This AI tool taps ChatGPT to turn your text into music playlists

A UK startup has used ChatGPT to build text-to-music playlist generator.

The AI ​​system is the brainchild of Uppbeat, an audio platform based in Leeds. The feature is aimed at content creators and finds copyright-free tracks for video soundtracks. Uppbeat claims that it is the first tool that allows people to use their own language to find the songs they want.

“Generative AI music is riddled with copyright and general quality issues,” Lewis Foster, CEO of Uppbeat, said in a statement. “Our catalog is full of incredible artists and AI is not coming in the closet. But we wondered, “What if we could use AI to help creators find the perfect copyright-free music for their content?”

“This ‘What if?’ moment has evolved into our groundbreaking AI Playlist Generator and I’m excited to share it with the world. We believe it will positively impact the way creators soundtrack their content with AI. Try it!”

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To use the tool, just enter a description of your video, scene, music mood or personality. The system will then return a custom playlist of matches from Uppbeat’s catalog of songs.

Since the tool is currently available in a freemium version, we tried to give it a shot.

The system can handle a wide variety of prompts.  Credit: Upbeat