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Livetv.sx Alternatives


A free web-based service, Livetv.sx offers live streaming of several sports and games across the globe, including matches and tournaments. It is free to use a streaming platform that does not require a subscription other than the creation of an account.

Livetv.sx embeds channels from third-party hosts and streaming services. The main advantage here is that you can enjoy the free streaming of most of the top popular matches and tournaments that currently played in several parts of the world.

Livetv.sx not only offers live streaming, but also offers sports highlights, videos, and even the live score as a widget. LiveTV makes it possible for its visitors to enjoy the best live streaming of sports events. The game could be football, ice hockey, basketball, or any other sport.

One of the best features of LiveTV.sx is its video quality system that allows users to set the video quality according to their internet connection. By default, it provides high-quality streaming to visitors that requires no cost at any level.

#1 SportP2P

Stream the most popular sports events across the globe on SportP2P, where you can watch the sports channels, especially football. You will also be able to enjoy the league matches, championships, and other league matches. Most television channels are providing live streaming to their online viewers as the population of internet users grows every day.

Sport P2P transmits channels over various protocols rather than acting as an independent streaming platform. Rather than covering all kinds of sports, SportP2P focuses on football matches.

You can watch live matches from many countries on SportsP2P, one of the best web interfaces. It is free to view live matches on SportsP2P. There are also basketball matches, tennis, motorsports, ice hockey, and other sports.

#2 BatManStream

BatManStream is an online sports streaming website where you can watch live sports matches in a number of categories, including football, baseball, racing, rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, NFL, and more. In order to start using BatManStream, all one has to do is click on the desired sport and check for the live streaming if there is any match taking place around the world.

Additionally, users can check for the matches that are streaming live when they go to a live match as well. The other best thing about BatManStream is that it has an advanced search engine as well for the purpose of searching live matches.

BatManStream also provides the live scores, for those who only want the updates on the scores. The aim of BatManStream is to provide all sports fans with free live sports streaming channels and live score updates. BatManStream provides the HD quality of streaming channels.

#3 WiziWig

The WiziWig website allows you to watch live broadcasts of most of the popular sports channels online. The company is well known for providing live sports TV channels and streaming sports across the globe.

WiziWig is the world of sports where you can watch live streaming of almost all sports and games. Streaming and match schedules are available here for sports such as football, volleyball, baseball, handball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, motor racing, hockey, rugby, and various other popular sports.

The best way to stay up-to-date with recent sports highlights is through WiziWig. By providing its visitors the number of options to choose any game and enjoy smooth streaming, the site is undoubtedly the best place to offer live streaming to its visitors.

#4 Atdhe

With Atdhe, you can live stream sports from different countries across the globe. If you visit Atdhe, you will discover how easy it is to watch live sport streaming on this website.

Move to the official website of the Atdhe, and you will be provided with the online and live streaming of your favorite sports and games for free in high-quality streaming. There is no limitation using the Atdhe. You can move to the live streaming of all those sports that are currently being played in the different sports channels across the world.

There is no direct streaming method for Atdhe. It is not an independent streaming website and provides links to third party streaming services.

#5 VIPLeague

In VIPLeague, you can watch live sports streams from all sports leagues. The interface is simple and the streams are good.

While streaming, the website displays ads, which is normal for video streaming websites. VIPLeague gives you the opportunity to watch and enjoy your favorite sports online. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of channels to choose from, but you can pick a few.

If you want to watch free live sports streaming on a PC, smartphone, tablet, or any device that supports an internet connection, VIPLeague is the best option. A large number of sports and games are streamed through the VIPLeague platform.

#6 Stream2Watch

Live TV channels, especially sports channels, are available through Stream2Watch. The service offers entertainment and sports channels. Snooker matches, football, premier league, NHL, hockey, live streaming of golf, and dozens of other sports and games can be watched on the site.

Stream2Watch is the perfect place for sports fans to watch live streams and feeds for any sport they’re interested in. For its visitors, Stream2Watch basically embeds various web-based channels to provide them with streaming.

