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Re: Zero Arc 11 Ends Light Novel Books, Confirms Tappei Nagatsuki in 2022 10th Anniversary Twitter Spaces

Re Zero Emilia Subaru Rem
Fan art of Re:Zero’s Emilia, Subaru and Rem. Pic credit: Ce/Pinterest

The end of Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World isn’t coming out anytime soon, but series creator Tappei Nagatsuki has reaffirmed that Re:Zero Arc 11 will feature the final chapter of the entire web novel.

This problem arose when the author Twitter spaces to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series on April 20, 2022. In the past, Tappei originally planned to end the story with Re:Zero Arc 10, but several years ago, he started making plans for Re:Zero Arc 11 to end the series.

Tappe too confirmed that Re: Zero Arc 1 and the Final Arc, Re:Zero Arc 11, are the main storylines in the series. He also plans a Re:Zero “happy ending” for the story, but he refuses to capture exactly what that means for Subaru, Rem, Emilia, and the other characters (see the article in the link for more details).

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Re Zero Emilia wedding dress
Will a Re:Zero marriage end the whole story in Arc 11? This art of a beautiful bride Emilia comes from the IF story in the game Re: Zero – Lost in Memories. Photo credit: Sega

Re: Zero Arc 7 was mid-March 2022

The writer also mentioned that Re:Zero Arc 7: The Land of the Wolves Arc is only about halfway through Re:Zero Volume 29 at this point. If the novel’s adaptation rate to the novel’s light remains the same, it means dat Re:Zero Arc 7 will be the longest to date with a total of eight volumes.

To put things in perspective, Re:Zero Arc 6 ended its long run on November 5, 2022. Its 90 chapters were adapted into five light new tomes, the last of which came out on December 25, 2020.

As for Re:Zero Arc 7, the release date of Re:Zero Volume 29 was on March 25, 2022. Given that the series has been in the works for 10 years and Tappei’s progress has slowed down in recent years, it is highly likely that the whole story will be more than 50 parts. Let’s hope the end of Re:Zero doesn’t take another 10+ years!

Tappei Nagatsuki Reveals Other Re:Zero Stories and Secrets

Warning: The following contains spoilers.

The Twitter Spaces lasted about two hours, so Tappei got a lot of questions. He also discussed various parts of the Re:Zero lore. For example, The Crazed Prince, the strongest in the Holy Kingdom of Gusteko, is currently incarcerated after killing about 15 or 16 of his siblings.

Re: Zero’s Frederica has rare blood, blood that reacts so strongly to mana that it can captivate dragons. The fan specifically asked if there is another person with rare blood and if that person had already met Subaru. Tappei indicated that other rare-blooded characters exist, and the context of his response could be interpreted to mean that this unknown person has already met Subaru, but it certainly isn’t Garfield, as that detail was confirmed in the Re: Zero side story Golden Siblings.

The writer confirmed that Hector will appear in the light novels/web novel in the future. If you can’t remember who that is, Hector is the wizard of melancholy who chased Echidna to the shrine about 400 years ago and nearly killed Roswaal A Mathers.

When asked if Bard Liliana Masquerade and Noble Guardian Archi Elior would be active again in the future, Tappei indicated that Liliana would return in the future, although she probably won’t play as big a role as in Re:Zero Arc 5. As for Archi, Tappei said the answer was a spoiler, which isn’t surprising considering the elven warrior supposedly died protecting young Emilia.

Tappei also discussed how the first emperor of Vollachia befriended a tyrant and Reid Astrea. This red-haired man was the first Sword Saint to play a part in sealing the Witch of Envy 400 years ago. Reid is first mentioned in anime episode 48 and Reid’s soul is featured in Re:Zero Arc 6, which will likely not be modified until Re:Zero Season 4.

According to Tappei, the Witch Cult was not originally a bad organization. The Witch Faith was co-founded about 400 years ago by Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti out of respect for Satella. It originally operated on the church philosophy of which Guese was a member, but over time the Witchcraft Faith was distorted into a bad cult as a result of new members and leadership changes.

The author said that if he gets the chance to further explore the origins of the Witch Cult, he will write about it. If he can’t do that in the main story, he thinks about writing a Side Story about the Witch Cult.

Tappei also revealed that his favorite chapter titles from Arc 6 are Good Loser and Shaula. For Shaula’s nominated chapter, he also thought Tomorrow’s Tomorrow would be a good title, but in the end he just chose her name.


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