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Making a lightsaber (in theory)

Ever dreamed of being a Jedi? Armed with an elegant weapon for a more civilized era, many of us have fantasized about cutting a bright green (or blue) sliver through a galaxy far, far away. Disney even has one patent in 2018 for such a device, though “Sword device with retractable, internally lit blade” doesn’t quite conjure up images of slicing through blast doors or droid armor.

That begs the question about this Star Wars Day: is it really possible to build a lightsaber, and if so, how far away from holding it in our hands and whistling ‘Duel of Fate’ are we? The answer may surprise you, but first we need to explain exactly what we mean when we say lightsaber and learn some science along the way.

So what do you need to make a lightsaber as we know it?

There are six fundamental boxes that a lightsaber must meet: it must light up and glow when in use, it must be able to cut through an object, it must be retractable, it must make a distinctive whooshing sound, you must be able to cross them in a combat, and most importantly, it must obey the rule of cool. The bad news is that not all of these are possible yet, but the good news is that they are all possible individually, at least in theory.

While we don’t have access to Kyber crystals in our galaxy, the laws of physics are more than a fine substitute. The first problem to be addressed is the light and advanced one, and for that we can use the physical principle of laminar flow. This is when all the components in a gas or liquid move in exactly the same direction without bumping into each other, a bit like when you use a shower head.

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This then allows us to use any kind of liquid fuel-oxidizer mixture to make a single, high-intensity beam of cutting power. While we may be tempted to use rocket-grade propellant and fuel, the reality is that something as simple as the liquid propane used in barbecue grills is more than enough. With these ingredients; BBQ fuel, and a laminar flow jet, the job simply becomes one of tuning the fuel mix and valves to get a retractable blade. For the iconic whoosh, it’s a matter of building a circuit with a speaker and accelerometer to make the famous sounds of a lightsaber when swung.

Yoda's beautiful green lightsaber