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Saveig Alternatives


Saveig is an easy-to-use online downloader for Instagram that lets you download and save photos, IGTV videos, and videos from IG to your devices. By selecting the desired post, clicking on the top-right menu, selecting “Copy Link”, and pasting the URL into the URL box, Saveig will provide the download link. Saveig is compatible with all web browsers on PC, Mobile, and Tablet. The website provides all the instructions to help everyone learn the procedure and grab the content from Instagram without issues. It abides by the privacy rules and doesn’t save the media on its servers. There is also no need to create an account or install any software to use the tool.


Users can watch IGTV videos created by their favorite content creators right at their fingertips with Instagram TV, a social app by Instagram. The discover section allows you to find content creators and videos so that you can add them to your following list.

You can also customize the app to view IGTV videos according to your preferences. IGTV videos can be automatically uploaded to Instagram via the built-in camera. Apply filters to your newly captured videos to edit them according to your needs.

You can also follow your favorite content creators by using the search bar in the IGTV app to get notifications about all new videos they release.

#2 Video Downloader For instagram

YouTube Video Downloader For Instagram is a fantastic mobile application that allows you to save Instagram videos and images within seconds. Using the app, you can download Instagram content and repost it on Vine, Instagram timeline, and other social networks. Downloading videos and images from private Instagram accounts requires logging into your Instagram account. Manage your Instagram photos/videos and create a list of your favorite Instagram videos with this app.

Instagram data and content can be stored in folders without user identification. The Video Downloader for Instagram app includes excellent features such as the ability to watch Instagram videos online, save videos to watch them later (offline), and manage downloaded Instagram photos and videos. The app also allows you to create a list of favorite videos, download Instagram stories/highlights, and store Insta content in a folder. Furthermore, the app provides high-quality downloads of Instagram highlights, stories, and videos.

#3 Instant Save

Using Instant Save, you can download videos and photos from Instagram to view them later, as well as repost them directly on Instagram from your phone. Reposting an image or video to Instagram does not require a watermark.

Instant Save – HD photo downloader for Instagram also comes up with features to help users in copying and adding captions to their new images and videos in a variety of different styles. By editing existing hashtags and adding new ones, you can make your posts more popular without doing a lot.

In addition to downloading videos, Instant Save has a video player built into the app that lets users view them in a loop. The profiles of other users can also be downloaded in HD quality so that they can be viewed while offline.

#4 Story Save – Story Downloader for Instagram

You can download Instagram stories and highlights from your favorite Instagram content creators with the Story Save – Story Downloader for Instagram app. The mobile phone’s internal storage can be used to save photos and videos in optimal resolution.

If you enter your favorite Instagrammer’s name into the app’s search bar, you will be able to download their highlights and stories without any effort. When you select a profile, you will be able to see all the highlights and stories. From the file manager, users can manage their downloaded files and share them on other social platforms.

With Story Save – Story Downloader for Instagram you can also download highlights and stories from private Instagram accounts by logging into your Instagram account. You can also copy tags, captions, as well as can only download the image in the desired resolution.

#5 Story Saver for Instagram – Story Assistant

In the Story Saver for Instagram – Story Assistant app, users can find and save their favorite stories both from Instagram and Facebook so they can view them whether they are online or not.

There is a feature on the app that allows you to bookmark any Facebook or Instagram account so you can access it later. A media player in the app lets you view videos and images before downloading them. Posts can also be bookmarked for later viewing.

Story Saver for Instagram – Story Assistant has features that allow you to tap on a profile to see all the downloaded media at a glance. Users can track their downloaded files easily using the history section.

#6 Story Saver for Instagram – Story Downloader

You can easily save and repost stories, posts, images, and IGTV videos with the Story Saver for Instagram – Story Downloader app. Its interface features a search bar that allows you to look for the desired profile and posts. By using bulk downloading features, all of the content can be downloaded at once.

You can download multimedia content for offline viewing and sharing with friends and family through other social media platforms. In addition, it allows users to log in to their Instagram accounts so they can download content from private Instagram accounts as well.

