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The highest paying consumer service jobs

Some professionals like the human aspect of doing business. If you enjoy connecting with people, solving problems and dealing with clients and customers, then a job in consumer service could be just right for your professional aspirations.

This article will cover the highest paying consumer service jobs so you know what occupations you should pursue in the future.

1. CRM Coordinator

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a philosophy and type of software. CRM software is often used to collect and organize customer data and then keep it easily accessible to sales and marketing personnel.

CRM software allows sales and marketing teams and customer service departments to manage customer complaints, inquiries and relationships over time.

So CRM coordinators are masters of this kind of software. They often work very closely with marketing and sales departments to establish and maintain positive, successful interactions with new and current customers and resolve customer issues.

CRM coordinators can also help salespeople reach new leads or prospects so that their company always has new customers. Most CRM coordinators require extensive consumer services experience.

At least a high school diploma, but many have a bachelor’s degree and are familiar with top CRM software systems such as Salesforce. These professionals earn average $72,401 per year.

2. Customer Service Manager

A customer service manager is a dedicated consumer relations professional. Their primary job is to ensure that a particular customer or consumer is satisfied with the products and services provided by an organization. A client services manager represents the client, takes feedback and asks questions.

In general, customer service managers oversee large groups of customer service representatives, including call center agents and salespeople. Duties include training employees, ensuring compliance and launching corporate policy initiatives.

Most successful customer service managers already have extensive experience in consumer relations. They must also possess excellent communicative organization and personal management skills. They earn an average salary of $61,125 per year.

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3. Customer Experience Strategist

Customer experience strategists are knowledgeable, specialized professionals who turn collected marketing data into insights for business use.

For example, they can view a wide variety of marketing data, including:

  • Click
  • conversions
  • Time spent on page

Then, using that data, the customer experience strategist will give companies a much better understanding of their target customers. They often produce reports for business use and analysis, plus additional advice and awareness for product development.

Through the efforts of customer experience strategists, companies can create better consumer experiences.

This, in turn, often leads to increased revenue, higher profits, and better overall brand reputation. As a result, customer experience strategists are some of the most valuable professionals for any organization. They deserve one an average of $96,541 a year.

4. Call Center Manager

Call center directors or managers are in charge of customer service facilities, which are usually third-party call center facilities that provide CS services for client companies.

For example, when someone calls a company’s customer service hotline, that call may be recorded by a call center, which is operated by a manager or director.

Call center managers have a variety of duties, such as hiring new agents or scheduling training and professional development courses. In addition, call center managers may be required to ensure compliance with and implementation of company policies or operational strategies.

For example, a call center manager may be responsible for developing a new way to ensure customer satisfaction among those who call the center’s representatives.

However, this managerial job still has a lot of work for consumer services. On any given day, a call center manager may even have to man the phones himself or help troubleshoot angry or frustrated customers. They deserve $64,036 per year.

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5. Reception Manager

Front desk managers are trained executive employees who manage front desk staff in hotels, resorts, and other buildings. They manage a janitor, several receptionists, night detectives and other workers.

They must ensure that lobbies are always clean and presentable and address any escalated customer complaints or inquiries.

Depending on the exact job, front desk managers may also have similar responsibilities to concierges, such as greeting guests and answering phones. They usually earn $41,846 per year average.

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6. Help Desk Analyst

Help desk analysts are IT professionals who have a number of consumer service responsibilities. They usually help Internet or IT customers with specialized software or hardware problems, such as not being able to use the software correctly or malfunctioning.

Help desk analysts are IT customer service specialists. They can provide support over the phone, email, or live support software, in which case they gain remote control of a customer’s technology and screen.

Many help desk analysts also have additional responsibilities, such as performing software updates, ensuring security compliance, and setting up new equipment. Their average salary is $48,779 per year.

7. Technical Support Representative

A technical support representative works with customers by providing assistance with technical issues. For example, they can assist consumers with troubleshooting, answering questions, and resolving hardware or software problems.

Technical support representatives can often work remotely, but office-based roles are also common. They can work closely with help desk analysts and other IT functions.

The average salary for a technical support associate is $42,397.

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8. Account Coordinator

Account coordinators are marketing agency specialists. They provide administrative and managerial support to customer service employees such as account managers and account managers. They learn and understand a lot about a company’s accounts and customers, helping to manage and organize them as needed.

Some typical responsibilities for these professionals include drafting contracts and documents, updating databases and coordinating meetings.

They can work closely with marketing and sales staff to ensure that the best customers are always satisfied and that new high-quality customers are sought on a regular basis. They earn average $43,475 per year.

9. Stewardess

Flight attendants are consumer services specialists who operate in and around aircraft on a daily basis.

They may be employed by both private and commercial airlines and have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Greet passengers.
  • Help passengers find a seat.
  • Passengers help store their luggage.
  • Ensuring safety is adhered to and providing passengers with safety rules.
  • Demonstrate safety procedures.
  • Serving food and drinks during a flight.
  • Providing instructions and guidance during flight emergencies.
  • Cleaning the cabin between flights.

These individuals are responsible for many of the experiences airline passengers have when boarding an aircraft. Therefore, they also have to represent their brands very well.

You may want to become a flight attendant if you enjoy flying around airports, serving customers and providing great experiences. They earn average $39,392 per year.

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10. Customer Relations Specialist

Customer relationship specialists are expert consumer service professionals who can work for a variety of companies and organizations. Either way, their primary job is to ensure long-term customer and customer satisfaction.

Naturally, customer relationship specialists are most important for companies that rely on long-term customers and accounts, such as subscription companies or software as a service (SaaS) companies.

Depending on their job needs, customer relations specialists may talk to customers and handle questions via email or in person.

Some customer relations specialists also read and respond to online customer reviews, which helps build a positive business reputation over time. They can collect and analyze customer feedback to identify patterns or areas for improvement.

Many customer relations specialists end up becoming managers of some sort. They usually earn $59,342 per year.

11. Bank Clerk

A bank clerk handles day-to-day financial responsibilities, such as money orders, money transfers, deposits and withdrawals, and check cashing. They are a source of help for day-to-day financial transactions and are sometimes referred to as a cashier or customer service representative.

Bank tellers also assist with account opening and closing as well as loans, making them an important resource for a wide variety of financial services.

The average base salary for a bank clerk is around $35,110.

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Find a high-paying job in consumer services

As you can see, there are many high paying consumer service jobs. Choose the best one that suits your needs and preferences and start applying. You will be making more money than ever before in no time.

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