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Truth About ‘The Strongest Man in History’ Star


Robert Oberst is an American Strongman born December 20, 1984 in Santa Cruz, California, USA. He is known as the world’s strongest man’s competitor, and for appearing on the History Channel show “The Strongest Man in History”.

Early life

Robert Oberst was born the eighth of ten children of Kathy and Jim Oberst. His huge family includes four brothers – Dave, Mike, Shaun and James, and five sisters – Wendy, Amanda, Emily, Julia and Jamie. Although there is no information about Robert’s basic education, it is known that at 12 he was significantly taller than most of his classmates.e birthday, already 6ft 1in (1.85m) and weighs 220lbs (100kgs). His strong build suited him to play football and participate in track and field while attending Aptos High School.

He was also an avid swing dance competitor, winning many trophies in it until the age of 19.

After graduating from high school, Robert went on to play football in college, where he played as an off-lineman. Robert graduated from Western Oregon University in 2008 with a major in history and attempted to join the National Football League (NFL).


While he didn’t make it to the League, he is grateful for the time he played football: ‘Football is, in my opinion, the best sport to put you on the right track in Strongman. Yes, even better than powerlifting. I have faster feet and a better football mentality. (…) The only downside to having a soccer background is that we don’t deadlift in soccer. We clean and grab. I had a lot of trouble deadlifting in the beginning, as do most football players, especially those who played as long as I did.”

Debut as Strongman

Robert started working as a security in a bar and met an amateur strongman and colleague Evan. His friend’s enthusiasm for strongman competitions led Robert to start training in it, unofficially breaking the established record for amateur’s Log Press of 330 lbs (150 kg) the first time he tried, impressively lifted 350 lbs (159 kg).

Oberst remembers the event with humor: ‘The first time I touched a tree trunk, I broke the amateur record. I then asked him (Evan), “Is that okay?” He told me to ‘rot’, but after that day I was hooked.’

Robert then trained continuously for four months and earned a Pro-Card at his first show in 2013, qualifying him for national and major events.

Robert Oberst

After attending Giants Live in England, he was told to compete in the World’s Strongest Man event, in which he put in an impressive performance as a rookie as he became a finalist.

Strongman Records

Since 2013, Robert has had a proficient career as a strongman, breaking records and finishing favorably in many competitions.

In addition to his first unofficial record in Log Press, he has also achieved impressive numbers in other areas while training behind closed doors, such as deadlift with 880 lbs (400 kg), bench press 650 lbs (290 kg), 950 lbs (430 kg) in squat, and finally 220 kg in the overhead press.

In 2015, he officially broke the US record at the Arnold Strongman Classic Australia in Log Lift, with 465 lbs (211 kg). Such an achievement was important to Robert in a personal way, and considers it his proudest moment: ‘I was in Australia, for the Terminator itself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and broke the record for Max Log. This is mainly because the former record holder, Mike Jenkins, was someone I greatly admired and respected. Jenkins had passed away, so when they handed me the award, I looked up to the sky in memory of a major competitor. They captured this moment on camera with a photo, and that’s my favorite. Now, after holding that record for three years, I want to keep it for Mike too.”

However, this record was taken from Oberst by Rob Kearney, who surpassed it in April 2019 at 214kg: ‘I had it for several years and it was very frustrating that I couldn’t defend it.’ he confessed, although he promised to work on breaking the world record.

Strongman performance

Since his official debut, Robert Oberst’s skill has enabled him to many successes as a strongman. In 2012, not only did he take third place in the America’s Strongest Man competition, he also took first place in San Jose Fit Expo and in Dallas Europe that year.

In 2013, he effectively increased the number of competitions he competed in, winning first place in Giants Live Las Vegas and Odd Haugen’s US Open MAS Wrestling Championship, and second place in America’s Strongest Man.

In the same year, Robert debuted in international competitions including China’s Strongest Man in which he took third place, and placed sixth in Giant’s Live British Open and ninth in World’s Strongest Man.

