People are really starting to get annoyed by ‘quiet stop’

In the beginning there was “quiet stop”. And it was good.

Burnt-out Generation Zers and millennials across the country stopped overloading at work to take more time with their mental health.

The Tik Tok trend then turned into a series of offshoots, including quiet shooting, quiet hiring, and quick stopping.

But now some in the workforce are starting to say enough is enough. They wish the silent quitters would just stop already.

A new survey from looked at the most annoying habits of co-workers and found, you guessed it, that quietly quitting was one of the most annoying.

More than six in ten (62%) find the trend incredibly annoying, and over half (57%) say they have recently noticed a colleague who has “quietly quit.” 57% of them say they had to do more work because their colleague decided to do less.

Gen Z and millennials have quietly started to shut down, so it should perhaps come as no surprise that baby boomers and Generation X are getting tired of the trend the most. But a majority of Gen Z and millennials also disapprove of it, calling it “anti-work.”

Other annoying habits of colleagues surveyed 1,005 full-time employees in the US. Fifty percent of the respondents were male and 50% were female, with an average age of 38 years.

And boy, were they picky.

A majority of employees (83%) say they work with someone who gets under their skin. According to respondents, 22% say it happens daily, while almost half (47%) say it happens a few times a week.

Gen Z is the most annoying generation according to the survey, with 59% of respondents saying Z is the least productive.

In-person colleagues are more annoying than remote colleagues, and mid-level colleagues are the worst of all levels (33%).

Other annoyances of colleagues are: complaining, laziness, arrogance and interrupting.

And employee frustrations don’t just stop with the way people act, they’re also hindered by the way people talk. Here are some of the terms they wouldn’t mind being banned from the office forever.

“Quiet stop” wasn’t on the list, but probably should be.

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