The TV and likewise many other live streaming services provide access to a variety of popular sports and entertainment channels. You can find the embedded channels by the MMS and Streaming URL. With Stream2Watch, you can watch any channel for free.

#7 SportStream

SportsStream allows users to watch live streams of ongoing matches and sporting events online. SportStream caters mainly to sports enthusiasts and those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest sporting events.

These sports fans can watch the live matches as well as get live scores by using the SportStream service. With SportStream, there are no geographical restrictions, which makes it a global web-based streaming platform. Live streaming is available for football matches including tournaments and league matches, basketball, baseball, handball, motorsports, rugby, racing, hockey, volleyball, and many other sports.

#8 12thplayer

The 12thplayer is a leading solution that lets you watch live sports streams on all your favorite channels. It offers an easy-to-use interface and appears to be extremely intuitive. It was developed by a team of experts. With all the key services and channels included, all ages can enjoy a seamless experience.

Only downside to the site is that it does not have any American Sports links. The site is otherwise very useful. Many football fans prefer to watch live football through 12thplayer.

12thplayer has the best feature in that you can always stream tournaments and league matches across the globe in different countries. That makes 12thplayer one of the best streaming platforms to watch live football matches, tournaments, and even highlights from ongoing premier leagues.

#9 Sport365

Sport365 is a popular online live sports streaming service that allows you to watch your favorite sports channel wherever you are in the world. Almost all the major sports channels are offered, including Football, Cricket, Baseball, WWE, Hockey, MotoGP, and many more. Each genre has its own channels to stream.

No log-in or personal information is needed; simply go to Sport365’s website, find your favorite sports channel, and enjoy its full features without any restrictions. There are lots of new features and services in Sport365 that make it better than CricFree.

In addition, the site offers enhanced chat options and lets you mention someone to share something special quickly. Sport365 is an excellent option for you if you are a true sports fan and looking for a free live streaming service.

#10 LAOLA1

LAOLA1 is one of the most popular sports and live-streaming websites on the internet. The website also offers numerous videos relating to games and sports. LAOLA1 is designed specially for die-hard sports fans who want to follow all their favorite sports events from one place.

As a sports fan, you will be able to enjoy and a lot of live sports channels along with exclusive highlights and live video streams from the world of sports. On this platform you can stream all games and sports matches that are being played in multiple parts of the world and those that are on demand.

In almost all countries, LAOLA1 content is available for free in good quantity and quality. Live streams and highlights from numerous sports channels can be found on LAOLA1’s centralized platform for free.

#11 OffsideStreams

OffsideStreams is a subscription service that offers an excellent array of different TV channels in excellent equalization. It runs on all of your set-top boxes, including Android devices, because it comes with an XBMC add-on. It also provides mobile web browser access to all streams.

In comparison to the per-month charges, OutsideStreams offers the best streaming services across the globe. OffsideStreams specializes in live streaming of TV shows, movies, adult shows, and other shows and events. You can use OffsideStreams for different streaming purposes after getting a subscription.

The main benefit of using OffsideStreams is that it offers a large number of popular sports and entertainment channels. While sitting in front of your PC, you can watch live streaming without any hassle. Except for adult programs, OffsideStreams is the best source for online and live streaming where hundreds of popular channels are available.

#12 StrikeOut

Streaming sports events and much more for free is possible via StrikeOut, one of the best sports streaming sites. A multitude of devices and platforms, including mobile, tablet, PC, laptop, and many handy devices, make it one of the best sources for sports enthusiasts to watch all sports games.

Using this website, you can enjoy watching NFL matches as well as College Football Stream, Premier League Stream, MLB Stream, and more. The Adobe Flash Player is required to stream live sports online. If you already have the Adobe Flash Player installed, then you need to update it to the latest version.

You can play all forms of competitive physical activities and games on StrikeOut, one of the best online sources. StrikeOut aims at improving the quality of sports and games streaming.

#13 Live Football TV Streaming HD

Watching exciting football matches from any location is possible with Live Football TV streaming. With the platform, you’ll be able to view all the missed football matches and all the football series that have ever been played. The software also offers a live match feature that allows you to watch live matches all over the world.

