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What Buyers Look for in a Dog Breeder 

Those who are passionate about canines love caring for their animals so much that they want to know how to become a registered dog breeder in Australia. Little do they know that dog breeding requires more than just commitment. This is because today’s pet buyers are more knowledgeable about how the breeding process works, which is why they are very careful when transacting with a breeder. If you are considering getting into the dog breeding business, below are the things that buyers expect from you.


Buyers expect breeders to be orderly

It is natural for potential buyers to want to visit the place where their desired dog lives. This way, they can not only assess the pooch and meet its parents but also see where it is being housed. As a breeder, it is your responsibility to keep your home or kennel clean. No buyer would want to find any dog living in a tiny, crowded, filthy, and poorly ventilated space.

Buyers expect breeders to be knowledgeable about their breed

Responsible breeders know everything about their dog – from its temperament to health and from its history to breed standards. If you want to become a pet breeder that people trust, you need to be well-informed. You should be able to answer any question about your dog with certainty and confidence. If you lack knowledge, your buyer might take it as a sign to walk away and look for another breeder.

Buyers expect breeders to be transparent

Before a puppy is sold, it needs to be examined by a veterinarian for potential genetic and developmental problems. As a responsible breeder, you will need to disclose in detail all information, both good and bad, about your dog to your buyer. You will also need to be honest with them about your breeding practices and provide them with the medical records of their desired puppy’s parents.

Buyers expect breeders to ask questions

A breeder who genuinely cares for their breed will want to make sure that their animal goes home to a loving family and not just any person who wants to buy a dog. This is why they tend to ask the buyer many personal questions. These may include the buyer’s lifestyle, work schedule, family situation, financial capability, and future plans. A breeder that does not ask their buyer any questions before the sale may not really care where their dog ends up.

Buyers expect breeders to provide a contract to be signed

While a contract is not a requirement when selling an animal, most reputable dog breeders still provide one. The reason is not only for professionalism but also for assurance that their animal will be cared for properly by their buyer. Many buyer-seller contracts include a health guarantee, housing and feeding provisions, and a clause for repossession in case the new owner can no longer care for the animal.

Buyers expect breeders not to sell their puppy until it is eight weeks old

A puppy that is less than eight weeks old may still be weaning from its mother and may still need the security of its litter. This is the reason why it is never recommended for breeders to separate a puppy from its mother before it is at least eight weeks old. Many potential buyers know that puppies are not allowed to be brought home until they are old enough, so they might view it as a red flag if they encounter a dog breeder who is willing to let go of their puppy earlier than advised.

Buyers expect breeders to stay in contact with them

One of the things that make a dog breeder admirable is their willingness to stay in touch with their buyer even after their animal has been sold. Breeders who truly care for their animals will want to still hear about their dogs and give advice if needed. While they will not be the first to reach out to the new owner, they will be available or make time should they be contacted.

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