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PCGameBenchmark Alternatives


Using PCGameBenchmark, you can find which games meet your PC hardware requirements, and get advice on upgrading your hardware. Input must include the operating system, processor model, graphics card model, and RAM amount. Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA processors are included on the processor list. When you enter your PC specifications, the program will display all games that match your system requirements.

To know the exact hardware specifications of your pc, you can download its detector tool. In addition, a system rating is available to rate how many games your pc can run out of the total number of games available. In conclusion, PCGameBenchmark is a very useful tool for gamers who frequently check the system requirements for different games.

#1 Can You Run It?

Is it running on your computer? This tool determines whether a game is compatible with your computer hardware and tells you whether the game can be run on your computer. By entering the name of the game, the system requirements for that game will be displayed. We have over 8,500 games in our library. We provide you with a system detection software that will detect your hardware specs automatically and will tell you how much framerate you can expect on which resolution.

Additionally, the tool provides a list of the most popular games users have checked in the past 30 days, along with the percentage of users who meet the requirements for the game. Hardware requirements include both Intel and AMD processors, graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD, RAM, hard disk space, operating system, dedicated video memory, along with pixel shader and vertex shader versions.

#2 GD Anywhere

You can assess your PC hardware and determine whether a certain game is compatible with your PC hardware using GD Anywhere, a powerful system requirements tool from Game-Debate. You can enable the database and extension in the developer mode section of your browser when you install the software. With the GD Anywhere extension, many options are available to run the assessment. Processor model, graphics card, RAM, display, and resolution are options.

Game players who frequently check the system requirements of a variety of games will find the tool useful. Whenever you enter the title of a game, it will tell you the system requirements based on your PC specs. By changing the game and hardware accuracy, the extension will return many more games and hardware results for you to choose from, but they might not be so accurate.

#3 sysrqmts.com

sysrqmts.com is a tool that assesses whether you can run a given game on your PC based on its system requirements. Choosing a game title will direct you to the details of that title, minimum system requirements, and a section where you can enter your current hardware specifications, including the Processor model (Intel or AMD), Graphics card (AMD or NVIDIA), RAM, and Operating System.

This software analyzes your system’s performance based on your hardware specs. To meet the minimum requirements, you may also need to upgrade your processor, RAM, and GPU.

#4 Game Debate – Can I Run It

This tool lets you check whether your PC hardware can run the selected game smoothly or not, using Game Debate – Can I Run It. The game will show you the minimum and recommended requirements based on your processor (AMD or Intel), RAM, and graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD). On the next page, you will find the results section, which will let you know if you can run the game or if you need to upgrade your hardware.

Besides showing you the optimal resolution, it will also tell you on what resolution you should run the game to get 30fps. By providing you with system and game ratings, we can tell you how much the game is optimized for the specific hardware vendor. If you are not sure what the exact specs of your hardware are, you can use its auto detector tool to find out. Overall, the tool is useful if you check the game’s requirements frequently.

#5 Technical Can You Run It

Technically, Can You Run It is an online tool that checks game requirements. It allows you to find out if the selected game will run smoothly on your PC hardware. More than 8500 games are included in the database, from which you have to choose one. As soon as you select a game, it will ask you for information about your PC hardware, including processor model (Intel/AMD), graphics card (NVIDIA/AMD), and RAM amount. In addition to the optimal resolution for playing the game at specific frames per second (30 or 60), you will also find the minimum and recommended GPU.

The processor performance bar indicates how much fps it will deliver at which resolution and whether you should upgrade it. You can also list all games that run on your system. If you check the hardware requirements of games more often, the tool is helpful for you.

#6 PC Builds Cyri

There is a website called PC Builds Cyri that can determine whether your current hardware can run a particular game. Additionally, the tool lets you calculate the bottleneck of any hardware component. The program requires the CPU, RAM, and GPU vendor along with the exact model, and it will display a list of games that are compatible with your system. Your display resolution can be adjusted accordingly.

Graphs display which hardware is limiting or bottlenecking your gaming performance. In case you decide to upgrade your hardware, PC Builds Cyri offers comprehensive tools for assessing the performance of your pc and comparing hardware.

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