Rimac Nevera reaches a top speed of 400 km/h, becoming the fastest production EV in the world

His challenge was to get the perfect access to the straight from the curved parts of the circuit to give the car the best possible chance of making it to V-MAX. As the car emerged from the ramp and was traveling at around 250 km/h, Miro unleashed the full power of the advanced four-motor, Rimac-developed drivetrain and battery pack, catapulting Nevera well into the 400 km/h range.

It wasn’t until Miro had released the accelerator and brought the Nevera safely back to more normal speeds that the news came over the radio. 412 km/h (258 mph) – exactly as simulated many years ago. Fast enough to make Nevera the world record holder for the fastest EV production car and also the fastest car ever recorded Car test Papenburg.

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