Loid x Yor, Shirogane X Kaguya and more

Kaguya x Shirogane from Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Pic credit: A-1 Pictures

The Spring 2022 anime season has a treasure trove of ships that fans want to see set sail! Never before have we seen so many couples being talked about during just one anime season. Already fans are calling their favorite ship better than someone else’s. Shipping Wars has officially begun. It’s time to make the rankings official.

These couple rankings have been determined by the amount of passionate comments found in online communities. The ships that were most talked about and that have the most followers made it on this Top 10 list. Are we missing your favorite ship? If so, make sure to comment with your ship in the comments below.

The animes that have brought us the most scandalous, and talked about couples are Aharen-san Wa Hakarenai, Komi Can’t Communicate, Science Fell In Love So I Tried To Prove It, Ya Boy Bongming, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Love After World Domination, The Rising Of Shield Hero and Spy X Family. It is interesting to note that the best couples have not only come from romcoms but also from fantasy and action anime! Who says you can’t have a romantic moment in the middle of an epic battle?

10. Height Difference Couple

Reina Aharen X Raidou – Aharen-san Wa Hakarenai anime

Aharen and Raidou are one of the most popular couples this anime season because of how cute and wholesome they are. The story follows the daily life of the short and reserved Reina Aharen and Raidou who sits next to her in class. Aharen is not so good at gauging the distance she must maintain between herself and other people and Raidou was worried about how distant Aharen was being when they first met. But one day, when Raidou picks up Aharen’s eraser and hands it to her, they suddenly become uncomfortably close.

It’s one thing where Aharen gets too close to people, but Raidou being mostly unbothered by it is another thing entirely. They’re pretty compatible in that regard. Many viewers thought Raido would try and find a ‘middle ground’ but he doesn’t seem to mind how clingy Aharen gets, even when she winds up sleeping on his lap. With an intense personality like Aharen it seems like you will end up as her boyfriend right away or remain a complete stranger.

Reina Aharen and Raidou from the anime Aharen-san Wa Hakarenai.
Aharen and Raidou sitting close together so the short Aharen can see the blackboard. Pic credit: Felix Film

Fans will all agree that it was sweet how Raidou tried so many different methods to hear Aharen’s softly spoken voice: Morse code, hand gestures, smoke signals, messenger pigeons, and arrow letters. Apparently, she’s so quiet dogs can’t even hear her. Fans admire the lengths Raidou went to in order to communicate with Aharen – his first friend. Someone should give the boy a medal for his efforts. 

Raidou and Aharen are both rather expressionless – this might just make them perfect for each other. Raidou appears to have very little emotional range as stressed when he tried to smile and his face remained perfectly blank.

Fans are calling Aharen a silent ‘loli’ character that needs to be protected. Others are calling her the ‘teacup waifu’. Since they’ve already held hands and hugged, this ship might already be sailing. Will Raidou land himself a petite girlfriend this season?

9. Silent Couple

Shoko Komi X Hitohito Tadano – Komi Can’t Communicate anime

If it weren’t for the height difference that Aharen and Raidou have they probably would have earned the ‘Silent Couple’ title. However, Aharen has some competition this season when it comes to being the worst at communicating with others and Komi-san takes the cake. In the story, Komi’s school peers see her as being a stoic, unapproachable beauty that is out of their league. In reality, Komi wants to make friends. When her classmate Tadano Hitohito discovers the fact that Komi is just bad at communicating with others he begins to help her overcome her social anxiety so she can fulfill her ultimate goal of making 100 friends. 

Komi’s cute cat faces and timid personality have made her a popular waifu in the online communities; especially on the Western site Reddit.

Komi and Tadano from the anime Komi Can't Communicate.
Komi sleeping on Tadano’s shoulder. Pic credit: Artist Mitsugu

Fans have nicknamed Tadano ‘Chadano’ for being such a chill, cool dude. Tadano continues to up his likeability this season by being a Master Communicator as seen with what happened with Katai. Katai is just an ordinary student who was late on the first day of school and he eventually couldn’t go back to school because he was overcome by shyness. While not attending school Katai decided to do weight training and ended up looking incredibly buff as a result. Everyone at the school thought he was a scary delinquent but Tadano was able to see him for who he really is – just a nice, shy guy. Fans joked that the episode Katai appeared in should be called: ‘The delinquent can’t communicate’.