Watch sports series like the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the English Premier League, the FA Cup, LA Liga, and many more. For users with slow internet speeds, the software offers a low-quality streaming option. There are many features offered by the software, including HD streams, frequent content updates, stable flows, no extra plugin required, and instant network support. Software can be downloaded from the Play store or installed from an APK file.

#14 StopStream

For those who wish to watch live sports events, StopStream is an excellent platform. The site provides a number of sports channels that can be viewed anywhere around the globe on any device.

The site provides a clean, back-colored interface where you can easily find your favorite sports channels and learn about upcoming sporting events. In contrast to CricFree and all the other similar sports streaming sites, it also offers multiple sports categories. These categories will help you to find your favorite channels quickly.

Additionally, there is a live chat feature that enables you to interact with other steamers around the world. StopStream offers free streaming anywhere in the world.

#15 WizWig

With WizWig, you can watch all sports channels, live TV shows, and listen to live radio around the world. With the WizWig, you can watch live streaming without restriction and without signing up. You just need a high-speed internet connection and go to the WizWig website.

With WizWig’s mobile applications, you can enjoy the fastest streaming anytime, anywhere. There are also many categories available, such as Football, Baseball, Tennis, Moto GP, TV Channels, as well as radio stations, etc. There are options available for each of these categories.

Another feature is Chat, which allows you to communicate with another streamer around the world and discuss sports, movies, and other topics. WizWig is a live streaming service with all the channels and tools to offer a complete solution in one place. A great Live Streaming service is WizWig.

#16 CricFree

CricFree offers hundreds of online TV channels, mostly featuring sports events. The service is available 24/7, anywhere in the world, and it is totally free to use.

Each of the service’s 12 categories focuses on a specific sport and delivers all content at the same time. The best part of this service is that you can chat with other sports fanatics around the world about whatever you want.

CricFree.tv features an easy-to-use interface with simple tabs at the top of the site that allow you to choose which sport you’d like to search for. In comparison to other services, it offers everything you need in terms of live sports streaming.

#17 goATDee

The website goATDee streams sports. It is not as good as most of the sports streaming and live sports channels watching platforms, but it is a good option to have in case other options do not work.

Users can watch free entertainment and news videos on goATDee. The website has been called one of the largest sports streaming sites on the internet. The goATDee app is a great option for Americans.

It may not meet the needs of people outside the USA. The main interface of this website is very simple and user-friendly. It is not cluttered with too many options at all. Only straightforward sports channels and ongoing live matches are displayed on the main website.

#18 BossCast

BossCast.net is the leading live sports streaming website that allows you to watch all your favorite sporting events anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Over 130 world’s best streaming channels are available on the site, so you can watch all your favorite sports events at the same time.

There are also a number of categories including Football, Hockey, WWE, Soccer, and Boxing. Every category has its own channels to watch. It offers a daily schedule of all sports events and enhances the scheduling system.

In addition to the streamer chat, you can also share images, links, and other stuff to have a complete chat experience. The website requires registration with an email address and password, as well as other related information.

#19 Feed2All

A WizWig-based live sports streaming and live channel-watching platform, Feed2All lets sports lovers watch their favorite channels for free. The best part about Feed2All is that it broadcasts many live football matches and other games.

In collaboration with many leading sports streaming and live channel providers, Feed2All ensures uninterrupted streaming of most of the games and sports. The main page of the site lists all the matches taking place between multiple teams across the globe in the form of tournaments and league matches.

By clicking on the link, all the options for live streaming will be displayed. Furthermore, a single HD stream will also be available. Feed2All is simply the best means for enjoying sports matches for free.

#20 MamaHD

MamaHD is a free streaming site for live sports events that lets you view schedules, video highlights, and watch unlimited live sports events.

Almost all sports channels are available, including Football, Hockey, MotoGP, Soccer, Boxing, and Cricket, among others. All sports channels have their own channel. The site allows you to select the game from the list to find streaming links. MamaHD also offers the latest events news that makes it better than others.

You can also converse with other fans from around the world through the site’s chat feature, unlike most streaming sites. MamaHD is free to use service, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world.

