One of Australia’s top doctors has criticized the removal of face masks at airports, saying it helps promote COVID-19 transmission in Victoria.

dr. Roderick McRae, Victorian president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), said cold weather and the recent lifting of such restrictions are helping the virus spread.

According to him, this leads to staff shortages, which puts pressure on the ailing health care system. “Someone had a bright idea: let’s take off masks at airports,” he said.

“We want to pretend there is no problem, but every signal is that there is a huge problem in healthcare.”

McRae claimed health workers contracted the coronavirus for the third time.

“Workers in every position get the disease,” he said.

“(It’s) just zooming in on the person-to-person community.

“We have ambulance workers and nurses, midwives and doctors who contract it three times now in their workplace or in their supermarket.”


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