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SpyTrac Alternatives


Cell phone monitoring software such as SpyTrac provides comprehensive features to ensure that the devices are used safely. The software sounds like it would be suitable for both personal and business use. With

If you choose TiSPY, you will be able to keep an eye on your children, and you will be kept informed of their daily activities. In addition to its comprehensive design and numerous features, this top-notch tool is the best option for ensuring safe smartphone use. Children will be completely in charge of what they do.

It is possible to track someone who uses WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, or any other instant messaging app. TiSPY, with its AI-based algorithm, automatically detects adult content on screens having proper notifications in place. The scheduler is very easy to use, and you can schedule screen, audio, and photos that you take with a camera. Among the rich features are call tracking, auto screen recording, MMS tracking, Gmail tracking, one-click access to websites, web history tracking, daily email alerts, KIK tracking, view current location, check sender’s details, and more to come.

#2 Best Free Keylogger

With Best Free Keylogger, you can monitor your children and employees. Businesses are able to track employee activity during the day to prevent any misuse of internet and computers. Children can be supervised in order to avoid excessive use. A responsive and transparent user interface allows you to see all the monitored details and make easy changes.

By using this software, you are able to track everything that you need, such as keystrokes, internet activity, clipboard activity, and more. You can capture screenshots at set intervals while monitoring local application usage. There is some sumptuous feature for you that include HTML reports, invisible mode, automatic log clearance, application bloclearing, application blocking, time-limited internet access, advanced filtering, smart read filter, encrypted log files, schedule monitoring

#3 iSpyoo

It is one of the leading monitoring applications software that will protect your children, friends, and others from the negative effects of excessive smartphone usage.use this application for business purposes as well as to track employee activity during the day to avoid any misuse of mobile phones. The software is the way to go for the parents, those who want to control their children, and it provides you complete details of where they are and what they are doing with location support.

Through iSpyoo, all information on the mobile device is saved on the device that has an online account. There will be no data breaches with this application. An online login is needed to access the monitored phone’s information. You can use the phone tracking location, SMS tracker, spy phone calls, surround recording, multimedia, note taking functions, security and controls online, web browsing history, invisible running mode, and more.

#4 Copy9

Copy9 is one of the most advanced monitoring software applications on the market. It offers a straightforward way to track information on a mobile device. By using the software, parents and employers can make sure that the mobile is not misused. Copy9 has a separate user control panel where the details of all the messages, whether sent, received, or deleted, are displayed.

Would you like to know the location of the phone, the texts, and the calls? Copy9 is the right software for you if you need state-of-the-art functionalities and features. The entire web history can be viewed easily and everything about the sites that are currently active can be seen. Among the many features of the software are viewing call log details, GPS tracking, viewing multimedia files, social media, recording calls, and surroundings, access control, calendar, auto-answer, key logger, viewing notes contents, and more to choose from.

#5 RioSPY

With RioSPY, you can monitor and track any cell phone at any time. Several Android and iPhone applications as well as tablets can be tracked with this software. With RioSPY, you can access the entire history of your contacts and media files that are stored on your devices. In addition to making sure safe internet usage, the software allows parents to monitor their children’s mobile activity during the day.

RioSPY has an online account, and users can access this account from their respective smartphones in order to view all spied data. There are a number of valuable features included, such as access to history, remote control, auto-answer, monitoring of instant messengers, photo tracking, access to phone books, SMS tracking, viewing call history, and tracking phone location. Moreover, RioSPY is a valuable tool to have as far as monitoring, tracking, backing up, and protecting data is concerned on any smartphone.

#6 SpyToApp

SpyToApp is a feature-rich monitoring and tracking application that allows users to track the activities of any device to prevent overuse or misuse. Both at home and at work, the tool has proven to be effective, as it allows parents to control their children’s excessive use of mobile devices. While in business, monitor employees’ activities, and this will ensure productive results. This state-of-the-art application software is completely remained hidden on the phone’s application, and it gathers every bit of the data from the phone; even the messages that are deleted are stored within the software.

The phone can also locate the location that you want to monitor. All you have to do is log on from your PC or wireless device and you can access the information you want. The program has a wide range of features, such as screen recording, spying WhatsApp messages, and call recording, monitoring web activities, reading emails, accessing contact details, and tracking text messages.

#7 TheOneSpy

Parents can control their children’s overuse of mobile devices whether they are at home or at work with TheOneSpy, a leading parental control and employee monitoring software. Parents can use the software to monitor the online activities of their children and identify the websites that contain adult content and directly block them. A separate web portal allows you to track all outbound, inbound, and missed conversations of the targeted device from anywhere.

Using the software, you can invisibly extract valuable data from the cell phone without creating any doubt in the minds of others that you are taking the data. Its endless possibilities to protect professional data from unauthorized users also make TheOneSpy a gem. Multiple features are available, including a TOS web portal, live streaming, live visuals of targets, VOID call history, password revealing, keylogging support, monitoring social messaging, remotely capturing a screenshot, geo-fencing, alerts, and many more.

#8 KidInSafe

KidInSafe is a secure and reliable monitoring software that comes with incredible features that allow you to track professionally across social media, phone activity, call logs, and much more. Through the software, parents can track their children’s mobile activity and identify what they are using. Track their web browsing activity and the system will notify you if they are viewing adult content.

