#RIPTwitter is trending because it feels like this time is really over

As my colleagues Alex Heath and Mia Sato report, the departure of very important teams leads people who know Twitter well to think it’s only a matter of time before things fall apart. According to the New York Timessome “critical” employees were dragged into meetings with Musk and his advisers, who tried to persuade them to stay as time ticked by.

So if this is the end of Twitter, all you have to do is… tweet about it.

Some people are planning their move to Instagram. Mastodon, MySpace or names even older than thatbut most active messages clearly fall somewhere in the five stages of mourning.

The mood has shifted from denial to allowing room for acceptance and bargaining – and there’s surprisingly little anger.

That’s even true for the man who spent months trying to undo his $44 billion bid before being forced to make amends and skyrocketing. the Go90 scale of doomed services in pursuit of a $7.99 a month pipe dream.

And yes, he tweets through it too.

The microservices are still active enough (for now), so whether it’s an extreme take, risky DM, or just another useless observation, now feels like the time to post that tweet before we all start wasting time elsewhere.

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