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Naked Truth Of Paris Dylan Roxanne – Catfish, Biography

Who is Paris Roxanne?

Born on February 21, 1994 in Riverside, California, USA, Paris Dunn is a social media personality but best known for rising to fame in 2011 after getting involved in a catfishing scandal that damaged the career of the then NBA player. Chris almost destroyed. Andersen. The plan turned out to be an international investigation to find the culprit.

Paris Roxanne net worth

As of early 2020, Paris Roxanne’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. She later found further fame through social media which gave her opportunities to work as a model.

She is also likely benefiting from the success of her current partner, singer Don McLean, who has a net worth estimated at over $50 million.

Early life and Chris Andersen

Paris grew up in Southern California and lived a life relatively out of the spotlight. At a young age, she aspired to become a model and set up several online accounts to showcase her attractive qualities, especially her looks. She gained a small following online, but things changed when she was suddenly approached by National Basketball Association (NBA) player, Chris Anderson.

Kris Andersen, also known as the Birdman, found fame playing in the NBA for teams such as the Denver Nuggets, at the time the two met online. Andersen was known for his career resurgence, going from trouble with drugs to finding a part of several high-profile teams, including the Miami Heat that would see him win a championship. Other teams he played with include the Memphis Grizzlies and the New Orleans Hornets. After retiring from the NBA, he found more work as a player in The Big 3 League.

The Catfish Rule

Surprised that a celebrity contacted her, Roxanne immediately started chatting with Andersen.

They exchanged messages back and forth and she lied about her age claiming she was already 21 even though she was only 17 at the time. She was also contacted online by someone claiming to be Andersen’s best friend named Tom Taylor, who insisted that the two meet. Eventually, her conversations with Andersen escalated and the two began exchanging more private content and sending each other nude photos. The two planned to meet, and Taylor also encouraged her to travel to him so they could hang out.

The date eventually came and the two had sex, although there were times when she was confused about some of their conversations.

The basketball player seemed to be talking about people and events she couldn’t remember, but brushed it off as some kind of eccentricity. After returning home, she received messages from Taylor telling him that she was probably not interested in meeting Andersen anymore since another basketball player contacted her and she was interested in meeting him.

The research

Taylor began messaging Paris with increasing frustration, desperation and anger, sending her death threats and suddenly coming across as aggressive. According to him, he had a copy of her nude photos that Andersen shared with him and that he would post her on the internet. Fearing for her life, she told her mother and the two approached the police with the information they had.

Paris Roxanne

On Andersen’s side, he started getting reports of someone claiming to be Paris’ mother, who told him she was underage and that they were going to the authorities to report him. The player sent the message to his lawyer who quickly rebelled against the extortion. Despite this, Andersen sent her about $3,000 in hopes of keeping things quiet. Finally, with the information Paris sent to the police, an investigation was underway and a search of the player’s home revealed that he did not know anyone named Tom Taylor. The police then traced their phones and found that they were not talking to each other, but that their messages were being filtered through another person living in Canada, the one pretending to be Tom and Paris’ mother.

Arrest and sentencing

While Andersen had no problem with their sexual encounter since she was the age of majority in Colorado, the photos he had of her could have been construed as a form of child pornography. With investigations were things stretched because if a judgment were passed on him, it would mean the end of his NBA career. The police eventually ruled him out as a conspirator or suspect, as well as a victim in the case.

Police discovered the true culprit in Manitoba, Canada; a female named Shelly Chartier. She was a social outcast who lived with a bedridden mother and only had a computer with internet access for her entertainment.

She discovered how to catch catfish a few years ago, posing online as various personalities such as a YouTuber, reality star Brody Jenner and a Playboy Playmate. Since U.S. law enforcement had no jurisdiction there, she was arrested by Canadian police and spent a year in jail in Canada.

The following events proved unusual, as she appeared to have become reformed after her time in prison and regretted her actions of catfishing. She also found a husband from New York who visits her regularly, although he cannot stay long because he is not a Canadian citizen. She also cannot visit the US, as she would be tried for extortion if she sets foot, which could lead to a possible 25-year prison sentence.

Paris Roxanne today

After being out of the spotlight for a few years, Roxanne finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a social media personality. The fame she gained from her business with Andersen helped her career considerably. Their story was even featured on shows like “Catfish” and “20/20”. She got attention again in recent years, when she became a relation with the singer Don McLean. The relationship was known for their large age difference, with McLean being over 70 years old while still in her 20s. Before becoming partners, he was married twice and has two children from his second marriage.


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