Tunebat Alternatives


One of the most popular web-based song key and BPM databases for DJs, producers, and music enthusiasts is Tunebat. Over 40 million songs’ data can be explored, downloaded, and shared on the site. Also, you can find tracks for harmonic mixing and other purposes that make it better than others. There are several categories of tracks on this database provider. There are songs in each category that are updated daily with new options to deliver all the latest tracks in key and bpm.

Also included is a feature that allows DJs and producers to remix and enhance their songs. An important feature of this solution is that it includes a powerful music video creator with all the leading tools and features. The solution allows you to drag and drop files into the solution for analysis, making it faster than others. Tunebat features a daily update of new songs, an easy interface, a built-in video maker, a search box, and top track lists.

#1 tuneXplorer

TuneXplorer is a software program designed for music lovers who want to mix their favorite songs. A comprehensive solution for personal and professional use, it offers harmonic mixing and beat-matching. The solution also helps you determine the key and bpm of the song with high accuracy. Using the audio tags, you can easily store key and bpm for later use after analyzing the song. Its optimization for multi-core CPUs ensures significant performance gains for the latest multi-core CPUs.

You can get keys to all your tracks within minutes with the solution’s key detection algorithm. The solution can analyze your entire library in a matter of minutes. With tuneXplorer, you can find Key and bpm and mix songs on one screen, saving time and effort. One of its most prominent features is that it is free for everyone and has a built-in CD burner, MIDI renderer, support for all audio formats, and a quick batch file compiler.

#2 KeyFinder

KeyFinder is the fastest-growing key detection tool that helps DJs interested in harmonic and tonal mixing. It is free to use the applications, and you can download it on Windows and Mac OS devices. It comes as an alternative to Tunebat and offers all core services and features to make it the best key detector tool. With this help, you can get the key and bpm of your song without any limit. The solution intended to focus on no library management, track suggestion, media player, and lots of other options that make it a one-stop solution.

In comparison to other similar solutions, it is relatively fast and efficient because it supports a wide range of codecs to LibAV and writes to metadata using TagLiB. As well as delivering a 100% accurate result, KeyFinder also offers an algorithm with perfect accuracy. Its other key features include a simple and easy-to-use online database, creating project reports, getting unlimited keys, and it is free.

#3 beaTunes

beaTunes is a comprehensive music solution that lets you analyze, inspect, play fast, and create playlists. On Windows and OS X devices, it is a cross-platform solution. The solution includes a powerful algorithm that analyzes your music for metadata like tempo, key, and color, to see what’s in the files. Professional DJs who want to mix songs, create mashups, and create remixes will benefit from this solution. Tunebat offers a database of the world’s top songs broken down into different categories.

Each category has a selection of songs that you can choose to create a playlist, get keys and bpm, etc. The top 100 tracklists are also available, which saves you time and effort. As well as allowing you to find other users’ playlists, beaTunes also allows you to create your own playlist based on your preferences. Key features of the app include an easy interface, an online community, mixed songs, as well as the ability to create and share unlimited playlists.

#4 Mixed in Key

Designed for music professionals to mix songs and beats perfectly, Mixed in Key is a simple yet powerful beat-mixing application. With this solution, you can create professional-sounding mashups, mixes, and much more, based on the sound of your favorite DJs.

Using this solution, all songs are ranked 1-10 based on how danceable they are. Create playlists grouped by type. It also includes a modern sorting system that helps you find and play the right music at the right time. Almost all the leading tools are integrated into the solution’s easy-to-understand interface, making it a one-stop shop.

A massive database of song keys and bpms is also included in Mixed in Key that you can explore at your leisure. Its most prominent features include a daily update with new options, an easy-to-use interface, the ability to clean up all your ID3 tags, verify the result with a grand piano, personalize your tags, and so on.

#5 Foo_bpm

Foo_bpm is a free and open-source program that calculates the BPM of any track. Specifically designed for professionals, the software allows users to mix their favorite songs and beats. Despite its simple interface, it has a wealth of advanced tools and features.

