Seagate’s pricey Xbox storage expansion cards are finally getting price cuts

The pricey Seagate expansion cards for Xbox Series X/S have finally received a much-needed price cut. The official Xbox Twitter account announced that the current selection of 512GB, 1TB and 2TB memory cards are from Seagate now available at a lower price of $89.99, $149.99 and $279.99 respectively. This effectively takes the recent reduced selling prices of the cards and converts them into actual price reductions, which should soon be reflected in all retailers who carry them.

While these prices are still a bit high compared to other non-proprietary forms of SSD storage, it’s still a nice drop from $80 on the 2TB and $50 on the 1TB and 512GB (if you you can even find the latter in stock somewhere). Of course, we’re now two and a half years into the current generation, and the PlayStation 5’s more universal approach to add-on SSD storage means owners can take advantage of much lower prices (it’s fairly easy to pick up a PS5-compatible M .2 1TB SSD for about $70).

Hopefully, this means the Xbox expansion cards will eventually get even bigger discounts when big sales events come along like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and especially when competing cards become available.