outsourced to another development company.

Project outsourcing business has grown in the following years. And the countries leading the way in outsourcing are India, Australia, UK, US and China. But not all companies can deliver their best results. So it is vital that you carefully select your outsourcing partner to avoid costing you a lot.

Here is a list of possible mistakes to avoid when choosing an outsourcing partner. This list has been mapped out based on close research and case studies conducted in subsequent years.

Looking for cheap solutions

Looking for a low-cost solution isn’t a bad thing, but compromising the app development process is a bad decision. A low-cost solution may not deliver an effective application in time. If you’re looking for an app that will achieve your business goals and be better in performance and quality, don’t look for cheap development solutions.

On the hunt for native partners

Hiring outsourcing partners from your hometown may cost you more. There are many outsourcing partners around the world who can provide you with better app development solutions than the companies of your hometown. So, look for mobile app development also companies from other countries. There are better outsourcing companies in Bangalore, London, San Francisco, Melbourne, Beijing, etc.

Ignore time zone difference

If you work in a global market, time zones can be a major obstacle to overcome. If your outsourcing partner operates in a different time zone, it will be difficult for you to communicate with them. You may hardly find them online because of the time zone difference. You may have to wait an entire day for your questions to be resolved. To avoid this kind of hassle, select an outsourcing team with a small time zone difference. If you hire an outsourcing partner with a large time difference, make sure the outsourcing company is flexible and able to manage the communication.

Lack of communication

For the end result of an efficient mobile application, you need to have stable communication with your outsourcing partner. Lack of communication with the outsourcing partner can cost you your mobile app. For effective and stable communication, arrange the first communication via Skype or exchange emails. Then you can make a phone call or video call and make sure you are communicating with them effectively.

Hiring a technologically obsolete outsourcing company

Users show interest in an application if the application has to offer the latest features. They are always looking for something new and if you serve them with the best features, your application can be successful. It is always possible that the outsourcing company is still using outdated technology. So it’s critical for your business to make sure the outsourcing partner you hire is up to date with the latest technology.

Neglecting UX/UI design

New UX/UI designs are released every day, so it’s important that your outsourcing partner is aware of this. A mobile app with an attractive design can increase your sales and popularity. The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore the UX/UI portion of your application. So it’s important to hire an outsourcing partner who takes UX/UI design seriously.

Insufficient knowledge about your outsourcing partners

Often, hasty decisions can lead to an unpredictable outcome and it is not necessary that the results you get are positive. Often, development companies just browse a few outsourcing partners and close the deal without looking deep into the business. This can eventually lead to an ineffective mobile app. Therefore, take the time to research different companies and their past projects, past clients and the technology they use.

The most important lesson you can learn from your mistakes is not to repeat them. If you’ve made mistakes in selecting an outsourcing partner for ideas, then it’s time to move on and find an outsourcing partner that would actually deliver better results for you, as the best example is Vrinsoft mobile app development company. Do not repeat the mistakes given in the list and find an ideal outsourcing partner according to your needs.


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