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What is Lizzy Sharer’s real name? Is she married? Age, family


Who is Lizzy Sharer?

Born on June 17, 1994 in Washington DC, USA, Elizabeth Chang is both a YouTuber and a social media personality, best known for his collaborations with fellow YouTubers Carter and Stephen Sharer. She manages several YouTube channels and has also gained a lot of fame on the Instagram website.

Lizzy Sharer’s net worth

As of mid-2020, Lizzy Sharer’s net worth is estimated to be over $2.5 million, largely earned through a successful online career. She has millions of followers and subscribers on YouTube, which has helped build her wealth through Google’s advertising revenue.

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Posted by Lizzy Deler on Tuesday September 17, 2019

Her online fame has also provided her with plenty of opportunities.

Early life and online beginnings

While Lizzy was born in Washington, DC, her family later moved and settled in San Francisco, California where she spent most of her life. She developed several interests as she grew up, mainly focusing on beauty and lifestyle. She loved the outdoors, as well as DIY projects. All these experiences would later help in the development of her YouTube channel.

She met and started a relationship with Carter Sharer sometime in 2012, and during his relationship with him, she was introduced to the world of YouTube.

Carter and his brother were planning to launch a channel and she was deeply involved in the project when it started. YouTube is an online video sharing platform where one can upload videos for public viewing. The site has become one of the most popular in the world and many people have found a strong source of income due to the site’s popularity, and Google pays content creators through ad revenue. Being one of the first members to take advantage of the platform, she and the Sharers accumulated a lot of wealth over the years.

Lizzy Deler

Personal channel

Lizzy became known as Lizzy Sharer to help her identify with the brothers’ brand, although it led to much speculation about her marriage to Carter. Over the years, many more people became interested in her, and to take advantage of this, she decided on one channel more focused on her own interests. Her first channel was initially set up as more of a video blog (vlog) channel, and she often collaborated with the Sharers on the content. Thanks to her fame with the Sharers, she quickly gained a large following.

Many people enjoyed her daily activities with the brothers, and some of her most popular videos often involved them; these include visiting an abandoned house, going on a date underwater, and doing various challenge videos for money. Wanting to explore other interests, she created a second channel that focused more on beauty content. The channel initially posted some makeup videos, but then became more of a variety channel, featuring content not normally found on her first channel. She posted food videos, events and travel vlogs. However, she later stepped back from the second channel as her first channel was already taking up too much time.

Gaming channel

Lizzy then created a third channel more focused on making different video game videos as she was a big gamer, but creating a game channel had to be separate from her other content. Her third channel was very successful, especially when she started making videos about the game.Fortnite Battle Royale”; it is one of the most popular video games in recent years and capitalizes on the trend of late 2010s battle royale genre games. In the game, players land on an island and collect resources and weapons in hopes of killing the last person become the one that remains.

She also found fame playing other games such as “Hello neighbour”, in which players take on the role of a boy trying to find out his neighbor’s secret.

He invades the house while trying to avoid the neighbor, who learns from the player’s tactics and adapts. Other popular games she has played over the years include ‘Angry Birds 2’, ‘Roblox’ and ‘Slither.io’.

Recent Efforts

Within a year, Sharer changed her gaming channel into more of a comment channel, as these were the kind of videos that garnered more attention. She loved playing horror games and watching horror movies. Some of her most popular reaction videos are her reactions to horror clips or animations. She also responds to funny videos and sometimes, and still plays some popular games like “Minecraft”; her gaming channel became more of a combination of her second and third channels.

She discusses all things digital and also makes a few challenge videos. Each channel’s theme has faded a bit, though she still tries to make it gaming-focused as much as possible. She recently started uploading more regularly on this channel after being relatively inactive for months.

One reason for her inactivity in 2019 was when it was revealed that she and Carter had broken up. After their breakup, she became inactive for some time and after her return she changed her name to Lizzi Capri. However, the two seemed to have gotten past the breakup and remained friends and frequent collaborators. Many believe that they still have feelings for each other.

Private life

Lizzy started a relationship with Carter in 2012 and they stayed together for seven years before breaking up. The two have never really spoken publicly about their breakup, and the fact that they are still working together leads many to believe that they are still trying to get back together. She loves animals and has a few dogs as pets. She has been for the past few months supportive the Black Lives Matter movement after the rise of protests and riots in the US following the death of George Floyd. The movement has led many celebrities to speak out against racial discrimination.


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