The animated movie Babylon 5 is B5: The Road Home, and this is what it’s about

“Travel across the galaxy with John Sheridan as he is unexpectedly transported through multiple timelines and alternate realities in a quest to find his way back home. Along the way, he reunites with some familiar faces as he discovers new cosmic revelations about the history, purpose and meaning of the universe.

As Straczynski hinted, many of the original surviving cast members are returning, including Bruce Boxleitner (Sheridan), Claudia Christian (Ivanova), Peter Jurasik (Londo), Bill Mumy (Lennier), Tracy Scoggins (Lochley), and Patricia Tallman (Telepath) . Lyta Alexander).

What’s a little surprising is that many of the cast members who died tragically over the years will also see their characters return, with Delenn, G’Kar, security chief Garibaldi, Dr. Franklin, original Babylon 5 Commander Jeffrey Sinclair and the ubiquitous Zathras all voiced by new actors.

On the other hand, it is a multiverse game: they can be very different versions of themselves. If you’ve ever seen Straczynski’s excellent Netflix series Sentence8 (co-created with the Wachowskis), it’s easy to imagine how he could nail such a story with varying, intertwined personalities.

It is not clear when during the B5 timeline in which the story takes place or if that necessarily matters – without spoiling the original show, fans could say it wraps up Sheridan’s story pretty well, while leaving room for more.

Straczynski has said the new movie “feels the most B5-esque of anything we’ve done since the original show” and suggested it will debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2023which starts on July 20.