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You haven’t thought of these 13 roleplay plots yet

Having trouble coming up with a roleplay? Check this out!

There is no point in having characters and universes to work with if you have no connection with them. Many creators know this. Roleplaying is a great way to use characters, whether they’re original or from fandoms. For many people, it’s a fun way to escape, but what happens when you run out of things to do? Things don’t get any better. Here are a few different plot ideas for role playing.

1. the following. Angel of the Lord

Throughout their life, Person A has experienced many near-death experiences. It’s like they’re being protected even though they should be dead. But then Person B shows up.

2. Prince Vampyr

Vampire Prince A is described as person A. The king and queen rule the kingdom, but it is with reluctance. Each year, the Vampire Royalty brings a sacrifice from a nearby village. Person B is taken from the village and taken to the castle.

3. Patients/Doctors at mental hospitals

There are a number of reasons why you might put person A into a mental hospital. Until Person B shows up, nobody has been able to make progress with Person A.If you enjoy getting to the heart of characters and their relationships, this one is for you.

4.Universe of the West

When Person A sees Person B on the ground, they are riding along the outskirts of their ranch. Person B is bleeding to death from a gunshot, and if they are not assisted, they will die soon.

In this case as well, I left it fairly open. What happens if Person A takes the risk and helps Person B? Can they afford to help Person B?

5. World of Werewolves

This one doesn’t really require anything specific from me. It’s an oldie but a goodie, in my opinion. As with the vampire case, there are a lot of options. Are they boWerewolves are both vampires, right?an? Does one of them get turned and the other has to deal with it? Do two packs of werewolves fight each other? Let your imagination run wild.

6. An apocalyptic zombie outbreak

Person A is lost and without defense after losing all of their supplies, friends, and allies. However, Person B’s group turns out to be an ally. Now what? Is Person A welcomed with open arms or are they hostile and wary?

7. Reverse!Verse

Fandom-related roleplays are mostly covered here. Invert the roles of the main characters. Try making them the opposite of what they are and see where that leads you.

8. Haunted houses

The new home of person A has just been moved into. No matter where you stay (Apartment, Mansion, cozy townhouse, whatever you like) the first few nights are peaceful. After that, things started to get crazy and they met Person B. Once upon a time, Person B lived in the house. Apparently, they were killed in some way and stuck to their house as ghosts.

9. Loss of memory

The two people have been friends for a long time. An accident causes Person A to suffer from head trauma, causing them to forget Person B, or even everything they’ve ever known. It’s Person B’s responsibility to help them remember, and if they don’t remember, to guide them through their lives.

10. The body swap

It seems pretty self-explanatory. Someone switches bodies with another for a while. While they attempt to pretend to be one another and sort everything out, chaos ensues.

11. Cleanse

(As in the movie, “Purge”)

Person A and Person B are going through the Purge. They end up stuck together fighting against people who want to kill them.

Likewise, this one is fairly open. Play around with the characters and their statuses.

12. A day of mind reading

Person A suddenly discovers that they can read minds. Can they read the mind of their best friend, Person B?

Another one of these could be combined with this one. Perhaps Person B had some secrets that they didn’t want to be revealed to Person A.

13. World of Treasure Hunters

Treasure hunter A is a respectable individual. The treasure hunters spent years searching for the most incredible treasure only to have Person B, a treasure thief, steal it at the last minute.


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