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The 3 Best Web Hosting Providers of 2023

Jason fell
Jason fell
Last updated: February 24, 2023, 8:46 PM

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If your target audience includes Generation X or younger, a website is a must to gain their trust as a legitimate business, provide the information they’re trying to research at the top of the sales funnel, and grab their attention from your competitors.

Here are the top three web hosting providers based on value and features offered, so you can get ahead and stay current in an increasingly e-commerce and media-influenced market.

In the past, the internet was seen as a luxury item that was only available to a select few. In modern times, it has become an absolute necessity. The The UN General Assembly passed a resolution to declare it “a human right”. in 2016. The resolution was non-binding, making it unenforceable. However, the symbolic gesture illustrated the importance of the internet for ordinary people.

You miss out on a lot of benefits by staying analog in a digital world. You must use one of the best web hosting services to create your website.

Which web hosting providers are the best?

The first step in launching your website is building it. You should start with a quality website builder and design your website before considering hosting providers – the services that store the data on your site and make sure your site can be discovered online.

After creating your website, here are the three best website hosting platforms you should look into first:

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting does the secure location needed to store online content. Every website consists of a series of codes, texts, images, hyperlinks, images, videos and more. This information must be secured and stored somewhere, otherwise it will be impossible to access it consistently.

Without good web hosting, your website would have many problems. The site would take a long time to load, crash constantly and behave erratically. Your website visitors will expect a lot from it. The last thing they want to deal with is these problems. It can make them frustrated and give a false impression of your company.

Web hosting options

You have two hosting options to avoid such problems with your website:

The first is web server hosting, try to run your web hosting locally. You can store the website information on a PC or a server. While these actions are technically possible, they can be tricky when it comes to adequate storage, maintenance, and security. You may want to reconsider this option if you’re new to web hosting responsibilities.

The second option is to using a third-party cloud-based web hosting service. These hosting services store all the information about your website on their servers. By doing this, they can protect it from hackers, maintain encryption properly, and provide customer support teams for you. In addition, these often offer virtual private server (VPN) apps, automatic backups, live chat support, daily backups, plugins, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are not many web hosting companies that offer their services for free, but the paid web hosting plans are still cheaper and more convenient than just hosting.

Why web hosting is important

The UN wouldn’t be proven right for a few years when the global coronavirus pandemic hit. About 90 percent of Americans said the Internet was “essential or important.” during the pandemic. The internet was able to keep people working and communicating with each other. The economy and society survived the worst of the pandemic, mainly thanks to the internet.

It cannot be stressed enough how important the internet is in the modern world. People use the internet for hours every day and trillions of dollars are spent on online shopping. Despite these incredible statistics, roughly 28 percent of small businesses don’t have a working website. It is impossible to calculate how much revenue these companies lose by not having an online presence.

If you own one of these companies, you should start building your website immediately. Just like a WordPress site, free website hosting offers free domain names and easy WordPress installation. WordPress websites are functional and great for small businesses or startups taking their first steps; however, paying for hosting services gives you access to many crucial features.

Build a website to give your business a strong online presence

The world is so heavily dependent on the internet that internet access is now considered a human right. By not having a website for your business, you are severely limiting its growth potential. A modern business with no website is the 1980s equivalent of not being in the phone book, not having any marketing campaigns, removing the open sign from your physical location, and turning off all the lights.

Building a website may sound a bit overwhelming, but it’s much easier than you probably think. There are tons of high-quality website builders out there that can help you design the perfect web page for your business. With these options, you can build a website in a matter of weeks. With content management systems and SEO optimization, it is achievable to get your site high in the SERP rankings, which can take your online store to another level.

Your company is already a bit behind the times without a website. Don’t fall further behind by putting off the inevitable any longer.

After building your website, you need to select one of the web hosting providers from the list above. They can guide you through the final steps and take care of the rest. It’s that simple. Before you know it, your website will be launched and you’ll have officially moved your business into the digital age. The hard part is over and you can focus on attracting as many customers to your business as possible.

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