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The 5 best ways to send money to New Zealand from Australia

ways to transfer money to New Zealand from Australia

The relationship between Australia and New Zealand is arguably the closest that exists between any two countries in the world. While there is sometimes a competitive advantage or lighthearted jokes being made at the expense of each other, these elements exist in much the same way as between two siblings. Ultimately, there is mutual respect and a bond as strong as any other. These close ties are perhaps best illustrated by the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement, which allows Australians and New Zealanders to migrate freely between Australia and New Zealand.

For years, it was New Zealanders who used this option in greater numbers, as Australia had a better economy, more job opportunities and a more exciting cultural life. In recent years, however, this role has been reversed, with more Australians choosing to make the switch rather than the other way around. This is most likely due to New Zealand’s booming economy and political stability. Plus, the fact that it has some beautiful scenery doesn’t hurt. As a result, it is necessary to be able to transfer money between the two countries with relative ease. You might even be surprised how often the money is sent this way.

Why are so many Australians sending money to New Zealand?

As a result of this close relationship, it makes sense that transferring money from Australia to New Zealand is in high demand. There are about 70,000 Australians live in New Zealand permanently, so money transfer fees and exchange rates play a big part in the lives of those expats. Individuals are always looking for the cheapest way to transfer money from Australia to New Zealand, and this should come as no surprise. While banks have long been the obvious choice for many, money transfer services are fast becoming the best option for Australians looking to send money to New Zealand.

One reason to send money is when buying property in New Zealand. The difference in real estate payments fees between a traditional bank and an independent money transfer service can literally be thousands of dollars. With so many people who want to know how transfer money to NZ for cheap, we decided to put together this article to highlight the five best ways. So, without further ado, let’s get started…


Send was only founded in 2017 but has quickly established itself as one of Australia’s preferred money transfer services. Send focuses exclusively on Foreign Currency (FX) and international transfers, meaning when you use their services, you know they care about you.

Compared to traditional banks, they offer better exchange rates, faster transfer times, free transactions and a dedicated account manager. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to create an account as it only takes a matter of minutes to get started.

Currency Direct

Currency Direct have been around since 1996 and process over £7.5 billion a year. They offer excellent bank-beating exchange rates and zero transfer fees, which is enough to grab everyone’s attention.

Plus, they pride themselves on their expert customer support and provide comprehensive guidance whether you’re transferring money online, over the phone, or through their app.


In addition to offering fantastic exchange rates, OFX have a number of other benefits that have made it a popular choice among Australians transferring money. For example, they allow you to lock in your currency rates for up to 12 months, meaning you can create cash flow certainty and plan for the future without the risk of a sudden change in the market.

Plus, they offer 24/7 customer support, so no matter what time or day it is, you know you can talk to someone right away. Both result in OFX a great choice for those who like peace of mind when it comes to their financial transactions.

World first

world first’The main goal is to make international business payments as easy as possible.

For those who choose to use World first services, they have the option to open one or more accounts in local currency, all for free. This allows their users to manage all their money and FX transfers in one location.

XE Money Transfer

And last but not least, XE Money Transfer, one of the most prominent money transfer services in the world. While there are many benefits to using XE Money Transferthere are two that we would like to mention in particular.

First, they operate in over 200 countries and support over 130 currencies, so it will be hard to find that you can’t use their services. Second, they are known for their ability to send money quickly and easily. They offer instant money transfers with a maximum delay of just two hours. In modern times this is a necessity for some people.

it comes down to

The reason why so many Australians are moving away from traditional banks and using money transfer services is simple, they provide the best way to transfer money from Australia to New Zealand.

Whether it’s exchange rates, customer service, billing and transaction fees, or user satisfaction, traditional banks simply can’t compete with what’s on offer. Finally, both Australia and New Zealand have embraced the digital age and it’s no surprise, then, that newer money transfer methods are preferred over traditional banks.


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