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The last storyline started in chapter 213

dr.  STONE last arc
Let’s hope the end of the Dr. STONE manga exceeds our expectations and shoots to the moon! Pic credit: TMS Entertainment

The End of the Dr. STONE manga is on the horizon.

On February 21, 2022, it became clear that the final chapter would come out in just a few chapters. Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 12, 2022 announced that the climax of the Dr. STONE manga was to be released in two chapters on March 7, 2022.

In Japanese stories, there is a four-company structure known as Kishōtenketsu.

  • Ki: Introduction
  • Shō: Development
  • Ten: Twist (complication)
  • Ketsu : Conclusion (reconciliation)

During the Twist phase, the story takes an unexpected turn and contains the yama, or climax, of the story.

Previously, Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 43, 2021 featured Dr. STONE announced just as Senku and friends started to complete their world tour. At the time, the magazine also announced that there would be a brief hiatus from Dr. STONE will be so creators Boichi and Riichirou Inagaki can research. They also took a break for the 44th issue and then returned with Dr. STONE Chapter 213 for the 45th issue on October 11, 2021.

In September 2021, the development phase seemed to have come to fruition as Senku accomplished many of its scientific goals, plus there was a major plot twist in the recent storylines.

In the first week of February 2022, the full nature, identity and motivation of the main villain Why-Man were finally revealed in Dr. Stone Chapter 228. Without getting into spoilers, this main antagonist will debut in the anime in Dr. STONE Season 3 when the villain is first mentioned.

Without spoiling those who only watch the anime, Senku sets his sights much, much higher than just traveling the world. The Kingdom of Science has traveled the world to complete a secret mission and it will take a lot of time and many more chapters to reach Senku’s ultimate goal.

  • Updated February 23, 2022: Dr. STONE climax announced!

dr. STONE’s Final Chapter Could Be Spring 2022?

Starting in Weekly Shonen Jump in March 2017, the series is already on Volume 25 as of March 4, 2022.

The official English Dr. STONE manga is published in North America by Viz Media. As of February 1, 2022, the official English translation was already ready for Volume 20, while Volume 21 is scheduled for May 3, 2022.

Only English language manga readers can jump directly to the Viz Media website† They offer the first three chapters and the three newest chapters to read for free for all of their translated series.

Fans of the series may be wondering, “When will the Dr. STONE manga end?” In November 2019, the manga creators discussed their plans for the end of the Dr. STONE manga.

Initially, Inagaki told Anime News Network that he wasn’t sure exactly how long he spent with Dr. STONE would like to run.

“So as for the ending, I’m not sure and it’s not necessarily about the story. We have a general idea of ​​how the story will end, but since we’ve been on this journey, sometimes it’s three steps forward, two steps back,” Inagaki said. “I would write one storyline and I think it will only be one storyline, but in the end it will cost ten, and then something that I think is going to take five, will only need one. It’s a moving target and it’s Hard to say.”

Boichi said he would “like to let Dr. STONE run as long as possible”. He even jokingly claimed that he wants the editors of Weekly Shonen Jump to pressure Inagaki to let it go through.

Inagaki got serious, saying he doesn’t want to get “greedy” and promises to “never stretch it for business”.

“Because of my previous work, Eyeshield 21, I say I have to make it longer than necessary because of my previous work, Eyeshield 21. Online a lot of people said that maybe the editors made it longer than necessary, but in reality, that’s exactly how I wanted to tell the story,” explains Inagaki. “That was also Murata-sensei’s wish. That’s why I wanted to double the guarantee that I would never cross a story, so to speak.”

At the time, Inagaki hoped that Dr. STONE would end in three years, which would be in the fall of 2022. However, it’s possible that since the climax is set to release in March 2022, the series could wrap everything up in Spring 2022.

dr. STONE’s Final Storyline Spoilers: Senku Travels The World And Beyond

The creators have discussed their storyline plans in the past. During Anime NYC 2019, a fan asked if Senku would ever visit New York City. Inagaki reportedly replied†[Senku is] now engaged in this island business, but still focused on South America, if he had a good reason.

To put Inagaki’s comment into perspective, at the time the manga was still in the Treasure Island arc, which will be the focus of Dr. STONE Season 3. In 2020 and 2021, the manga did indeed have Senku’s crew in the Kingdom of Science travel to both North and South America, as well as Europe, but those chapters will likely be adapted by Dr. STONE Season 4 and beyond.

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for the ending of Dr. STONE.

Manga readers who read the final chapters of Dr. STONE, know where Senku ends up going. Ever since the Treasure Island arc, Senku knows that Why-man is the enemy who wants to see all of humanity petrified and shortly after, the signal was fed back to the moon.

But to reach the moon it was necessary to travel the whole world to the Perseus in a journey of years. First the Kingdom of Science traveled to North America and founded Corn City, but not without getting into trouble caused by a certain Dr. xeno.

Next, Senku and his party traveled to South America to discover the truth behind the original petrification. The plot twist was when the world was hit by a new global petrification wave that took out everyone, including Senku!

Coincidentally, a bottle containing the generating formula from the sound of a lightning strike cracks and revives Suika. It takes many years, but little Suika mimics her leader and manages to successfully revive Senku 236,109,753 seconds later.

Working together, Senku and Suika start to revive many people to rebuild the kingdom of science in this new stone world. They even bring one of their enemies, Dr. Xeno, to life, as he realizes Why-man is their common enemy that must be defeated for the sake of all humanity.

To this end, the aim is to build a rocket and take the battle to the moon. The Kingdom of Science travels to Europe to collect materials for space travel and that’s when Why-man sends out a message that says “Do you want to die?”

After traveling through Europe, the Kingdom of Science returns to Treasure Island and revives their old friends. It turns out that Senku’s allies had secretly completed a special mission: building a rocket launch site!

The End of the Dr. STONE manga will finally answer Why-man’s identity. Let’s hope these answers provide a fitting conclusion to the story. Stay tuned!


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