In 2014, he placed second in America’s Strongest Man and eighth in Arnold Strongman Classic. In the final competition, however, he surpassed his previous numbers the following year when he took third place. Robert won sixth place in Giants Live North American Open two years running, and increased his tally in World’s Strongest Man in 2018 when he placed eighth.

“The strongest man in history” – TV show

Premiered on History in 2019, “The Strongest Man in History” revolves around the lives of Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Nick Best and of course Robert Oberst, and their personal journey as strongmen.

While the show is filled with competition, the camaraderie of these athletes makes the series entertaining and watchable even by non-fans of strongman competitions. The show’s first season had seven episodes and a second season is expected.

Daily life habits and discipline

Robert’s impressive records have captivated his fans, who not only admire his strength but want to follow in his footsteps. Because of this, Oberst’s life habits are often called into question, especially his training and diet.


In an interview with It’s Power, Robert revealed what his “tricks” are: “All you have to do is watch my YouTube videos to see that I’m not “cheating” on weight. No split tug, no diving under the log, no tricks.

My “trick” is that I work my shoulders like crazy. I make sure I do everything in the gym the right way. I don’t bounce the bar off my chest when I’m on the bench. I don’t call something an exclusion unless I exclude it, and I don’t train for number recognition in the gym. I want songs in shows.’

He also recommended the most beneficial workout routines when training presses: “I feel that military press is much more beneficial than incline, and bench press is also very underrated in this sport.” Also triceps, in my opinion, can not be overloaded. My upper body day at the gym has never been less than four hours and I always go home wishing I had touched a few more muscles.”

Over the years, his openness about his physical condition has not changed.

He has revealed that he trains at Hanford’s local gym and is his own coach. Robert trains with his friends, establishing exercise routines and designing programs to improve the physical fitness of his group.

However, his training when a game is close is different. His explosive workouts keep him from quitting, working out for about six hours four days a week and using the other days of the week for recovery, which he says is the most critical part of training.

Nutritional diet

Robert follows a strict no-frills, clean protein diet; this includes chicken and fish, as well as meat, vegetables, rice and potatoes.

Posted by Robert Oberst on 2016 yards. gruodžio 4 d., sekmadienis

Nathan Payton, expert nutritionist for Strongman competitors, creates diets for Robert to improve his training and old eating habits before competing. When asked about the changes Nathan made in his life, Robert replied, “The biggest change for me is that I miss pizza!” Anyone who knows me knows I’m a pizza lover.’

Despite forgoing his favorite food, Robert is thankful for Nathan’s help to achieve his goals: ‘My goal with Nathan is to be as strong as possible for as long as possible. I want to finish shows strong.’

Private life

In 2012, Robert interviewed by It’s Strength, revealing his wife Kristin’s name and citing her as one of his biggest pillars of support. With Kristin he has a son named Atlas.

Robert Oberst

Currently, it is not known if Robert is still married to Kristin as he recently appeared on his Instagram account with another woman named Meghan Esgoda.

Net value

Robert Oberst has an estimated net worth of over $400,000, as a result of his successful career as a strongman, taking top places in many competitions and appearing in the TV series “The Strongest Man in History”.


Building solid, muscular bodies is crucial in a strongman’s career. Because of this, Robert Oberst’s huge, strong build is completely normal. He is 2.01 m tall and weighs 186 kg. His ethnicity is white, and he has brown eyes and hair.

Interesting facts

Robert’s father was in the Navy.

Robert has made several public appearances in pink Chuck Taylors. He has stated that pink represents his support for breast cancer awareness as his mother survived this disease.

His childhood nickname is OB, which he earned in second grade and has remained so until his days as a strongman. Robert is also called the “American monster”.

Are goal as a strong man “to be the strongest man who ever walked the earth.”

His family is his biggest support in his career. He has said they are “obsessed” with his success and have done everything they can to support him.

On the drastic changes he’s made in his eating habits, he has said he’s not just doing it for his career, but for another reason: “I know guys like me have all these health issues, and I want to be round for my son.’

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