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Quick Shortcut Maker App Alternatives

Quick Shortcut Maker App

In the Quick Shortcut Maker app, users can create as many shortcuts as they want to take full control over their handheld device and test it to the full extent. You can also create desktop widgets to view your favorite contacts, and tap on the desired contact to call them.

Tap on an icon on the home screen, and it will be added to the desktop so that users can control the desired feature with just one tap. Developers can also use a large number of tools to check information about each app using the app.

Users can view all of the available apps in the Quick Shortcut Maker app, and tap on an app to view detailed information. You can change the language of the app by selecting an available language to view all app data and information in your native language.

1 Shortcutter – Quick Settings, Shortcuts & Widgets

This app allows you to customize your smartphone’s home screen so that you can access all the necessary apps, files, and other tools from the home screen.

By swiping down the screen with your finger, you can access a shortcut menu and control various features of your phone, including WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, flashlight, camera, areophane mode, and brightness. Using the clipboard, users can instantly save an important detail by taking notes and share those notes through email.

Also included in Shortcutter – Quick Settings, Shortcuts & Widgets is an edge panel that lets you see the icons of all your favorite apps at a glance and access them from the panel while using other apps. As well as system sounds, notification sounds, and ringtone sounds, users can adjust the volume.

#2 3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro key

The 3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro key app enables users to switch between old and new mobile phones by simply saving all the app settings to a file and then sending it to their new device.

Users can view battery status, temperature, health, percentage, and the total capacity by using 3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro key app. The list of background apps can be sorted by the first letter of the name or by the amount of RAM available.

Files can be viewed from the home screen’s file management section, and users can delete existing files to free up some space for new files by deleting them. In addition, it shows a list of all background apps with the amount of ram they are using and allows you to close them remotely.

#3 Float It

The Float It app enables users to create floating shortcuts to their favorite files and apps right from the home screen, making multitasking a whole lot easier.

A widget can be sized according to the needs of a user, and it can be hidden by tapping on it. Users can drag and drop widgets to customized sizes. Using the slider controls in the customization menu, you can change the size and opacity level of each icon.

Long-pressing an icon allows users to change the size of the icon or delete it from the preset sizes. The Float It app also features floating screens so you can use multiple apps at once without worrying about your battery draining.

#4 Shortcut Creator

Shortcut Creator is an app developed and presented in the market by Alex TernHome that lets you create shortcuts of all the files so they can be kept in the internal storage for later access. An icon, name, activity name, and the original name of the file can be selected by users to create a shortcut.

App features a straightforward interface with a side panel that allows users to access files, folders, applications, settings, history, widgets, and collections sections with a single tap. There are widgets to make all shortcuts more accessible than ever before.

By accessing the history section, you can view all the recently created shortcuts and add new shortcuts by deleting files. It offers options for remotely controlling brightness, volume, and WiFi connection from the command executor.

#5 NFC ReTag PRO

The NFC ReTag PRO app allows you to securely store information about a large number of NFC tags for later use. Users can edit the details of all tags to change the title and the number of cycles.

A notification will appear onscreen to let you know the ID number of a newly detected NFC tag. Remove it from the list to add it to the block list. New activities can be logged from the home screen, so users can keep track of their activities and upload them to a cloud server so they can access them later.

The NFC ReTag PRO app allows you to change a variety of system settings, such as synchronization, volume, display timeout, brightness, screen rotation, and can automatically turn on mobile data when desired. Each NFC tag can be quickly identified by the date and time of its most recent activation.

#6 Clipboard Manager Pro

Clipboard Manager Pro is an app by devdnua that lets users keep notes about their daily tasks instantly so that they will never forget them. Upon completing the go merging process, you will be able to merge notes with the same titles and delete the duplicates.

To batch process all the selected notes at once, users can access all the available notes from the clipboard. Adding notes files to the favorites section so you can edit and share them later is facilitated by a heart icon.

Clipboard Manager Pro lets users sort notes by the first letter of the name, date of creation, or time of creation, etc. To view a notes file, type the title in the search bar at the top of the screen.

#7 Notification Toggle

With the Notification Toggle app, you can set up customized notifications for your mobile phone so you’ll be notified of selected activities. By downloading new icons each day, users can keep their panel’s list of available icons up-to-date.

The Notification Toggle app displays a menu for customization with options for changing icon sizes, the notification panel’s background color, and adding custom icons. There is a list of all the available apps, and users can tap on a particular app to add or remove it from the panel.

If you want to enjoy a cinema experience at home, you can adjust the orientation of the screen from portrait to landscape before watching a movie or a video. The app includes a section where users can access all the premium features after buying the premium version.

#8 ASUS Easy Mode (ZenFone & Pad)

Drag and drop capabilities enable you to rearrange all the icon placements on the home screen using ASUS Easy Mode (ZenFone & Pad). You can add new apps to your home screen by viewing the list of all available apps in the app store.

With ASUS Easy Mode (ZenFone & Pad) you can edit the position of an app icon according to your needs. In the background customization menu, you can also change the background color and theme to black to improve readability in low lighting without stressing your eyes.

In the settings section, you can change the size of an app icon and add a new app to the home screen by tapping on the plus icon. As well, it assists users in keeping an eye on the time so they can accomplish all their tasks on time, thus increasing their productivity.