#21 FOX Sports GO

The FOX Sports GO live streaming service is free and subscription-based. It does not operate entirely under FOX Sports’ supervision.

This website is available internationally, which is one of the best features. International users can only browse the programs available to them on this website. Watch live sports as well as great shows from many sports channels on the official website of FOX Sports GO.

Also available are live feeds of top sports competitions and channels such as NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, UFC, college football and basketball, Big Ten Network, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga Soccer and more.

#22 RedstreamSport

RedstreamSport is an independent streaming source that pulls the links from other leading streaming services. All live sports channels are available to its visitors for free streaming.

Webmasters and regular users can submit streams to this web service. Here you will get the chance to find many streams for each event and can choose the one you like the best.

The question arises as to why one should use RedstreamSport as a streaming service. It offers too many options and allows the users to switch between the multiple streaming options instantly. With this free streaming website, visitors can watch live television for free. It works in a simple manner.

#23 VipBoxTV

VipBoxTV is a website that streams live sports streams especially for sports fans. You can watch live sports streaming on this site from around the world and learn about everything from football matches in Brazil to ice hockey tournaments in Russia.

Every sport on this site can be viewed every day, and new games are added all the time so you always have the latest information. As an alternative to CricFree, it offers many new features, tools, and services without limitations. You can watch more than 33 sports categories live on the site, which means you can watch your favorite game anywhere in the world without any restrictions.

This service has new features such as the ability to adjust video quality, watch two channels at once, and much more in its Admin Tool section. There is also a chat section for communicating with other sports fans around the world; it’s great for all sports fans.

#24 Streamiptvonline

The website streamiptvonline.com provides a wide range of streaming services to its users. These include free access to sports channels. You can also share streams on Streamiptvonline.com.

It is a place where channel titles, categories, and times can be searched. It gives information about ongoing matches between different teams of the world as well. Just start on any available link and streaming will start on its main website.

A large number of advertisements appear on this website. Watching some ads while watching free matches isn’t a big deal at all. Another plus for this platform is that the streaming is in HD quality. Streamiptvonline.com is one of the best platforms you can use over the internet for watching live sports matches and favorite sports channels.

#25 Myp2pguide.com

You can get instant and free access to dozens of links that are offering free access to sports channels on MyP2Pguide.com. This is the best place on the Internet to watch live sports.

It is possible to watch ABC, ESPN, ESPN America, Eurosport, BBC, and many other sports and other purpose channels live online. Myp2pguide.com also prefers streaming of football TVs and channels comparatively more than other sports but still from the leading website the people can get free and instant access to a wide range of sports like baseball, tennis, soccer, hockey, and much more.

There are live streams and feeds available for almost all sports you like to watch on myp2pguide.com. The streaming system is also available on smartphones, Smart TVs, and other devices.

#26 MyP2P

Any device can be used to watch live sports events. You can stream live sports events on MyP2P for free and in high quality. All streams on this site are free, and the interface is quite attractive.

It offers a variety of sports categories, such as Tennis, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Boxing and MotoGP, unlike most websites. Each category has its channels to explore and steam.

One of MyP2P most prominent features is that it’s free for everyone, has an easy interface, runs on almost all browsers, has a search bar, shows upcoming sports events, and reads sports news. In addition to offering a chat feature, unlike CricFree and all of the other popular live streaming applications, it allows you to communicate anonymously with other streamers around the world.

#27 Streamcomando

Streamcomando is an ad-supported sports channel streaming website that offers its visitors a wide range of options to watch leading sports channels all over the world for free. There are a variety of streaming services available for free.

The platform should not be used to offer direct streaming. Its visitors are allowed to start watching their favorite sports on their favorite channels after gathering the links of the live sports TVs on a centralized platform.

Visitors can easily watch attractive matches in sports such as ice hockey, football, basketball, golf, and much more from the comfort and quality of their own home. Although Streamcomando deals in all kinds of streaming, there are more options for those who wish to watch football and soccer matches from popular leagues and clubs.

#28 FirstRow Sports

Besides soccer and football, FirstRow Sports deals with other sports as well. All of the leading sports channels are available for free on the platform of this website.