Fans have watched how as Komi and Tadano’s friendship has deepened they have begun to develop a crush on each other. Neither one realizes that the other has begun to have feelings for them, however. Will this couple remain in a state of mutual pining or will one of them confess this season?

8. Nerd Couple

Himuro Ayame X Yukimura Shinya – Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It anime

Himuro and Yukimura are another popular couple this season. The two are first-year post-graduate science and technology researchers at Saitama University. When Himuro confesses her love for Yukimura, he demands scientific proof. The story centers around the couple trying to deduce what true love is and whether or not it really exists between them through a series of bizarre and amusing experiments aided by their undergraduate Kanade Kotonoha.

Himuro Ayama and Yukimura Shinya from the anime Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It
Yukimura carrying Himuro bridal-style. Pic credit: Zero-G Studio

Due to the fact that they are scientists, Himuro and Yukimura know very little about romance and dating, which makes for some very amusing situations in the anime. One can’t help rooting for this nerdy couple to finally get a clue.

Fans are comparing this anime to ‘Food Wars’ this season since it seems to have turned into a ‘shounen oxytocin battle’ in episode 1. Others are calling it ‘Love is Science’ instead of ‘Love is War’. And don’t forget: ‘Kaguya-sama: Univeristy Edition’. Will we get a scientific explanation of Himuro’s cute wagging ponytail? Will this couple do more than just kiss this season?

7. Lolicon Couple

Kosuke Inukai X Ena Ibarada, Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It anime

Kosuke and Ena may not be an official couple yet but a lot of fans are shipping them together (again) this season. In season 1 Kosuke revealed he was in love with a 2D character from a dating sim game named Aika. Fans immediately noticed Aika’s striking resemblance to Kosuke’s childhood friend Ena Ibarada and began to ship the two of them together.

Screenshot from the anime Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it, featuring Kosuke and Ena.
Kosuke and Ena playing games together. Pic credit: Zero-G Studio

In season 1 Kosuke never seemed to make this connection, but finally, in season 2, episode 3 Kosuke realized the Ena looks exactly like two of the 2D girls he’s been crushing on. Kosuke even had puppy love for Ena and wanted to marry her when they were kids. Unfortunately, he’s forgotten all about this, but perhaps it’s buried deep within his subconscious, which is why he chooses to love 2D girls that resemble Ena.

Will Kosuke begin to develop feelings for Ena now that he’s realized she’s basically his ‘ideal woman’, but in real life? Will Kosuke confess his feelings for Ena or ask her to date him?

6. Sugar Daddy Couple

Zhuge Kongming X Eiko Tsukimi – Ya Boy Kongming anime

Perhaps, Kongming isn’t exactly Eiko’s ‘sugar daddy’ but he is an older man who is lavishing fame upon her through his talents, if not money. What does Koumei get in return for his help? Why, Eiko’s songs, which he loves, of course (get your mind out of the gutter people). Hence, why this couple has been dubbed the ‘Sugar Daddy Couple’.

In the story, the general of the Three Kingdoms Kongming participated in countless battles, which forged him into an accomplished military strategist. He was mortally wounded during the Battle of Wuzhang and on his deathbed, he wished to himself that in his next life he would end up somewhere peaceful and free of bloodshed and war. Kongming is abruptly reborn as a young man with his memories intact. He appears in the middle of a Halloween Party taking place in Tokyo’s club district.

The Shibuya partygoers drag Kongming to a nightclub where he meets the singer Eiko Tsukimi. He immediately thinks she has the voice of an angel and is captivated by her. (This was the exact moment when people started to ship them). When he learns that Eiko is struggling with her career as a singer he decides to lend his intellect to help her gain followers and fame. Their interesting relationship dynamic of ‘military strategist becomes amateur idol’s manager’ is what has sparked people shipping these two together this season.

Kongming and Eiko from the anime Ya Boy Kongming.
Kongming offers to help Eiko become famous. Pic credit: PA Works Studio

This ship can seem a little scandalous since although Kongming has the appearance of a young man he is mentally an older one. Still, Eiko immediately trusted him and let her guard down by bringing him into her apartment while he was drunk in episode 1. It’s been three episodes into this season and Eiko has been seen blushing at Kongming a few times already. Is Eiko developing a crush on Kongming? Will she confess her feelings for him?