A built-in video player is also featured within the Story Saver for Instagram – Story Downloader app, so you can watch Instagram videos at a glance. Various sections of a profile, such as feed, story, and IGTV, can be accessed by tapping on a profile.

#7 Super Save – Video Downloader for Instagram

Super Save – Video Downloader for Instagram is a social media app that lets you download high-quality videos and photos from Instagram straight to your phone’s gallery. In order to download IGTV content, you don’t have to log into your Instagram account.

You can either download images from the app to your phone or you can add them to a bookmark section to view and download them later. Within the downloads section, users can access all the downloaded images and videos at their fingertips.

Using Super Save – Video Downloader for Instagram, you can copy hashtags and captions from your favorite Instagram posts so you can use them in your new posts to gain more popularity. The user can add a watermark in any color and in any location.

#8 Story Saver App — Stories & Highlights Downloader

Using Story Saver App – Stories & Highlights Downloader, you can sign in to your Instagram and Facebook accounts so you can manage your posts right at your fingertips. By tapping on the profile of their favorite Instagram content creators, users can download photos and videos.

Using the app, you can download your favorite videos and images without much effort in three simple steps. Users can also manage as many Instagram accounts as they want.

The Story Saver App — Stories & Highlights Downloader app offers users a straight-forward interface that provides easy access to the search bar and side panel. To download and view profiles and posts later, you can save them in the bookmark section.

#9 in Grabber

This app by Prilaga.com allows users to view, save, and share their Instagram posts, stories, highlights, and IGTV videos. Captions and hashtags can be viewed before downloading and reposting videos and images.

Additionally, you can download high-resolution profile pictures of your favorite Instagram content creators with the app. Users can also copy and share links to their favorite posts through a variety of social media platforms.

Grabber allows you to search for a desired Instagram photo or video based on hashtags, profiles, and captions. You can also sort downloaded videos and images according to download date, name, or size for continent viewing, Users can add filters to images and can mute the sound of videos.

#10 InstantSave Video & image downloader for Instagram

The InstantSave Video & Image Downloader for Instagram app by Social-Save allows users to save videos and images from Instagram to the internal storage of their mobile devices so that they can access them while offline. All the downloaded data can also be shared with friends and family members via various social media platforms.

Using the app, you can read comments left by other users on all your posts and reply to them. Users can tap on the download button in order to save the profile picture in high resolution.

InstantSave Video & Image Downloader for the Instagram app allows users to download videos and images from Instagram along with information about their accounts, such as likes, followers, shares, and comments. In the profile section, you can also view the total number of posts and the number of accounts you follow.

#11 Super Save – Photo & Video Download for Instagram

Super Save – Photo & Video Download for Instagram adds features that enable users to save media files to their phones without having to sign in to their Instagram accounts. High-quality files can be downloaded and viewed with ease.

As you download data from a profile, you can track its name, captions, and hashtags in the history section. It enables users to sort downloaded files on the basis of date, name, and size.

The Super Save – Photo & Video Download for Instagram app allows you to repost images and videos again to Instagram with the same captions and hashtags without adding watermarks. Users can also download a larger version of their favorite images to view them in detail.

#12 Video Downloader for Instagram & IGTV

Using Video Downloader for Instagram & IGTV, you can copy the link of an Instagram photo, video, highlight, or story, so that it can be automatically downloaded by posting the link in the search bar. The app enables users to set high-resolution images as wallpapers as well as share them again on Instagram using the same hashtags.

Video players are provided in the app for users to watch videos whether they are online or offline, as well as options to pause, skip, and stop playback. An interactive dashboard provides options to edit, delete, and share images.

With Video Downloader for Instagram & IGTV, users are provided with a built-in photo editor that allows them to edit images according to their preferences. If you want to download multiple photos or videos at once, you can use the batch download feature.

#13 Repost For Instagram – Share Photos & Videos

Share Photos & Videos on Instagram – Repost is an app by lite apps that allows you to repost images and videos without adding watermarks and with the same captions and hashtags to gain more exposure on Instagram.