#9 App Shortcuts – Easy App Swipe (TUFFS Pro)

Easy App Swipe (TUFFS Pro) is an app that lets you add shortcuts to all your favorite apps to the home screen so you can access them with a single tap. An app icon can be customized by changing its shape and applying the changing color effect to its layer to get a new look.

The App Shortcuts – Easy App Swipe (TUFFS Pro) app offers a customization menu which includes a large number of beautiful colors to help you change the color of the notification panel, and they are able to increase the intensity of black and white to create a new color.

By turning on notifications for the shortcuts in an app, you can be notified of new tasks, and by removing an app from the list, you will no longer receive notifications.

#10 Quick Settings Plugin

An application presented on the market by AIO Software Technology Co. ltd, Quick Settings Plugin permits users to configure all the system settings, such as Bluetooth, mobile data, WiFi, GPS, and brightness.

Users can use the home screen to refresh the storage to clear some extra storage and increase their device’s speed by viewing the total ram, percentage of used ram, and the available ram. You can increase the battery life by setting the screen to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time.

The Quick Settings Plugin app also contains a history section containing a list of all recent RAM and storage cleanups so users can keep track of their storage usage. In addition to the slider control, you can use the auto-brightness feature to set the brightness according to the amount of light available.

#11 Sesame – Universal Search and Shortcuts

This powerful integration tool, Sesame – Universal Search and Shortcuts, allows you to customize all settings by creating as many shortcuts as you want and can add shortcuts to the notification panel as well. To change the color of the panel, it automatically detects the wallpaper and theme color.

If you want to create new shortcuts, you can search for new apps and activities using the search bar and type the name of an app or a keyword. Using the customization menu, users can customize widget themes, background colors, text colors, and text size.

With Sesame – Universal Search and Shortcuts, you can also change the size of a widget on the home screen to read your text messages. It shows all the recently searched apps and activities in the history section.

#12 SwipeSimple

The SwipeSimple app allows users to make payments using their credit cards while on the go by entering the amount and choosing the desired card from the list of options.

To remove any mistakes before making a payment, the SwipeSimple app has a built-in calculator that calculates the prices of all items on the bill. The software allows users to keep track of all their transactions by viewing a detailed record of each payment including the type of card, the date and time, and the total amount.

It has an extensive list of items from which to create a bill, and you can add items to the bill by entering their names in the search bar. By applying as many discount coupons as possible, the total bill can be lowered.

#13 External Keyboard Helper Pro

Through the External Keyboard Helper Pro app you can connect your mobile phone with a physical keyboard using Bluetooth to take the typing experience to the next level. A customization menu allows you to change the characters, and it also offers combinations of keys for making special characters.

On the home screen, users can access the settings section to change the layout of the onscreen keyboard and to change the position of the desired keys. From a list of all available layouts and languages, you can select the layout of the keyboard.

With External Keyboard Helper Pro you don’t have to worry about configuring a keyboard’s connection settings because it detects nearby wireless keyboards automatically. By tapping on the given keys, you can change the keyboard language to your native tongue.

#14 GravityBox Unlocker

The GravityBox Unlocker app helps users create a backup of all the app settings on their devices and store the backup file on a cloud server so that the file can be retrieved later on any of their other smart devices.

The GravityBox Unlocker app enables you to customize notifications of the desired app to change the color of the led, ringtone, etc. A user can create quite hours to automatically silence all the sounds of their mobile phone and spend some quality time with their friends.

The list of all available apps can be viewed and you can tap on an app to create a backup of it, or to add settings from multiple apps to a single file using batch processing. A user can view detailed information about each app by simply tapping on the icon in the advanced tuning menu.

15 App Shortcuts Creator – App Shortcuts Master Pro

It allows you to customize icons of all the available shortcuts on your home screen and change it to get a new visual look with App Shortcuts Creator – App Shortcuts Master Pro.

Besides asking their questions to a large community of other users from all over the world for help, users can also read the FAQ to clear all their doubts. An icon can be added to a favorite list by tapping on the heart icon, so that it can be customized and applied later.

Using the search bar at the top of the screen, users can identify the icon of an app on the App Shortcuts Creator – App Shortcuts Master Pro app by using the icon of the app. App icons can be customized by changing their colors and borders by tapping them.

#16 QuickShortcutMaker

The QuickShortcutMaker App lets you keep track of all the recently installed apps on your phone and can create a clone icon of each app by simply tapping on it. To create a new icon, users can select the background theme using a few simple steps.

The activity list and installed apps can be accessed to search for apps, and you can apply filters to the list of available apps to find the desired app. A large collection of themes is available, and users can update the collection by using the refresh option.

The QuickShortcutMaker app allows you to tap on an app’s icon to view detailed information and to add it to your favorites list to make searching easier. Users can share detailed information about each app with all the activities, such as its name, class name, package name, etc.

#17 Comet

Presented in the market by Hyper Trail Games, Comet is an app with features for students that allows them to clear their exams and boost their knowledge by simply learning about the trajectory of all the stars in the space right on their phones.

Swiping your fingers on the screen will allow you to change the trajectory of the selected object using the drag and drop feature. Additionally, it contains boosters to increase an object’s speed and to change its travel direction to save fuel.

With Comet, you can view a bar that shows the percentage of each level as well as the mass and drag values of all objects. A user can select the path of an object on the screen and throw it at the desired trajectory to cover the distance.

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