There is nothing more special than flowers for a birthday girl?

Bouquet of flowers. Photo: arturoli via Bigstock

There is a beautiful saying: “flowers are the sweetest things God created, but forgot to put a soul in them.”

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, he expressed his thoughts about flowers by saying that Mother Earth smiles through flowers. This expression couldn’t be more true! flowers make the perfect birthday present.

A birthday is always a special occasion in everyone’s life. When we get a birthday invitation, our first thought is what gift to get them? However, it is often a challenge to find something suitable that we know they will love.

There’s no doubt that there are hundreds of gits that anyone can enjoy, but when it’s someone’s birthday, you want to find something they’ll love and use.

Then comes the price factor that further limits our git buying options. But how about gifting something that everyone would like to have in the first place? And this is where the gift of birthday flowers plays an important role.

Give a bouquet of his/her favorite flowers as a gift

The flower is something that you can give as a gift for all occasions, ceremonies and events. A birthday party includes a present and you can’t go to a party without taking a present in your hands.

It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is, a beautiful bouquet of flowers can really make a perfect gift and getting to know that person’s favorite flowers is sure to give him or her something that will make them happiest.

Getting something that will be useful right away will always make the recipient happy. Try to find out in advance what their favorite flowers are so you know what to get them. For example, try putting it in a conversation or if you happen to go to their house, pay attention to the types of flowers they have on display.

The importance of giving flowers on a birthday

There are many online gift shops where birthday flowers are available for delivery to birthday parties. These bouquets are beautifully designed using different types of flowers accompanied by ribbons, colorful paper and other accessories to further emphasize the beauty.

Very few people understand the importance of giving flowers. Flowers are actually something that cannot be compared to store bought gifts. They are extremely versatile and will add a beautiful scent and atmosphere to any home or room.

Flowers are also a sign of love, care and attention, making them the perfect gift for any birthday party.

Choose birthday flowers according to the months

In my opinion, one of the best ways to select flowers for birthdays would be to just keep the birthday month in mind. Each month of the year corresponds to a specific flower.

  • If your friend’s birthday is in the month of January, carnations can be a perfect choice. They symbolize cheerfulness, freshness and the spirit of discovery.
  • For the month of February, Primrose or Violets are the best options. This is the month of romance and certainly commemorates the birthday of Saint Valentine.
  • For the month of March, the elegant daffodils can be the best. They stand for respect, rebirth and unrequited love.
  • Daisy represents the special month of April in all its joy and ecstasy.
  • Lily is a specific symbol of the month of May and stands for purity, chastity and sweetness.
  • Water lily is a perfect choice of flowers for those born in the month of July.
  • Gladiolus, Marigold Flower, Aster, Paper White Daffodil and Chrysanthemums can be the months of August, October, September, December and November respectively.

Knowing which flower corresponds to and is in season during each month can ensure that you are delivering the freshest flowers. however, don’t just give flowers because they correspond to a particular month, you want your friend to enjoy the gift.

A more traditional bouquet arrangement usually includes some sort of assortment of red roses and violets combined with balloons and chocolates.


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