VidHug Alternatives


With VidHug, you can create a surprise video gift for friends, family, or co-workers for those moments when they cannot be present. With these platforms, you can request, collect, and combine multiple videos to create a personalized and meaningful montage of old memories with the special person in your life. Sign up for VidHug, upload a photo of your special event, set a due date, and get a link to invite your friends.

You would receive a video of a virtual hug from the other person after opening the invitation link. The premium membership allows you to drag and drop virtual hugs into the order you choose, trim them, choose colors, choose music, and write a brief message in the montage. This platform can be used to surprise people on their birthdays, showers, weddings, anniversaries, business trips, and graduation ceremonies.

#1 VidDay

With VidDay, you can surprise your family and friends with group video calls and montage. Make a video montage by collecting videos, memories, and photos. Share the video with family, friends, and coworkers. The other person has the option to record the video message or send the picture as soon as they receive the invitation link. It has never been easier to collect montages of many people in this way. VidDay has templates for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, refinement, congratulations, mother’s day, get well, farewell, thank you, baby shower, and graduation.

VidDay allows you to send video messages that carry more meaning than text messages. You can also add text cards to express your gratitude. It offers a wide range of video themes and filters such as Gift wrap for wrapping patterns, Floral, Watercolor, Fossil Fun, Adorable, and Art Deco for nostalgic effects.


Team members working in a company can use for group video calls and standup meetings. The app is designed for remote workers and co-workers around the world. Team members are engaged on a regular basis and become a part of the group, keeping them active. You are notified when meetings begin. If you are not an administrator, people can be manually added. Voice messages can also be sent via the app.

Other features include mentioning people in chat, video scrubbing, the remainder for events or meetings, seen list, public or private teams, reactions, notes, time zone, question/hint overlays, slack integration, scheduling, and more. All in all, the app tends to promote better teamwork, engagement, and collaboration, ultimately increasing productivity.


You can surprise your friends and family with a video call through Creating a group video gift for your loved ones is extremely easy with this program. You can make a montage by asking your family, friends, and colleagues to record a video message for the person you want to surprise. You can create an invitation link, and the person will have video recording options after opening the link. You will automatically receive the recorded video after it is created. Combine videos, images, memories, and music to make the montage more dynamic and emotional. Themes are available for birthdays, thank you notes, graduations, anniversaries, work, and weddings.

#4 Airtime

With Group Facetime + YouTube, you can hang out with YouTube, movies, live TV, SoundCloud, and more. This is an integrated social platform that allows you to filter, share, and curate your life.

Your friends and you can hang out on the app and be yourself. With the Airtime app, you and your friends can jam out to all your favorite new entertainment content while watching your friends lose it to that old Vine compilation.

YouTube, Live TV, and Movies can all be accessed through this app. This app is most addictive because of the fact that you can create or join a room with more than 250 people around the world, send and receive messages, and much more.

#5 Animoto

Animationo is a comprehensive web-based solution that allows users to create excellent video slideshows to express their creativity. With the solution, users can create slideshows that evoke emotions in personal, marketing, and sales environments.

It offers a range of professional features and editing tools that are ideal for photographers, video marketers, and business professionals. The software lets you create slideshow videos without having to learn about the complexity of other solutions.

It features an intuitive editor that allows users to create and customize any project. If you log in to the application, you’ll be asked to choose between marketing and slideshow plans.

#6 Bunch Video Chat

Bunch is an app that lets you chat with others while playing multiplayer games. With it, you can video chat with your friends who are playing with you in multiplayer mode. It is possible to chat without playing the game, and then jump into a random game later in the call. It has a variety of multiplayer games that can be launched at the same time as video chatting with your friends.

Included are games such as Draw Party, which lets you draw random lines, sketches and make the other person guess what picture you are trying to draw. There are also Draw Party, Mars Dash, Flappy Lives, Bunch Pool, and Trivia games. You can play these games with your friends and enjoy a virtual hangout, since all of them are multiplayer.


The SMOOTHY app lets you video chat with friends wherever and whenever you like. Streamline your video calls with a lag-free experience and a 720p resolution. During a video chat, you can send stickers, reactions, emojis, and choose from a variety of funky filters that will keep your friends engaged. Live text allows you to interact with people even when you are busy. Hence, no more fear of missing the hangout.

Through SMOOTHY, you can express yourself, your mood, and your emotions. You can enjoy video chat with up to eight people, so you can chat with your family or friends. Alternatively, you can send an offline video message if you cannot participate in the live chat. The SMOOTHY app is a great way to keep you entertained while you’re waiting for your live video call.

#8 Gem4me

Gem4me is a messaging and video calling app that offers both private and group chats, public accounts, and business accounts, as well as the ability to share files. As its alternative Whatsapp, it allows you to share photos, videos, music files, and documents. Gem4me integrates your contact list and displays a list of people who are available via the app after you sign up. Groups can be created and people added, admins can be assigned, messaging can be controlled, media can be sent, and family, friends, or colleagues can be kept in contact. Customize group and individual push notifications.

In case of typos, you can delete or edit the message without notifying the other party. If you are an influencer and have a large following, you can create a private or public channel to share news and stories with subscribers. As private channels are not accessible to the general public, only administrators can add subscribers manually. Gem4me is also available through a web interface, but with limited functionality.

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