The Spanish company Crowmie enables everyone to invest in green energy

This profile is part of the main prize of the Pitch Battle at TNW Valencia 2023 won by Crowmie. Would you like your company to be in the spotlight? You only have a few days left to enter the startup competition at TNW Conference in Amsterdam on June 15th and 16th!

Valencia’s most popular green fintech startup is on a mission to break down the high investment barriers in the energy sector and make it easy for everyone to finance sustainable projects.

Crowmiewhich launched last February, jumps into the micro-investment space by giving anyone with just €100 the chance to invest directly in renewable energy projects in Spain and see monthly returns.

Technically, Crowmie has built a platform to create security digital tokens (STO, Security Token Offerings) for the total amount of any project they want to fund. Through this automated process, all investment transactions are registered in the blockchain.

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The 12-person startup, led by founders Fernando Dávila (26), Pablo Valverde (29) and Joshua Cleveland (29), won the Pitch Battle at Applied Sciences Valencia in March of this year.

“The jury was impressed by the team’s vision and goal to make investments in sustainable energy easier,” said Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, co-founder of TNW and jury member of the Pitch Battle. “This is such a great opportunity that people like you and me can now finally get active in. This is one of those startups that you hope will become very successful, not just for the team or the investors, but for the whole world .”

Crowmie (the name is a mishmash of “crowd” and “homie”) has received €300,000 in pre-seed funding so far and is going for a €1.5 million seed round this year. The company will use the money for marketing, technology, opening up the investment platform to people in the US and building a presence in Mexico and Colombia.

Tokenized investment inspiration

CEO Dávila, who studied astro-engineering in Valencia before becoming a founder, told TNW that innovation in real estate technology was one of their main sources of inspiration.

“The idea came about because we saw an incredible trend in the world of tokenization, especially in the real estate sector,” Dávila said, citing RealT in the US and Rental in Spain as two pioneering companies in symbolic real estate investments.

The trio thought that the same model of fractional, tokenized investment could also fully work in the renewable energy sector – and none did in Spain.

“Right now, only those with large amounts of capital can invest in the renewable energy vertical, and we want to do it with tokenization, as impact investments are growing now and will grow much more in the future,” Dávila added.

Crowmie CEO Davila presents at TNW Valencia