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Tips for preparing work schedules

Planning can create tension and difficulties as managers try to match the best staff with the most significant shifts. And it can get even trickier with employees during your vacation schedule.

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Correctly adding the shift schedule to the timesheets leads to happy employees, efficiency and millions saved. Meetings become productive again when all information and times are set. However, planning can create tensions and difficulties, even for mega-corporations, as managers try to match the best staff with the most important services.

Also, companies can go wrong despite their expertise, staff and resources, but you want to have your best employees on the floor when you are in a crunch time, such as holiday shoppers.

In 2017, Ryanair canceled 20,000 flights due to scheduling issues, resulting in reprimands from regulators and complaints from passengers. They could have avoided this problem with proper planning apps. Perhaps some companies can recover from such a huge planning error, but not everyone.


Creating a work schedule may be difficult, but the goal is to simplify it for employees and suppliers. Use software that is easy to use and accessible to everyone.

The idea is to provide employees with enough regularity to structure their lives around their work schedules. The timetable should make it possible to change and change in advance. You want to know who does what and how often. People need to inform you about abuse of planning! Also, don’t forget to inquire about the shift requirements, such as hours. What are the duties and responsibilities? What skills are required to work the shift?

These are simple questions for a reliable schedule for your business.

Involve your staff

In addition to allowing employees to request varying shifts, include them and ask what they value most in their schedule. For example, do they like weekly, daily or monthly schedules? Find out when they are most useful. A woman with two children may prefer to work during the day while her children go to school, while a lone student is more flexible or prefers nighttime hours.

Manager’s perspective:

  • Save time using templates, duplicating shifts, and mass editing. Schedule it.
  • Create single or multiple shifts, or import from Excel or a template.
  • Filters, color-coded categories, and intelligent groupings help you pick the right person for the job.
  • Remind employees if they are late or refuse a shift for better visibility and control
  • Set up a central location where employees can access important information, such as shifts and special instructions.
  • Shift changes are reported in real time and reported to staff.

Employee Perspective:

  • Connecteam is easy to use and you can use it from your phone.
  • Maps, notes, files, photos and more are available in real time. Make a schedule.
  • Get notified when services are published, changed, or cancelled.
  • Easy shift status or feedback on the go
  • If necessary, request a shift replacement in the app.
  • The entire itinerary is directly accessible.

Plan ahead schedule

An emergency situation could arise for you or your employees, confusing your well-planned timetable. Notify your staff and maintain a list of individuals willing to fill or trade shifts.

To be fair to all employees, plan shifts in advance (at least a month) to know when they are due to work and make other arrangements if necessary. Notifying your employees of shifts a few days in advance can lead to employee dissatisfaction. They need more time to plan their own personal events. This also helps your employees maintain an excellent work-life balance, arriving refreshed and ready for the best customer service possible. A better schedule is needed.

Plus, planning ahead makes it easy to communicate with your team. Instead of different phone calls, text messages or WhatsApp groups, use the same application to keep everyone informed.

Focus on overtime

Overtime can cause fatigue, stress and even health problems. In July 2018, a Canadian study found that women who worked overtime had an increased risk of diabetes. The risk of heart disease and heart attacks increases with age.

Companies may allow employees to work extra hours, but they must be given one and a half hours (their regular hourly wage plus 50 percent). If you overwork someone without permission due to a scheduling error, you will cost your organization money and create additional stress for your employee.

Using manual timesheets makes it challenging to locate the labor and time to check the records for errors or misuse. Time attendance software that provides reports can help you discover and correct over time.

Don’t forget the holiday and sick leave schedule

There should be a company policy for vacation and sick leave, as well as a mechanism to monitor this. For example, employees with the same expertise will not take vacations at the same time, exposing the company and consumers.

While you can use a spreadsheet to manage such time off, getting time off — monitoring the application is less difficult and time-consuming. Make sure to choose one that can quickly create reports for managers or HR staff.

Create a work schedule for your employees with confidence.

Time and planning All in one

You can purchase various scheduling applications. Some companies specialize in monitoring or planning a particular sector. It’s usually more efficient to get scheduling software to handle everything and give everyone access to the schedule.

Combining time monitoring and work scheduling automates two pricing procedures. So you have more time to think about the big picture and your employees don’t have to worry about inaccuracies in their pay or their upcoming schedules.

By asking all employees to install a time clock app on their mobile phone, you allow them to view their schedule at any time.

They do much more than allow employees to clock in and leave. Most allow employees to request time off or vacation directly from the app, contact managers via in-app chat, view past or current timesheets, and automate payments. These seem like fantastic benefits for both employers and employees.

The end result is a smooth, agile wave of employees coming in and filling your business with the work that needs to be done. There is much less stress when everyone sticks to a set work schedule.

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