This startup gives your speech a new “human-realistic” AI voice – for free

From virtual assistants to audiobook voiceovers, AI voice generation has become a fast-growing field — and it’s no wonder companies are rushing to tap the technology’s potential.

Among them is located in Valencia Voice mod. The startup has developed an AI voice changer and soundboard software that enables instant speech-to-speech conversion. Unlike most of its competitors, the company claims it transforms voting in real time and with low latency, allowing users to converse as they would in real life.

According to Jaime Bosch, CEO and co-founder of Voicemod, the company trains its AI model using publicly available datasets and professional voice actors, resulting in a wide range of vocal expressions, pitches, tones and emotions. Using machine learning techniques, the model learns to understand, analyze and predict a person’s speech patterns and intricacies.

“When a user speaks into our software or application, their voice input is processed in real time,” Bosch told TNW. “Our AI model then applies the learned patterns and transformations to the input, enabling speech conversion immediately.”

Voicemod mainly targets the entertainment industry including gamers, streamers, content creators and vtubers on platforms ranging from Discord and Twitch to Zoom and WhatsApp.

To go further into the increasing user demand for self-expression, pseudonymity and creativity online, in addition to the 100 voting options in its portfolio, the startup is now launching the so-called “AI Humans” collection. While Voicemod already offers filters for human voices, the new collection will be the company’s most human-realistic to date.

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