Getting the bpm of your audio file requires you to drag and drop it. Also, it has a large database of tracks from all over the world that saves you time and effort. There are multiple versions of Foo_bpm available, and each new version comes with new features and tools.

#6 Audio Beat Detector

Detects the bpm from your tracks automatically with Audio Beat Detector, a powerful and compact audio solution. The beat per minute files can be quickly and easily detected using this lightweight platform. With the browse button, you can add songs to the working environment using a simple and easy-to-understand interface. Almost all leading formats are supported, including FLAC, WMA, MP3, WAV, etc., so it can detect all your tracks without much effort.

The best feature of this solution is that it allows you to pause and play audio files, view waveforms, and check out the beat of the current audio file. You can add the entire contents of a folder and have Audio Beat Detector process them all at once. It’s also possible to clear the tracklist with one click of the mouse. A second prominent feature of Audio Beat Detector is its simple and easy-to-use interface, which supports all formats, allows you to manage unlimited lists, delete duplicate tracks, etc.

#7 Similarity

Similarity is a Windows application designed to assist users in finding and removing duplicate files, low-quality music, and other things from their music collections. The simple yet powerful solution provides some new tools and features that automatically scan your music collection and clean up all low-quality files. By using an image, the solution saves a lot of space on the device.

In addition to tags and keys, it also features a unique comparison feature powered by acoustic fingerprint technology. It also comes with advanced quality control features that help you analyze files on several technical parameters such as bandwidth, frequency, amplitude, etc.

Similarity has an intuitive interface where you can access all its tools and features easily. A few of its most notable features include visual comparison, quick scan, and OpenCL technology.

#8 SongKong

You can manage, organize, and clean up all your digital collections easily and quickly with SongKong, a music tagger. Developed by a team of music professionals and developers, the software includes almost all the leading tools and features to make it a one-stop solution to manage and organize music collections.

On this screen, you can instantly access all your artist details, cover albums, delete all duplicate tracks, and add a new track to your collection. This solution has an intuitive interface. All tools and features are available, including a status report, manual edits of metadata, undoing changes you don’t like, and finding and deleting duplicate files.

One of the most interesting features of this solution is that it comes with automatic music matching features that save you a lot of time and effort. With the help of its own dedicated JThink Music Server, the software updates regularly from MusicBrainz and Discogs databases to give you accurate matches. This makes it one of the best music organizers and managers.

#9 Kid3

Kid3 is an audio tag editor that supports almost all audio formats, such as FLAC, MP3, and MPC. A comprehensive solution for generating tags, editing ID3v1 tags, and generating file names for tags. Kids3 is a cross-platform program, so it can be accessed on Windows, Macs, and Linux devices.

In addition to being able to create playlists of files, add and remove unlimited files, and import the whole playlist, this solution also saves you a lot of time and effort. Among Kid3’s most prominent features are converting tags, renaming and creating directories, automating tasks using QML, and editing synchronization lyrics and event timing codes.

#10 Jaikoz

Organize your music list easily, change thousands of tags, and correct them with Jaikoz, an all-in-one software. You can use this software if you want to know about the metadata and tags of your tracks. It features some advanced tools and offers a sophisticated algorithm for finding tags. MusicBrainz, the world’s largest music database provider, helps you identify the actual music quickly and easily without any limit.

Jaikoz allows you to lookup your songs based on acoustic ID as well as metadata, making it an extremely accurate tool. Almost all audio and video formats are supported, so you can get the tags for all your tracks. One of Jaikoz’s key features is its easy interface, unlimited access, drag and drop, and free for everyone.


AUDIO DEDUPE is a powerful tool that can detect duplicate tracks and files, regardless of their formats or whether they have ID3 tags or not. This is an alternative to Tunebat and comes with all of the core features plus some additional tools that make it a one-stop-shop.

A folder and its subfolders can be searched for all similar or duplicate files using this solution. AUDIO DEDUPE performs much better and faster than other similar software, recognizing songs even if they are saved in a different format. There is also a fast hash and file size algorithm that only finds duplicate files.