With a screen recorder, you can see what they are doing as well as record calls and messages to know what they are talking about. There is now also the possibility of finding their position at the right time. KidsInSafe provides you with every bit of information about the target device, including the contact details – everything you need to log in through the mobile device. This application includes a variety of features, including monitoring call logs, monitoring messages, taking screenshots, viewing photos and videos, reviewing battery history, and more.

#9 EvaSpy

Easy-to-use activity monitoring software application, EvaSpy provides detailed information about the target device’s usage. You can track all the famous instant messengers about the messages and media sent or received, and even the deleted messages can be tracked with ease with this sumptuous application.

Advanced user activity monitoring software allows you to keep an eye on your device, which helps you avoid overusing it. Logging into a secure online account gives you access to all the details. It will take no time to install, and you can record all keystrokes, social networks, chats, running applications, and frequently visited websites after installation. In addition to Geolocation support, queue history, access blocking, call logs, contact list, keylogging support, and view media library, there are more features to come.

#10 MSpyPlus

It is a powerful monitoring and tracking software that comes with state-of-the-art functionality to keep everything under control. It provides comprehensive information about browsing the websites and sending and receiving messages. Are you looking for lavish monitoring software? Then MSpyPlus is the right option for you as it allows you to monitor all instant messengers.

It is equally useful for monitoring your employees’ activities through cell phone tracking. You can choose from a variety of features, including recording screens, recording calls, accessing call logs, blocking incoming calls, transparently viewing media, capturing screenshots, and more.

#11 Logskit

Logskit is a trusted android monitoring software that provides comprehensive reports about the target device. With the help of an internet connection, the powerful tracking software primarily extracts logs from smartphones that are send to the Logskit application. You can view the text messages that have been sent or received or view those that have been deleted using Logskit.

The application is one of the most popular spy applications because it allows GPS tracing, which provides you with information about the exact location either current or historical. The application has other awesome features such as browsing activities on the visited site, recording calls, viewing photos, transparent call log details, screen recording, and more. Download the application, register the phone, adjust settings, and then log into the activities section to get started with the application.

#12 OgyMogy

As a powerful parental control software and PC monitoring application, OgyMogy has been known for its comprehensive monitoring capabilities to remotely control any device. In terms of preventing overuse and misuse of the application, the software looks like a good option. Parents can keep an eye on their children to ensure their safe use of the internet, and if any sensitive content is opened by their children, they will be notified automatically, and they can block it right away.

It is possible to monitor the websites your child visits as well as block apps on which your child spends a lot of time. As a parent, you can also record device screens, so you can monitor your child’s mobile usage in full detail. The rich features include an easy-to-use interface, complete geolocation support, the ability to access call logs, track calls, and messages, extract contact information, report cards, record live phone calls, record keystrokes, and more.

#13 Kids Tracker

Kids Tracker is a comprehensive mobile tracking application that has been widely used by parents to monitor ethically how their children use smartphones. Parents can track their children’s activity on the internet, and if they find sensitive content there, they can block the website instantly. In addition, GPS navigation will let them track their information.

You can use the software to read secret messages sent over popular instant messengers, and you can even access deleted messages. With Kids Tracker, you have access to an agile tracking system that’s always up-to-date. You’ll receive updates every five minutes. Multiple features are offered, including SMS tracking, location tracking, Skype tracking, GEO fencing, call record monitoring, call tracking, screen recording, and more.

#14 Spyic

One of the most popular online monitoring software, Spyic provides a number of useful features and tools that help ensure safe usage of mobile phones. Mobile tracking software is a reliable way for parents to ensure that their children are not wasting their time on the internet or other time-consuming activities. You can keep track of your children and employees with tracking messages, screen recordings, and GPS tracking.

With Spyic’s message tracking service, you can discover if your child is under any threat, whether it’s through text messages, I-Messages, or social media. Track calls, stealth mode, track website history, track SIM location, check call durations, check contacts, responsive dashboard, access call logs, and more are some of the most prominent features of Spyic. Moreover, Spyic seems like a legit option that is not only good for parents but can also be used to monitor employees and ensure their safety.

#15 Mobile Spy

Using Mobile Spy, you can keep track of the various activities taking place on the device so as to prevent the over and miss-use of it, whether in the office or at home. Tracking software allows parents to keep track of their children’s internet activities and be able to see what they are doing on the internet. The software has blocking features; if you find something time-wasting and sensitive, you can block it instantly.

Because the software works invisibly on devices, no one is aware that it is tracking them. The software also provides you with comprehensive reports about the activities, such as messaging details, call records, messages, and everything else. A variety of features are available, such as real-time controls, log delivery information, sim details, lock devices, alerts & notifications, GPS location tracking, browsing history, media file access, Gmail monitoring, keylogging, and remote settings.

SpyTrac, you can monitor up to five android devices simultaneously. It provides a live control panel and is compatible with all android devices.

By using GPS, the software is able to provide very accurate location tracking. You can prevent your children from running or seeing sensitive content, and you can blacklist things that take up a lot of their time. Several features are available to you, including text message monitoring, call monitoring, web and social media tracking, alert support, contact list access, photo and video monitoring, application blocking, remote control, detailed reports, and much more.

#1 TiSPY

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