Users can easily access the app’s stories, URLs, timeline, profiles, likes, and posts using the simple interface. By opening Instagram, you can directly paste the link as well as copy it to paste on the download bar.

By tapping on the history section, users can view all the stories, photos, and videos that have recently been downloaded for deleting or reposting.

#14 Status Saver for WhatsApp

The WhatsApp Status Saver app allows users to save their WhatsApp status to their phone’s internal storage so they can view them after 24 hours. You can enable or disable push notifications from the settings section to receive notifications about any new WhatsApp status updates.

Videos, images, or GIFs are sorted by format in the app. It offers access to a variety of different sections, including Business status, settings, and other statuses.

There is a help section in Status Saver for WhatsApp where you can find answers to all your questions regarding how to download and manage statuses. Upon tapping a file, you will have the option of saving it, reposting it, setting it as wallpaper, or deleting it.

#15 Video downloader for Instagram 2020 – Repost IG

It allows you to batch download videos and IGTV videos from Instagram for offline viewing using the Repost IG app. You can also see the number of images and videos downloaded in a single session in the history section.

The app includes a history section that lets you manage downloaded files and keep track of your social life. You can tap on your profile to view details such as your name, likes, comments, and followers count.

Video downloader for Instagram 2020 – Repost IG app features a how-to section where you can learn how to download images and videos from Instagram. It’s home screen has buttons for downloading and viewing your history.

#16 HD Downloader And Repost App for Instagram

An automatic story saver app, HD Downloader and Repost App for Instagram is designed to help you save content from any Instagram content creator’s profile at your fingertips. By tapping on the refresh button, users can refresh the download folder in order to find any recently downloaded images or videos.

It offers a straightforward interface with a search bar so you can find your favorite Instagrammer and download their content with the same caption and hashtag. Instagram users can share images and videos via direct posts, timeline posts, and stories.

You can get accurate information about the desired profile with HD Downloader and Repost App for Instagram, such as the most popular post, the total number of followers, and the number of likes, etc.

#17 Instagram Downloader Photos Videos Repost HD Save

The Instagram Downloader Photos Videos Repost HD Save app allows users to store as many images and videos as they like to their mobile phones, so they can share them with their friends through various social media platforms.

You can download videos and images with the app in the desired resolution, so you don’t have to worry about storage space. Downloaded content can be saved in a variety of folders for easy access.

You can access the gallery and download sections of the Instagram Downloader Photos Videos Repost HD Save app through its straightforward interface. Adding favorite images and videos to a favorites list allows users to view them later.

#18 Photos & Videos Saver for Instagram

Photos & Videos Saver for Instagram is an app by Nice Apps studio that allows you to save and repost full-size, high-quality images and videos to Instagram without adding watermarks. Other social media platforms can also be used to share them.

In order to increase your fan following, you can copy hashtags and captions from the original post to add to your own post. There are several sections of the app, including feeds, stories, and IGTV.

With Photos & Videos Saver for Instagram, users can download images and videos from private Instagram accounts while logged in to their Instagram account. Videos and images can be viewed at a glance using the built-in video player.

#19 InstaSaver: Instagram Repost videos and photos

Users can download photos with their original tags and captions in a few simple steps with Instagram Saver: Instagram Repost videos and photos so they can enjoy them whether they are online or offline. On the profile page, users can see details such as likes, followers, comments, etc.

Users are able to copy the link of the original post so that they can paste it into the search bar to download files using this app. Instagram lets you read the description of each image and save photos with their original descriptions.

You can also download the profile picture of your favorite Instagram content creator with InstagramSaver: Instagram Repost videos and photos. Accessing Instagram, the History section, and your profile is possible through its interface. More than one account can be added and managed simultaneously.

#20 Video downloader for Instagram 2020

By logging into your Instagram account, the video downloader for Instagram 2020 app allows you to view details such as how many followers, likes, comments, and most popular posts you have. Users can also manage their Instagram accounts directly from their smartphones.