For now, this relationship seems one-sided although Kongming does seem to like Eiko’s voice above everyone else’s. Fans are calling Eiko a ‘waifu that sings and is a hard worker’.

5. Bamboo Couple

Kaguya Shinomiya X Miyuki Shirogane – Kaguya-sama: Love Is War anime

The story of Kaguya-sama was inspired by the Japanese folktale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter but set in modern times. The plot revolves around a battle of wits between Vice-President Kaguya and the Student Council President Miyuki, with both trying to force the other to confess their feelings of love first. They both consider confessing first to be a loss in the war of love.

It’s fun to watch the crazy plans Kaguya and Shirogane have come up with to try and force the other to confess, but chaotic Chika Fujiwara usually foils them.

Kaguya and Shirogane were able to hold hands in season 1, but at the pace they’re going fans will be lucky to get a kiss between them, let alone a confession this season. Still, fans are hopeful we’ll finally get one of them to confess.

Kaguya and Shirogane pretend to want to kill each other. Pic credit: Artist Ekita Kuro

4. Opposites Attract Couple

Yu Ishigami X Miko Iino – Kaguya-sama: Love Is War anime

Fans have been shipping Ishigami and Iino ever since they started to watch how Ishigami is always secretly helping Iino out of strange situations behind the scenes. He never gets any credit for his actions and Iino never finds out, which is why she continues to hate him. Fans have dubbed this ship ‘Ishimiko’ and are calling Yu ‘The Hidden Savior’ and the ‘Misunderstood Hero’.

Episode 2 was especially enjoyable for the Ishimiko shippers when someone claimed that it seemed like they really liked each other but were using their feelings of hate to hide their true feelings. Ishigami and Iino immediately turned into ‘broken tape robots’ after that and said in very strained voices that they actually liked each other. For all that hate between them to turn into love is what the shippers want this season.

Ishigami and Iino from Kaguya-sama: Love is War
Ishigami hugs Iino. Pic credit: @skmw_ast

3. Forbidden Love Couple

Desumi Magahara X Fudo Aikawa – Love After World Domination anime

One of the most popular couples this season is Desumi and Fudo due to the fact they’re simply adorable together and have great chemistry. Fans like shy waifu Desumi and honest husbando Fudo.

The story takes place in a realm where villains are trying to take over the world while heroes are trying to stop them. One evil organization known as the Secret Society Gekko managed to conquer half of the world. In order to stop Gekko’s further nefarious ambitions, the hero group ‘Freezing Sentai Gelato 5’ was formed.

Just when things are looking up for the heroes Gekko recruits a new member: Desumi Magahara known as the ‘Reaper Princess’. Word of Desumi’s fighting prowess reaches the heroes, and when the time comes to face her, Fudo decides that he will be the one to fight her in order to protect his comrades. Unexpectedly, Fudo ends up falling for Desumi ‘at first sight’, and his thoughts are plagued by her afterward.

Professor Big Gelato notices that Fudo’s mind is up in the clouds and asks him the reason why. Fudo reveals that he’s fallen in love and is about to tell Professor Big that he’s fallen in love with a villainess when he gets cut off and Professor Big advises him to immediately confess his feelings to the woman he loves. When Fudo declares that he loves Desumi she surprisingly agrees to date him once she realizes he’s actually being serious.

In episode 1 it was cute how Desumi reacted to Fudo wanting to hold hands, saying it was too soon, but then forgetting about all that when they were forced to pretend to fight each other and ended up grappling together. Double handholding in episode 1 – my, how scandalous! Although, a lot of fans think Desumi’s outfit is lewder than her actual behavior.

It will be fun watching them experience dating for the first time together knowing how clueless they are about love and dating. Also, how long will they be able to enjoy their secret romance before someone finds out?

2. Furry Couple

Naofumi Iwatani X Raphtalia – The Rising Of Shield Hero anime

Fans are calling Raphtalia ‘The waifu of the demi-human waifus’ as well as ‘Raccoon Girl Senpai’ hence why this couple’s name has been dubbed ‘Furry Couple’. The Naofumi X Raphtalia ship is a very popular one despite it being a bit controversial. At the end of the final season 3 years ago, Raphtalia and Naofumi shared a hug and instantly the internet was set on fire – half the fans thought the hug was inappropriate while the other half were happy their ship may have sailed.