You will need a supported web browser with Adobe Flash Player already installed in order to use all this. You are now ready to enjoy uninterrupted free streaming.

In addition to its services being available from smartphones, FirstRow Sports can also be accessed using the Skyfire web browser to enjoy smooth streaming.

#29 StreamWoop

You can find a list of all web-based sports TV channels on Streamwoop, one of the biggest sports streaming sites over the internet. Users of this site can watch live TV from the sports channels for as long as they want for free, and most of the links to the sports channels are free.

The subscription service offers some TV channels. In any case, Streamwoop has no connection with these channels, as it simply serves as a channel of communication between you and them. Streamwoop provides links to all of those TV channels from which you can watch your favorite sports.

One of the most comprehensive online sports streaming directories. As well as live scores and highlights, Streamwoop offers a variety of other excellent services. Sports fans will find Streamwoop a great resource.

#30 Rojadirecta

Rojadirecta is the world’s most renowned sports index, providing up-to-the-minute information on your favorite events and ongoing matches. The site is a kind of real-time directory that contains all the schedules and fixtures of top-level sports across the globe.

Also, while there are no sports categories on the site, the site compensates by displaying all matches, so if you want to see past events, just scroll up, and if you want to see upcoming events, just scroll down.

There is a wide variety of live streams available from RojaDirecta, and most of them are also available in other languages, so you have a great chance to watch your favorite sports in your native tongue. On this site, you can also find a list of all upcoming sports events that you can use to make it more enjoyable. There is no charge for the service provided by Rojadirecta, and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

#31 fuboTV

On FuboTV, viewers can watch live matches and enjoy DVR recordings of their favorite TV shows and sports channels. This is the best online sports streaming and internet TV service that offers international soccer as well as other sports and games and also news and entertainment content.

A site dedicated to fuboTV can be accessed as an online service from the official website as well as through a wide range of streaming video players. The site also offers multiple service options with various channel lineups that make it better than others. The one limitation of fuboTV is that it is not widely available in all countries.

Since it is based in the United States, it offers its services there. Maybe you open this website, and you see the notification displaying the content of this sports website is currently not available in your location.

#32 Hotstar TV Movies Live Cricket

It is an all-in-one leading and reputable platform that provides extensive live streaming entertainment services. You will find a comprehensive library of viewing material that encompasses every niche on the dynamic platform. You will be able to keep up with your favorite movies from Hollywood to Bollywood. You can access news and updates from several major networks through the vast network coverage, and all applications channels are presented in a highly streamlined manner.

Software covers all major cricketing events, including ICC world-cups and champions trophies, as well as all Indian series played in and outside the country. It also broadcasts football world-cup matches and leagues. In addition to providing services in 17 languages, the organized interface makes it easy to navigate. Several channels are available, including National Geographic and FoxLif, but you must pay the subscription fee to access them.

#33 JioTV

JioTV is an exciting platform that allows you to catch all the online TV actions that permit you to instant access to Various TV programs. All the live streaming action is at your control, and you can watch whatever you want with a wide range of TV channels. JioTV is making its mark in providing services in multiple languages and genres, with around 600+ TV channels and 100+ HD channels at your fingertips. Pause and play option allows you not to miss any live shows, and you can start where you left.

The multiple services offered by JioTV are advanced search options, share your favorite programs, set reminder, Zero-disturbance, rewind, and forward option, mini-player, and more to add. The software allows you to carry your TV anywhere that gives you an advantage of not miss famous shows, and catching-up service lets you enjoy aired show of the past seven days. JioTV is, in fact, a good option that reduces the headache to search for shows and programs.

#34 SonyLIV: TV Shows Movies Sports

You can access all your online TV action on SonyLIV in one place, thanks to its exciting and elegant interface. With one click, you can watch Indian TV shows, news, sports, wrestling, and all the live activities. SonyLiv lets you watch highlights of missed cricket and football matches. Because it covers all major ICC events, including world cups and champions trophies, it is dynamic in terms of broadcasting.