Once the scanning process is completed, the software displays all the duplicate files in groups and removes them automatically. Besides supporting all audio formats, it has a feature to search for files in a specific format. Besides being free to download and use, Audio Dedupe’s other prominent features include its simple interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and ability to search for exact duplicates.

#12 TuneUp

You can use TuneUp to fix your whole digital music library. With this, you can quickly fix mislabeled songs, remove duplicate tracks, add missing, covert arts, etc. All its features make it a one-stop-shop to fix your disorganized music collection automatically. The software works intelligently using cutting edge waveform recognization technology that quickly identifies its acoustic fingerprint and references.

The best part of this solution is that it seamlessly integrates with Windows and other media players to organize your music collection quickly. In addition to getting a key and bpm of favorite tracks, you can also create remixes and mashups. You can find your favorite songs using a tool that helps you find them when you want to listen to them.

As well as finding and removing duplicate tracks in your music collection, TuneUp can find low-quality tracks, and do many other things that save you a great deal of time. Its most prominent features include supporting all audio and video formats, creating a playlist, generating tracks, removing duplicate files, and more.

#13 MixMeister BPM Analyzer

MixMeister BPM Analyzer is one of the alluring lightweight programs providing you with an intuitive interface essential for analyzing BPM values of various files. With this application, users will be provided with a utility designed to determine the exact BMP value for audio files in the easiest possible manner. Users can add files using drag & drop, or use the built-in browse function, which makes this application the best. Additionally, a few configuration settings are necessary to start running.

You can upload the entire folder content to the list when using this superior tool, so it’s just easier to work. You will get an automated approach to display the BPM for each song, and every piece of information about the song, such as title, artist name, and more, will be displayed on the screen. In summary, MixMeister BPM Analyzer is a useful tool that does not contain any errors and is suitable for all types of users.

#14 Free BPM Detector

Would you like a free BPM analyzer that gives you an overview of your audio tracks? Look no further. With Free BPM Detector, you can automatically scan your entire music collection and detect the BPM of each song. One of the most important things about this software is that it is lightweight, so your operating system will have to use very few resources to run it.

Additionally, the numbers will be displayed correctly via a browser-style interface. By using this tool, you can create better sound effects and balance tracks, and you won’t have to listen to songs with manual time tracking, and you will save a lot of time. Invest in this excellent DJ tool today! The key features of this utility are automatic BPM scanning, saving BPM to ID3v2 MP3 tags, an easy-to-use interface, compatibility with Windows Vista, hotkey support, and more to add.

#15 BPM Counter

With BPM Counter you will be able to see the tempo of incoming audio files by analyzing the incoming BPM. A BPM Counter automatically scans your entire collection of songs and determines the BPM in a reliable and efficient manner.

For this web-based software to work, you must have JavaScript enabled. It is lightweight, utilizes very few resources, and requires very few configurations. A further impressive feature of this software is the smart interface, which enables easy operation. The system shows you the average BPM and timing taps for any key you enter.

#16 BeatScanner

BeatScanner is a minimalistic application that allows you to organize your BPMs and scan the music collection in sufficient detail. Having the right section for your workout speed will be key to achieving the desired results. Either you can use an automated method to analyze the beat, or if the system is unable to detect the beat, you can use the manual tool by tapping to create an accurate BPM.

A key feature of this software is that it is light in weight, which means it uses very few resources in your operating system. I can quickly scan libraries and it’s easy to operate. Briefly, BeatScanner can be a useful application for your computer that rapidly determines the BPM of the selected songs and allows you to save the individual audio files to specific folders.

#17 BeatMark X

You are able to sync your video edits to the rhythm of a track with the help of BeatMark X, an automated and lightweight program designed for your operating system. The running of this software involves a simple procedure and no additional technical knowledge is required. The interface is very minimalistic and accurately displays the BPM.

You can now work with multiple files at the same time using drag and drop. The system analyzes the audio file and generates the markers via the BeatMark button when you drag the music file to the main interface. You will receive an FCPXML file after continuing the process. Drag the file to final cut, and you’re done. In other words, if you want a visual way to analyze your songs and determine if you need to make any music edits to them, then BeatMark X will be a valuable tool.

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