Startup Muster is making a comeback – and wants to know what questions you want answered

One of the most important roadmaps for Australia’s startup industry returns after a five-year hiatus, with Startup Muster once again seeking the pulse of the local ecosystem.

UTS startups director of entrepreneurship Murray Hurps, a driving force behind Startup Master between 2014 and 208, Adam Spencer, producer of the podcast series History of the Aussie Startup Ecosystem, has recruited as Survey Coordinator for the 2023 edition.

“Adam’s passion for and connection to the Australian startup ecosystem is second to none, and I know many will enjoy the chance to reconnect with him,” said Hurps.

The Atlassian Foundation and the NSW Government, through Investment NSW, are providing the rocket fuel for the national research to take off again.

The free, independent report will shed light on the progress of Australian startups, as well as the challenges and opportunities they face, especially in the wake of Covid-19.

Hurps said this valuable data will help drive startup support, investment and entrepreneurial activity.

“Our startup ecosystem has been blind for too long — better data enables better decisions, and Startup Muster is focused on delivering that data,” he said.

“There are certain types of entrepreneurial crop that are suited to Australia’s economic climate – understanding what that crop is so that it can be planted and cultivated is critical.

“From 2014 to 2018, Startup Muster was the largest survey of the Australian startup ecosystem. After four years of trying to bring back this free resource, I’m pleased to say I’m relaunching Startup Muster across Australia thanks to the support of the Atlassian Foundation and the NSW Government.

The new report is released Oct. 30, five years after the last report, which was an essential industry guide for the government, investors and many others.

But for starters, Spencer will look at which questions need to be answered.

People have until June 12 to submit questions to add questions. That may be so ready here.

Spencer said some of the issues they plan to look at include:

  • How does a startup founder’s experience compare today to 2018?
  • What areas are they focusing on today versus 2018?
  • What’s different about their challenges?
  • What is different about their plans and concerns?
  • What is different about the support organizations and funding sources they use?
  • Which skills are most important to them today and which are the hardest to adopt?
  • How has the demographic composition changed?
  • How has the use of technology changed?

Murray Hurps said they are also looking for additional support to complete the survey, and would love to hear from organizations interested in sponsoring a question.

“Keep October 30 on your calendar — five years since the last report was published, some champagne will pop and some insights will fall,” he said.

Steve King of the Atlassian Foundation said Startup Muster will be an important snapshot of how the startup ecosystem is tracking after the disruptors were disrupted by Covid.

“I believe whether you’re for profit, for a cause, or both, business can be a force for good and social change,” he said.

“This highly independent report represents the intent and desire of the entire ecosystem and will help us all understand how we can support each other as we set out to leave the world better than we found it.”