In addition to cricket, the platform streams football, which includes all leagues and matches. Moreover, you can watch comedy shows, web-series, popular movies on demand, and various Live channels as well including BBC news. The software has an intuitive interface that is easy to use, and you can watch it freely. There is also a premium service available as well, but you have to register to get the specific service to get access to particular shows and movies.

#35 Moviedroid

A number of online movie streaming websites are available via the Moviedroid app. With the search bar, users can easily find and watch their favorite shows and movies.

With the app, users can also download movies and TV shows to their mobile phone’s internal storage so that they can be viewed no matter if they are online or offline. It shows options to watch the movie by using various media players.

You can add shows and movies to Moviedroid’s favorite list to watch them later. Tap on a movie to read a short description, and also see links to streaming sites. You can access the settings section to change the download directory and to set the buffer size.

#36 Redstream

Stream any sport live on Redstream for free, including football, hockey, cricket, and more. It is built by an expert team that integrates almost all the leading tools and features to make it one of the best platforms for streaming sports content.

The site’s interface makes it easy to find the live stream event, where you can quickly access it. The website offers several categories to explore, and each category has its own options you can choose from without any limits. One of the best facts about this site is that it allows you to stream all e-sports matches anywhere around the world.

Additionally, there is a live chat system where you can communicate with other users. Redstream features a search box, notifications, news about upcoming events, and several languages.

#37 Stream Commando

Live sports events can be streamed through Stream Commando, an online streaming platform. It has a cinema-like interface and dynamic elements to give you the feeling of being in a movie theatre. You can watch both SD and HD streams. There is also a low-quality stream available if you have limited data.

As well as showing highlights and live scores, it also shows popular channels like Eurosport, Sky Sports, NFL Network, etc. The app offers a free version with ads, as well as a premium version with more channels and ad-free content. Therefore, this can be considered as your home television for sports. As a whole, Stream Commando is an excellent tool that you should consider among its alternatives.

#38 Stopstream TV

Among the many tournaments you can watch on Stopstream TV are Football, Boxing, Tennis, Fighting, Basketball, Racing, Baseball, and more. By clicking on the desired tab, you can navigate between tournaments and adjust the display according to your time zone.

Multiple servers are available, enabling you to switch to another server if the current one isn’t working properly or buffering too much. Stopstream TV is a great resource for those who want to watch matches the minute they begin.

#39 Taraftar TV

With Taraftar TV, you can watch Turkish online television, multiple sports channels, news, and movies. Watching live content without being disturbed or being a subscriber is possible. Your Tablet or Phone can be used to switch between live TV channels. The purpose of the app is to allow Turkish TV viewers to view their favorite shows from wherever they are, and the quality of the stream depends on how fast their Internet connection is. Tune into different channels to see what’s playing and enjoy yourself right on your tablet or mobile phone.

#40 Vola Sports

Live streaming of tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket, and football games are available through the Vola Sports app. This app offers multiple features and tools for live rebroadcasting. Through it, you will be able to monitor the teams you love, initiate a countdown before a game starts, and view highlights from past games. All you need is an Internet connection.

An average user can easily understand the app’s simple interface. All you need to do is launch the app, explore the daily menu, and select the content you want to watch. Moreover, it features Picture-in-Picture mode, which allows you to multitask while playing the game. Another great feature is the dark mode which can be turned off and on by selecting the dark mode icon located at the top of the screen.

#41 Daddylive.live

Daddylive.live offers free live streaming of sports tournaments including soccer, basketball, ice hockey, boxing, cricket, and tennis as well as dozens of TV shows and movies. There are many streaming links to ensure you can always watch the show/sports without getting stuck with dead links. You can check the Daily Schedule on the site to see what shows will be broadcast in the next few hours. Daddylive.live has a responsive layout that you can access on any device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or PC without any issues.

#42 Volokit.com

In Volokit.com, sports fans can gather and discuss what it means to be a crazy sports fan. Including news, results, and anything related to the top NFL, you can find it here. The platform does not only cover football; here, you can find news and information about all major leagues that are happening or will happen in the near future.

In addition, the site offers an extensive search feature for finding sports information, and you can filter the results by different categories and filters for a more accurate search. Simply open an account or sign in with your existing account to begin the important conversation and analysis.

