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The Untold Truth of JoeysWorldTour – Age, Weight, Wife, Wiki

Who or what is JoeysWorldTour?

Joseph Leon Hernandez was born on April 22, 1964 in San Diego, California, USA. He is a chef and caterer but best known as a personality and for his YouTube channel called JoeysWorldTour. He mainly uploads videos where he reviews new releases from top restaurants or fast food outlets in the country. He also occasionally uploads other videos including food challenges, travel, vlogs and others.

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The wealth of JoeysWorldTour

As of early 2020, JoeysWorldTour has an estimated net worth of over $100,000, primarily earned through a successful online career.

While the growth of his channel has also brought him more income, he has admitted that it is not enough for him as a source of income, so he still works as a chef and caterer which helps build his still relatively modest power.

Beginning of early life, education and career

Growing up in San Diego, Joey loved it there, and even though he left for a while, he returned to his hometown because he couldn’t find another better location to live in. At a young age, he loved food and had a strong passion for the culinary arts. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at San Diego State University.

At first, he didn’t think a career in the food industry was viable, so he transferred to Grossmont College in El Cajon, where he earned a degree in political science and anthropology. After completing his course for a year, he realized he was not happy, and then devoted himself entirely to food and switched to Mission College in Santa Clara to complete an associate degree in culinary arts, and training as a chef after graduation. He then started working full-time in the hospitality industry.

Cooking career and online beginnings

Although Joey was a good cook, he served more in a managerial position in the restaurants he worked in due to his inherent leadership skills.

Joey’s World Tour

Later he started a restaurant called The Burrito Factory which he also managed. He also worked as a kitchen manager at Charlie Blair’s Pizza & Grill, as well as several real life cooking jobs during his career, including at Trevese where he trained under Michael Miller, and at Manresa where he cooked under David Kinch. Other jobs he took on included becoming a pastry chef at The Village Café and sous chef at Umunhum Food & Wine Restaurant.

In 2008 he wanted to express his love for food even further and not only through a permanent job. He created a blog called “Sublime Flavor!”, intended as a way for him to do more with food than just management tasks and simple recipes.

He reviewed posts, shared some of his recipes, and talked about all things food. He posted some original creations and also discussed nearby establishments. The blog ran for five years until he decided to get rid of it and started a company with the name Sublime Taste Catering.

YouTube career

Joey had already made a YouTube channel in 2007, but didn’t upload videos until four years later. The channel became a natural transition from his vlog, featuring similar video content similar to his blog posts. He did cooking demonstrations, vlogs, food challenges and developed it more like a vlog channel with a strong focus on his passion for food.

In 2013, he released his first video, reviewing the KFC Boneless Chicken, and it got way more views than expected, which made him focus on doing more reviews. He often did reviews in his car, and his entertaining commentary and his improvisation made him a viewer favorite. He was initially accused of copying the style of another YouTuber, Daym Drops, who also similarly reviewed food. He later asked Daym for permission and got his blessing, which led to the two teaming up as part of #TeamDaym. His channel’s growth was slow, but he managed hundreds of subscribers over the next several years.

As the channel grew in popularity, he started uploading videos more frequently, on a regular schedule of three videos a week.

YouTube breakthrough

In 2016, YouTuber critics LeafyIsHere and Pyrocynical started making articles about Joey’s channel – these channels were known for humorously criticizing other channels, which has led them to numerous feuds and controversies in the past. However, the opposite was true for Joey, as instead of people hating him, he gained an influx of new followers, with his channel quickly reaching 100,000 subscribers and maintaining steady growth over the next few years.

He became one memewith his energy and enthusiasm for food being the subject of many online.

In 2019, a rapper named Lil JM started making parody songs with references to Joey. His fame even caught the attention of the mainstream media, and he was featured in the Comedy Central show “Tosh.0”, and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal also played him in “Upload with Shaquille O’Neal”. Another program he was featured on was on National Geographic Channel’s “Science of Stupid”, and a local newspaper in San Jose, California also featured him in an article titled “Move Over Hollywood, This Is the Era of the YouTube star”. .

Although he has consistently posted on YouTube since the early 2010s, he maintains his catering business and works as a chef.

Private life

Not much information about Joey’s personal life has been revealed as he mostly just shares about food on YouTube. He is believed to be married with children. Attentive viewers noticed that he owns about four cars just from the different car interiors seen in his videos.

Posted by Joey’s World Tour Official On Saturday, July 8, 2017

He also said that his earnings on YouTube are not enough, which is why he is continuing his catering business, which indicates that he may support more than just himself.

Reactions to him have been divisive, with people enjoying his entertaining impromptu content, and others raving about his personality. He has admitted to being a shy person and only does his food reviews in private places when no other people are around. His biggest following comes from people who enjoy his meme content, often commenting positively or jokingly on his videos.


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