Users can download multimedia files from Instagram as well as from other social media platforms using this app. In addition, you can manage all your downloaded data in one place without much hassle.

You can save your favorite images and videos in optimal resolution with the Video Downloader for Instagram 2020 app so that friends and family members can enjoy them together. You can sort and view downloaded files based on their name, size, and download date.

#21 Repost & Download Story for Instagram

For the Instagram app, Repost & Download Story provides features for collecting pictures and videos from Instagram so users can download and view all their favorite images and videos at a glance. To find out about follow and follower checks on Instagram, you can get a report about a detailed analysis of your profile.

You can access the app’s sections such as home, videos, search, favorites, and profile through the app’s straightforward interface. According to hashtags, usernames, and likes, users can add posts to a favorites list.

You can view all of your recent uploaded videos and images by tapping on the profile section of the Repost & Download Story for Instagram app. Additionally, users can change their profile pictures and usernames.

#22 Story Insta

You can view Instagram stories anonymously using Story Insta, a web-based application. It is a free app that lets you browse through each Instagram profile and download stories with profile pictures in a single click. People and businesses who want to see what is trending on Instagram can use the solution.

The application is easy to use; all you need to do is type in the Instagram profile name and hit the search button. It shows you all the results within a second, and you can open each one without restriction. Story Insta also available to use on mobile devices that offer lots of new tools and features.

#23 SaverGram for Instagram

You can download your favorite Instagram photos and videos using SaverGram for Instagram, which is a free mobile application. It features all the same services as izoomYou.com with some new features that make it one-stop shop. Any Instagram profile picture can be found, viewed, and downloaded in its entirety using this tool.

Using the application, you can also boost your stories with just a click and increase your followers. Among the best features of this application is the fact that it gives you tools to make an interesting and attractive Instagram story before sharing it with others. Logging in with your Instagram account is the only requirement, and after successful login, you will be able to access all tools and features.

#24 Instadp Downloaders

Using Instagram Downloaders, you can view the Instagram profile pictures of any Instagram user in full HD resolution. With just one click you can view and download any Instagram cover photo in full size. Its best feature is that it allows users to view and download DPS, even private Instagram profiles, making it better than others.

Viewing is free and registration is not required. Enter the name of your Instagram account into the search box and click the search button. You can open any of the accounts without any limits within a matter of seconds after it shows you all the results. Instadp Downloaders can also view and download Instagram stories, photos, videos, and other related media from Instagram.

#25 Xprofile

Through Xprofile, an app by S&Z apps, you can get detailed statistics and analyses about your Instagram fan following right on your mobile device. You can also see who liked your stories, videos, and images so you can follow them back.

By providing statistics on the basis of content categories, including popular, least popular, new and old, the app helps users to understand their fans. By tapping on a profile, you can see whether a person is following you or not so that you can unfollow them.

On a weekly, monthly, and daily basis, Xprofile provides an analysis of various attributes, such as the number of followers, likes, and views on stories, so you can share content accordingly.

#26 izoomYou.com

You can view and download dps from any Instagram account using izoomYou.com, one of the most widely used tools. There is a comprehensive tool for those who want to download the profiles, images, posts, and stories of others in full HD quality. It will show you all the Instagram results if you enter the Instagram name into its search results. It is free to open and browse each account.

In addition, you can view images, watch videos, and download content with just one click using the application. It is also possible to highlight stories, add photos, and place comments. IzoomYou.com started out as a simple site, but now it has thousands of users around the world who can download Instagram profile pictures and stories.

#27 InstaDPS

With InstaDPS you can view and download images in full size. As an alternative to izoomYou.com, the application offers almost all the top tools and features to make it a one-stop solution. Using this, you can search, view, and download any Instagram profile picture as well as photos and stories without any hassle.

The app is quite simple and easy to use, and all you need to do is enter the user name into its search box and hit search. This will show you all the similar results within a second, and you can open and explore each one at your leisure. Aside from increasing followers, InstagramDPS allows you to enhance your account with gorgeous posts and much more. There is no charge to use the app, and its service can be accessed worldwide, even on mobile devices.


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