In the story, Naofumi is summoned into another world along with three other men in order to become the world’s heroes. Their duty is the fight hoards of monsters that pass through a dimensional portal. Naofumi received the legendary shield as his weapon while the other heroes received a sword, spear, and bow. The other heroes had the support of the kingdom and allies while Naofumi is looked down upon because his weapon is only for defensive purposes. When Naofumi’s only ally, the kingdom’s princess – ends up betraying him he becomes jaded.

Naofumi realizes that he can’t train alone and a slave trader ends up convincing him to purchase a young tanuki demi-human girl named Raphtalia. Raphtalia quickly evolves and becomes a young adult through her battle experiences. With Raphtalia’s help, Naofumi carries out heroic deeds and begins to win back the trust and gratitude of the people. They also work to solve the mystery of the Waves. When Naofumi first realizes that Raphtalia is suddenly not a little girl anymore he is mostly surprised and confused because he truly sees her as a child and not a young woman.

Raphtalia and Naofumi fight back to back. Pic credit: Chibi-oneechan

Slowly, their relationship has been evolving and they are now close friends. Raphtalia is shown to have some romantic feelings for Naofumi with the occasional blush here and there, but they could almost be considered plutonic since they haven’t even kissed yet and Raphtalia hasn’t confessed her feelings for Naofumi. Naofumi doesn’t see Raphtalia as a romantic interest yet but he does seem to deeply care for her.

Fans are excited to see if there will be any real development in their relationship this season. Will Raphtalia and Naofumi finally kiss? That will be much more scandalous than the hug! If Raphtalia can make Naofumi blush this season…well, that will mean she’s finally captured Naofumi’s interest and that the ship has finally set sail.

1. Liar Couple

Tor Briar X Loid Forger – Spy X Family anime

Taking the top spot for the most popular, scandalous, and talked about couple/ship this anime season is Tor X Loid. And is anyone really surprised? Fans on Twitter are joking that Tor and Loid are Kaguya and Shirogane all grown up in some kind of alternate universe.

Kaguya, Shirogane and Fujiwara from Kaguya-sama: love is war anime.
Kaguya, Shirogane and Fujiwara hanging out. Pic credit: Eufoniuz

The story begins with a spy receiving a difficult mission to maintain the peace between the rival nations of Westalis and Ostania by spying on Donovon Desmond – the leader of an extremist political party within Ostania. Desmond, however, is a notorious recluse and the only way for the Westalis agent codenamed ‘Twilight’ to get close to him is to enroll a child in the same private school as Desmond’s son and pose as the child’s father.

Twilight creates the alias ‘Loid Forger’, adopts a young orphan girl named Anya (who happens to be an Esper and has the ability to read people’s minds), and marries a woman named Yor Briar (she happens to be an assassin) to create a ‘happy family’ that will be accepted in the eyes of society. Lucky for Loid, Anya loves anything that has to do with spies and excitement so her help comes in handy. Yor nor Loid are aware of the others’ true identities except for Anya who can read their minds.

In episode 2 we get to see Loid and Yor meet. It was nice to see Anya helping them to get together already. At one point during the episode, Loid and Yor are being pursued by a group of thieves that are trying to kill Loid. Loid tells Yor they are his patients and she believes him. Yor kicks an enemy that was trying to attack Loid and explains she’s been trained in self-defense.

Yor ends up being the one to suggest that they should get married to make their situations easier. Loid then searches for his ring in order to propose to Yor, realizes he’s lost the ring and improvises. Loid tosses a grenade at the thieves, slips the grenade ring onto Yor’s finger, and proposes to her with explosions and screams in the background thus creating the most epic anime proposal of all time.

Loid's Epic Proposal For Yor
Loid’s Epic Proposal For Yor, Pic credit: CloverWorks

Fans are already calling them ‘the best couple here to rule over the season’. They’re calling Yor ‘Mommy Yor’, ‘Best Mommy’, and ‘best waifu of the season’. Yor’s popularity is also due in fact to the popular voice actress bringing her to life: Saori Hayama.

These two have so much chemistry already I think it will be hard for them not to fall in love with each other. Yor was seen blushing a few times already. There’s already so much tension between them and as they pretend to be married that tension will only grow. Who will confess to whom first? Will they share a kiss this season? Will they become a real married couple? That remains to be seen! But one thing we know for sure is that almost every otaku is out there rooting for this ship to truly sail.


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