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The main benefits of using Shopify

Opinions expressed by australiabusinessblog.com contributors are their own.

Shopify has been changing the game of ecommerce for over 15 years, and its benefits and ease of integration make it an easy, common sense solution for many businesses.

Shopify, a global phenomenon, is now used in nearly 200 different countries by nearly two million different websites. Why does your business need Shopify? In this age of global commerce driven by the internet, Shopify can be a simple solution to complex logistics problems, and there are many tangible benefits that come with the seamless integration.

Not only does the product give businesses the ability to simplify merchandising and the online checkout process, but Shopify can also help with marketing and customer engagement.

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What are the main features of Shopify?

Shopify is one of the easiest ways to start an online business while providing room (and functionality) for growth. Why start with a trading platform that can’t meet the needs of a company when it is having great success? Many of Shopify’s largest accounts started with a smaller commerce host and had to move to Shopify when they outgrew their previous platform.

With Shopify, you can create a professional-looking ecommerce solution with all the features and functionality a business owner could want. It can be extremely expensive and time consuming to build an ecommerce website from scratch – Shopify is the logical solution.

Users choose from a library of free, customizable templates to bring their website design and store to life. Marketing, payments and security are all taken care of by the platform, allowing the user to focus on what they do best: bringing ideas to life and growing their business.

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Make money with Shopify

It takes many companies months or even years to create a profitable online merchandising solution. Setting up an online business is a full-time job in itself; Shopify is a way to lighten this burden and make money faster. Shopify also has a network of experts available to their users who can help you get started and target potential customers.

According to data in australiabusinessblog.com‘s new book on Shopify, online customers currently make up 18% of global retail sales. That number is expected to rise to 22% of global sales by the end of 2023. If you’re not already taking advantage of internet sales, now is the time to get started, and Shopify is the platform that will help you become successful.

How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify Deals three price levels for entrepreneurs. There’s a basic tier ($29/month), a Shopify tier ($79/month), and an advanced tier ($299/month). Additionally, Shopify offers users the option to prepay for a full year of service, giving users up to 50% off these three plans. The benefits will increase with each successive tier (such as more customizable and complex reporting data, more employee accounts, more inventory locations, and greater shipping discounts), and the cost per transaction per user’s credit card will also decrease as business owners move up the subscription tiers.

It’s also worth noting that Shopify doesn’t charge any startup fees for any of its plans.

Shopify offers a more scalable solution for entrepreneurs

There are countless stories of business owners who started out on smaller business solution sites like Etsy and needed more and moved to Shopify for a more customizable and scalable solution. One such business owner, Kristin Berry Mastoras, has been profiled in australiabusinessblog.com‘s new book on Shopify. One of the most common reasons merchants move to the Shopify platform is that the competition doesn’t offer the same functionality as Shopify.

“After trying several ecommerce platforms, I didn’t realize how customizable a Shopify-based ecommerce website can be, especially when you hire a programmer to change a theme,” says Berry Mastoras. “Shopify is a set of tools for building your own thing, and it’s currently used by some of the largest companies in the world, so it’s extremely scalable.”

Shopify vs Amazon

It’s important to be able to deliver a fast, efficient order-to-door experience. There’s no denying that Amazon has changed the way ecommerce works with Amazon Prime, allowing two days (or faster) shipping to its members. So what are the benefits of using Shopify versus selling on Amazon?

First of all, it is possible to use both. Shopify has a fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) integration that allows users to store their products in an Amazon fulfillment center. In short, this is not an either/or statement; Shopify allows its users to integrate the convenience of Amazon into their ecommerce store and also gives them the freedom to go beyond Amazon. The same is not true if you host your store exclusively with Amazon, as you may need to manage your Amazon listings and the ecommerce website listings of two separate entities if you don’t use the Shopify platform for your non-Amazon entities.

For even more information about Shopify, including valuable insider information from some of its experts, visit australiabusinessblog.comhis new book, The Ultimate Guide to Shopify. It is available now at australiabusinessblog.com Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or bookstore.

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