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Weekly Shonen Jump February 2022 Announcement Confirmed for Series

Team members scream in the Haikyuu anime
The Haikyuu!! Season 5 anime will end the storyline started by the Haikyuu!! To the Top anime. Pic credit: Production IG

The Haikyuu Season 5 release date may be on the horizon now that the Haikyuu!! the last chapter of manga has already been released. But when will the fifth season of the hit volleyball anime series return to our TV screens?

It has already been confirmed that new information about the Haikyuu!! series (and possibly the Demon Slayer Season 3: Swordsmith Village anime TV series) will be released in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, coming out February 20, 2022. It is very likely that the magazine announcement will be related to the Haikyuu Season 5 anime.

Despite there being a full season break between the airing of new episodes, Haikyuu!! To The Top: Season 2/Part 2 was not considered Haikyuu Season 5 because it is a continuation of Season 4.

That’s because Haikyuu!! To The Top Episodes 14 through 25 were released as the second part of a split-cour anime. What is a ‘cour’, you may ask?

For those unfamiliar with the lingo, a “cour” is a quarterly block of TV broadcasts based on the physical seasons usually consisting of 10 to 13 episodes. A “split-cour” is where a single anime season takes a break of several months before resuming TV broadcasts.

There are exceptions to this rule, though, as Overlord Seasons 2 and 3 were officially labeled as separate seasons, despite being less than a year apart (Speaking of the Overlord anime, Overlord Season 4’s release date has been confirmed for 2022 ).

In addition, the release date of Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 14 was delayed due to the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus pandemic. The anime production committee issued the appeal out of concern for the safety of the production staff of anime studio Production IG

Haikyuu season 4
In early July 2020, the official website released this new key visual showing off Inarizaki High character designs. Pic credit: Production IG

The Haikyuu!! To The Top anime had a total of 25 episodes. The final for part 1, Haikyuu!! To The Top Episode 13 released in April 2020.

The official announcement of the Haikyuu!! The release date of To The Top Part 2 came from a July 2020 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The second cour (Part 2) was streamed on October 2, 2020, the fall 2020 anime season. Phaikyuu!! To The Top Episode 25 released on December 18, 2020.

Fortunately, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has not shattered these plans by deteriorating in Japan. Due to the first wave of the virus, many anime studios have delayed episodes, and Black Clover, Pokemon Journeys: The Series, The Promised Neverland Season 2, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season 3, The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 2, Re:ZERO Season 2 , Sword Art Online: Alicization Final Season, and No Guns Life Part 2 were all pushed back to later dates.

Haikyuu To The Top Anime Key Visual 2 Haikyu Season 4
A new key visual for the Haikyu!!! To The Top anime released in March 2020. Pic credit: Production IG

The Haikyuu!! To The Top anime is produced by anime studio Production IG, which is known for popular anime such as Fate/Grand Order, Psycho-Pass: First Inspector and Netflix’s Ultraman anime.

Production IG uses a naming convention where seasons are named after the storylines. For example, Haikyuu Season 3 was announced as Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou vs. Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou, while Haikyuu Season 4 Haikyu!! was called. To the top.

Likewise, Haikyuu is expected!! Season 5 will have a similar title.

The Haikyuu!! To The Top opening music (OP) was “Phoenix” as performed by Burnout Syndromes, while the Haikyuu S4 ending (ED) theme song music was “Spirit of Decisive Battle (Kessen Spirit)” as performed by CHiCO with HoneyWorks.

The Haikyuu!! The opening of Season 4, Part 2 was “Breach” by SUPER BEAVER, while the ending was “One Day” by SPYAIR.

The Haikyuu!! The opening (OP) and the end of Season 5 (ED) have not yet been announced.

The number of episodes for the Haikyuu!! Season 5 anime has not yet been announced. However, assuming the fifth season completes the Tokyo Nationals storyline, that would be Haikyuu!! Season 5 will again be two courses with 24 or 25 episodes.

  • Updated Feb 13, 2022: Weekly Shonen Jump confirms a planned Haikyuu!! announcement for February 20, 2022.
  • Updated August 17, 2020: Exact Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part Release Date Confirmed! OP/ED info added.
  • Updated July 9, 2020: Haikyuu!! To The Top Part 2 release time frame confirmed. Haikyuu!! manga ending with chapter 402.
  • Updated on July 6, 2020: Haikyuu added!! To the top Part 2 visual and delayed update. Manga enters the climax of the final storyline.
  • Updated May 22, 2020: Added the delay for Haikyuu!! To the top.

This article contains everything that is known about Haikyuu Season 5 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors and analysis. In the meantime, let’s get into what is known for sure.

Haikyuu!! Season 5 release date predictions

As of the last update, Production IG, Weekly Shonen Jump or any other company related to the production of the anime has the Haikyuu!! not officially confirmed. Season 5 release date. Nor has the production of an anime Haikyuu!! sequel announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated with the relevant information.

