Rolls-Royce completes first tests of ‘pioneering’ greener aircraft engines

Rolls Royce has completed the first tests of its UltraFan demonstration aircraft engine at its factory in Derby, UK.

The tests were conducted using 100% renewable jet fuel (SAF), primarily from waste-based feedstocks, but the company is also exploring options for hybrid electric and hydrogen-powered options.

“The UltraFan demonstrator is a game changer.

UltraFan, which has been in the works for nearly a decade, is designed to demonstrate technologies that can provide greater fuel efficiency for both existing and future aircraft engines, reducing their emissions and increasing durability.

In particular, UltraFan’s technology is slated to offer a 25% fuel efficiency improvement over the company’s first-generation Trent engines, and a 10% efficiency improvement over the Trent XWB – one of the world’s most efficient engines for large aircraft in service.

Rolls Royce UltraFan aircraft engine