For TikTok’s ‘Dirty Text’ challenge, here are 35 sexts to send your crush in public

Your partner may be driven crazy by sexts, but in a good way.

If you haven’t checked out the TikTok trend where someone sends their significant other a dirty text to capture their reaction, do it because it’s hilarious.

Someone’s sexual energy can really be sparked by a horny text. Consider it as a form of foreplay that will boost your sexual life. By sending naughty messages back and forth and leaving just enough to their imagination, you leave your partner wanting and begging for more.

There is no greater power than making your loved one squirm with desire. It can’t be just me who loves it, can it? Since I’m spilling all the secrets without texting him, I know my boyfriend will be jealous.

You can drive your partner crazy with sexts, in a good way, of course.

There is always a way to express your inner desires, whether you’re descriptive and lay it all out or if you’d prefer to be subtle and insinuate the seduction with a flirty text. Depending on your audience, some will jump into the action right away, while others prefer to be lured in. Do not hold back your horniness if you want to get a wild reaction. Feel free to elaborate as much as you want. Just write down exactly what you want without thinking too much.

Getting started with sexting can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, that’s why I’m here. There are some that can be pretty intense and you can always make them naughtier.

Here are 35 texts that will make your partner blush, sweat, and twirl their legs:

1. Take my clothes off and grab me

2. Allow me to sit on your face

3. I’m craving you right now 

4. Kiss me all over as you push me against a wall 

5. Would you like to do me the dirtiest thing?

6. Make me scream your name while you tie me up to the bed 

7. Let’s go to bed now, you and me 

8. It’s awesome how hard/wet you get

9. Spread my legs out on the counter and pick me up 

10. When you treat me (this way) I love it

11. Making you a member is my goal

12. So I have to take a personal day off tomorrow because you screwed me all night 

13. Trying to pay attention to what people are saying, but all I can think about is what I want to do to you tonight

14. It will be wonderful to feel you inside me/to be inside of you

15. I would like you to hurt me tonight in an unspeakable way

16. Let’s dominate each other

17. Are you soaked/hard right now?

18. Imagine me naked and then imagine me atop you. How would it feel?

19. I want to be with you

20. Make me laugh all night long 

21. FYI: I don’t wear underwear

22. It’s time to break the bed tonight 

23. Your body tasted so good to me

24. Thinking of you makes me wet/hard

25. My mind has been daydreaming about what I’d like to do to you tonight

26. My lips are itching to feel yours

27. Your hands are so desperately needed right now that you can’t even imagine how badly I need them. 

28. Once I reach your sweet spot, I will kiss your neck and trail my lips down your stomach

30. Your hard, pulsating dick/wet, sweet pussy appeals to me

30. Do you want to see me kneeling?

31. Let me wrap my legs around your neck as I take my pants off with your teeth 

32. Good cop or bad cop? I’ll handcuff you

33. Last night I masturbated to the thought of you, and now I can’t escape your presence

34. The first step. Let’s go. Next. Let’s go to bed. Next. Let’s get naked

35. My goal tonight is to make you lose your mind, so I will take my time


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