In the meantime, it is possible to speculate about when and if the Haikyuu!! The season 5 premiere date will be in the future.

Since the story of the manga has been completed, the biggest factor for the anime adaptation is the availability of the anime staff at studio Production IG. The biggest unknown is how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the anime industry in the long run.

Anime experts even speculated that the fourth season production was waiting for certain key figures, including the director, to finish other projects.

Assuming an announcement of Haikyuu Season 5 is made in 2022, Production IG could at best aim to release Haikyuu!! Season 5 in late 2022 or 2023.

Haikyuu!! manga compared to the Haikyuu!! To the top anime

The story for the volleyball anime is based on the Haikyuu!! manga series by writer and artist Haruichi Furudate. The Haikyuu manga series (sometimes spelled “Haikyu”), which has been featured in the Weekly Shonen Jump since 2012, ended in 2020 with Chapter 402.

The series was published in Japan in the tankobon hardcover format. The final chapter was released in Volume 45 on November 4, 2020.

Licensed by North American publisher VIZ Media, the English translation of the Haikyuu manga caught up with Volume 45 on August 3, 2021, so the entire series is completed in both Japanese and English.

Haikyuu Manga Volume 42 Cover Art Shoyo Hinata
Haikyuu!! Volume 42 is the beginning of the end of the series. Photo credit: Haruichi Furudate

Season 1 was a 25-episode two-part anime, and it was adapted through chapter 71 of the manga, which was the end of Haikyuu Volume 8. Season 2 had the same number of episodes and adapted a little more chapters, ending with chapter 149.

Haikyuu!! Season 3 ended with only 10 episodes as the anime caught up with the manga. The third season adapted the Karasuno High vs. Shiratorizawa High storyline until Chapter 190, the end of Haikyuu Volume 21.

However, the scene where Hinata and Kageyama competed in a show jumping competition was taken from Chapter 207 of Volume 24.

The opening of Haikyuu!! Season 4 (To The Top) has skipped some manga chapters since Episode 1: Self-Introduction is named after Chapter 209 of Volume 28.

However, the gap in the story was bridged by two Haikyuu!! OVA episodes called “Land vs. Air” and “The Path of the Ball”, which were released for streaming on Crunchyroll in early 2020.

Since the chapter-to-episode ratio is about 3 to 1 for most of the series, that means the 25 episodes of Haikyuu!! To The Top probably won’t catch up to the manga.

The fourth season kept the same pace since Haikyuu!! S4 Episode 9 is named after Chapter 230 of Volume 26: Warfront.

As predicted, Haikyuu!! To The Top Season 2 Episode 25 found a stop by ending in the middle of the Tokyo Nationals long storyline.

The best stop is Volume 33: Chapter 292 as that chapter sets the stage for the Haikyuu!! Season 5 anime featuring the upcoming Nekoma vs. Karasuno match adjusts.

Only English-language manga readers who want to read ahead of the anime series can head over to the English Volume 33: Monster’s Banquet.

Based on the way the manga’s plot is laid out, Haikyuu!! Season 5 will adapt the ending of the Tokyo Nationals storyline, which ended with Chapter 368.

However, the end of the fifth season will probably tease Haikyuu!! Season 6 by ending with the beginning of the last storyline.

Haikyuu Manga Ends Final Arc Chapter 370 Hinata Beach
Shoyo Hinata grew up completely in the Haikyuu!! manga’s last arc. Photo credit: Haruichi Furudate

Will the Haikyuu!! Season 6 anime adapts the final storyline and the Haikyuu!! end of the manga?

Fans of the Haikyuu!! series were shocked when the final storyline of the manga series was announced by Weekly Shonen Jump in October 2019. Mangaka Haruichi Furudate not only introduced a five-year time jump, but he also moved the plot to the other side of the earth!

Warning: the next paragraph contains major spoilers for the latest Haikyuu storyline!! manga series.

The story even shifts the focus from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball! Therefore, in the final storyline, Shoyo Hinata moves all the way from Japan to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since then, the plot now started to move towards a certain goal or endgame.

If you want more spoilers, check out this story, which features the beginning of the Haikyuu!! end of the manga.

The manga creator did not specify a certain number of volumes/chapters in advance, but a climax to the series was declared in July 2020. Weekly Shonen Jump issues 32 and 33 include an extra long Haikyuu!! chapters before the climax. The Haikyu!! the end of manga was finally confirmed in chapter 402 in issue 33.

With 402 manga chapters published, there is now more than enough source material for the Haikyuu!! Season 6 anime to be at least one cour with 11 episodes. That means the anime series doesn’t need Haikyuu!! Season 7 to conclude the series.


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