Prediction of the top startup themes of 2023 •

A good way to be wrong is to predict the future. A good way to be incredibly and embarrassingly wrong is to predict the future in a medium that is public and eternal. With that in mind, welcome back to another episode of “ Predicts.”

Like last year,’s Natasha Mascarenhas, Anna Hem and Alex Wilhelm are back with a series of predictions, hoping to instill new ideas in your ponderer. Not all of the below will pan out, but it should help explain where our heads are headed after a year of reporting, writing, newsletters, and podcasting. The three of us have talked to hundreds of people this year, giving – we hope – a little insight into the state of technology today and what might come next.

When we went back and looked at our predictions for 2022, we were more right than we expected. So let’s do it again! What do we see for 2023? Anna bets on API-led startups, Natasha bets on silence, and Alex tripled with a trio of predictions that we assume will soon be wrong. Enjoying!

Anna Hem: The rise of API-first startups will continue in 2023

I am confident that API-first will be a major trend in 2023, with this approach both more widespread than before and more successful than less API-heavy options.

That APIs are on the rise isn’t exactly new – but API-first startups are a subgroup in this world, and one that enjoys a tailwind.

According to findings from API platform Postman based on internal data and a survey, companies that report spending 76% of their development efforts on APIs are “35% more likely to predict an increase in hiring for the coming year than respondents who rank themselves lowest in API-first.”

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