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The untold truth of ‘Gold Rush’ star

The Discovery Channel is very aware of the attraction that gold has on people in all walks of life, and this prompted the decision to create a show that explored exactly this phenomenon. Tony Beets first appeared on the show during its second season and almost immediately became one of its most popular cast members. The Dutch-Canadian man influences every aspect of the gold process, from dredging and mining to processing. His passion for his craft is contagious and his exploits have now become a family business, with his wife and children all participating in the business. His explosive personality and penchant for swearing have earned him the affectionate one nickname ‘Tony Peep’ in his home country the Netherlands.

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Posted by Tony Beets On Sunday, July 23, 2017

Early life and family

Tony Beets was born on December 15, 1959 in Wijdenes, The Netherlands, to Klaus and Magda Beets. However, his family did not stay there for long and in 1966 moved to Burgwerd, which is located in the countryside and is an excellent place for agriculture and farming. The family set up a farm that they would all work on. After an accident in 1974, Klaus Beets became incapacitated for work and could no longer work on the farm. This left Tony, only son and 15, to run the farm and instruct workers many years his senior. Rather than intimidate him, Tony explained that this was a seminal event in his life and allowed him to become the leading figure he is today. This new state of affairs also served as motivation, building his work ethic and a determination to become as effective, if not more, than the older workers.


Dairy Farmer

Because his future in agriculture in the Netherlands seemed doubtful, Tony and Minnie, his girlfriend at the time, decided to try their luck in Canada. They moved to Canada in 1980 and settled on a farm near Salmon Arm in British Columbia. They started one dairy farm and earned a living milking cows. This didn’t last long as in 1984 Tony became aware of the potentially lucrative life of a prospector.

Gold miner

Tony began his mining career in 1984 when he and his wife moved to Dawson City in the Yukon Territory. His start was not as favorable as he would have liked, he spent his days operating machinery, but his determination kept him going.

Tony Beets

This turned out to be one of the best decisions of his life as he is now hailed as one of the most successful miners in the Klondike.

In 1994 Tony Beets established Tamarack Gold Resources In, which now owns several mines in Dawson, Perth and Sudbury. While the company has a reputation for employing local youth, it’s only the toughest of the bunch that can persevere and integrate into the mines’ family atmosphere.

“Gold Rush”

Discovery Channel Premiere “Gold rushon December 3, 2010 to international acclaim. The show’s first season focused solely on a single group of miners trying to make their way in the mining industry. Tony Bees and most of the other cast members didn’t start appearing until the show’s second season, in 2011.

Role in the show

Although Beets is not a main protagonist, he interacts with many of the key characters. It was Beets who leased the land in Scribner Creek to Parke Schnabel during the fourth season, along with giving friendly advice to the youth. Beets can largely avoid conflict and prefer to interact peacefully with other miners.


During the fifth season of “Gold Rush”, Beets decided to venture into new territory and try gold dredging. He poured $1 million into the venture and despite multiple roadblocks along the way, eventually managed to achieve success. Dredging gold allowed him to mine gold at a much lower cost than on land.


In 2018, Beets had a hard time Fines for contaminating local water bodies with wastewater. The claims were undeniable, as “Gold Rush” footage confirmed these claims. The footage is from October 2014, when one of the Tamarack miners poured petrol into a pond and set it on fire. The footage showed Beets standing in front of the blaze with arms outstretched, in an act of condolences. The worker was forced to pay a $1,725 ​​fine, but the potential fines Beets faced ran up to a shocking $26,000

Water permits

Recently, Beets had to close several factories because his water permits were not renewed. Water is an integral part of the mining process as it is used in operating machinery as well as processing gold.

Though this devastated him and his family, they have no choice but to abide by these developments. If they violate these terms, they risk fines of $20,000 per day water usage.

Private life

Tony met the love of his life in 1966, although at the time he did not know how events would turn out. Minnie, one of five children, lived on the farm in the Netherlands next to the farm where Tony and his family moved when he was seven and she was six. The two started dating in 1978 and had been seeing each other for 18 months when Beets decided he wanted to try his luck in Canada. To accompany him, Minnie had to be his wife, and so the two got married and have had no regrets ever since.

Minnie has always helped him in his mining, but also works in home care. The two had their first child, Mike, in 1990 and now have three more children: Monica (1993), Kevin (1988) and Bianca. Unfortunately, tragedy struck Minnie and Tony when their two-month-old daughter Jasmine passed away in 1992. More recently, just before season six of “Gold Rush,” Tony’s father, Klaus, passed away.

Although the family is deeply entrenched in the mining culture, his daughter Bianca is an extremely private person and refused any chance to appear on screen. Monica and her sibling all have a prominent online presence and following, using their platform to interact and discuss things with their growing fan base.


Tony Beet’s Dutch ancestry clearly contributes to his appearance, both in terms of color and height and build. Tony is tall and has blond hair with lots of gray and white tones. He has shoulder-length hair and a lush beard that slowly turns more white than blonde. While there is clear evidence of his age, he remains fit as the grueling regime of mining requires. He is 1.7 m tall and weighs about 65 kg.

Net worth and salary

Thanks to his global mining ventures and hard work, Tony Beets has built up a truly impressive net worth. His hefty salary from “Gold Rush” supplements his income, and Beets and his family can live in peace and comfort. His net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be over $15 million.


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