#43 Navscore

With Navscore, you can view the league stats of multiple sports leagues around the world. It was developed and is owned by Nav Gem to help you view analytical data, such as expected or predicted results of a sporting event like a big-league competition or a minor one. Monitoring the results of events is one way the app accomplishes this goal. Similar to theScore, it displays all the information about matches that have been played, including blocks in basketball and goals in soccer.

If you want instant and easy reports, Navscore is a must-have. It is bundled with multiple features that are common in sports score apps. It provides the schedules of different sports leagues currently being held like La Liga, NBA, and UFC. You can also get a glimpse of events that have finished. Select whichever league you would like to follow closely and get alerts the moment a match goes live and once it ends. It is also possible to choose specific teams to stay in touch with them.

View the results and statistics of the matches that have ended. A great feature of the app is that it allows users to watch live streams of the matches they’re interested in and cast them to their TV if they have a compatible box. In order to generate revenue, the app displays apps repeatedly during a session. The UI is also a noteworthy feature since it is simple and beautiful, allowing beginners to use it with little difficulty. There are several sections on the main menu titled Leagues and Competitions, Bundesliga, Champions League, Serie A, Premier League, and La Liga.

#44 Universal TV HD Sports

Using the Universal TV HD Sports app, you can enjoy your favorite sports right at your fingertips without having to install any extra plugins and watch a match from beginning to end. To help their friends enjoy their favorite sports, users can share the link of the stream.

The content can be automatically updated every day so you never run out of options and can watch a new channel every day. The options menu shows all the available video qualities of the live stream and can change the quality according to the speed of the internet.

Through the Universal TV HD Sports app, users can start the live streaming from either a mobile or Wi-Fi network and can accomplish other important tasks by pausing the live stream to return to it right where you left off.

#45 Ac-Milan

AC Milan participates in both the Italian main division, “Serie A”, as well as European competitions through their official site, Ac-Milan. Fans may view information about the team’s performance in all competitions on the site. Additionally, you can view the schedule and mark the dates and times for upcoming matches in your calendar.

Ticket sales for matches are also available. The site is multilingual, supporting English, Chinese, and Italian. There is a News section that features all the latest club-related news. Site visitors can create a user account and then log in to the site whenever they visit. To support the club, you can also purchase official merchandise such as football kits and accessories.

#46 SportLemon

Live sports can be viewed on SportsLemon, an entertainment website on the internet. You can use the website to watch live matches and to play games all the time.

SportLemon is a great website for having fun, but it lacks resources to show you. It depends on the multiple streaming websites and let the sports lovers get their favorite matches streamed on these platforms.

Online sport live streaming platform SportLemon is the top and ultimate platform with the best 3D and HD effects and breathtaking visuals. SportLemon has the best feature: it allows you to watch sports matches in real-time without having to download any toolbars, surveys, or malware.

#47 StreamHunter

With StreamHunter, you can watch sports live streams from your computer when you’re at work in perfect quality. This service is a comprehensive streaming service that is equipped with all the modern features that allow you to watch and enjoy all the sports channels from anywhere in the world. As well as providing sports-related news around the world, StreamHunter offers Live Sports Streaming.

Additionally, it offers a wide variety of sports channel categories, such as Boxing, Soccer, Cricket, Football, and Handball. Each category has its channels to watch and stream. StreamHunter also includes core features such as brings almost all major sports channels, easy-to-understand interface, sports news, search box, and no registration required, etc.

#48 NewSoccer

Football lovers can enjoy live streaming of football matches and football league matches on NewSoccer, a dedicated platform to the sport. The platform offers live streaming of matches related to football. Compared to other platforms, it has a system for live scores of ongoing events, making it superior. You can check the schedules for new matches on NewSoccer, as well as see the matches currently taking place.

NewSoccer provides live scores, streaming, and live match coverage of the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Champions League, Europa League, and Liga 1. By clicking the link of ongoing matches, the streaming will start instantly.

With NewSoccer, you can watch the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and many more for free. This service is not independent. The third-party channels are embedded in NewSoccer. So, in this regard, users are required to deal with legal issues carefully.

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