It is important for children to read: make it fun

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Reading is an essential habit that every child should try to adopt from the start. It not only increases their tenacity but also promotes critical thinking skills in them. Just as exercise is good for your body, reading is good for your brain.

Have you ever heard of the term “summer reading loss”? A Research The report found that reading in the summer keeps skills strong and that children who don’t read during the summer break lose at least two months of reading development.

Another important advantage of summer reading is that it increases knowledge. Be it vocabulary, spelling, essay writing, math or science, reading is highly effective in any field. But as a parent, you may be making huge efforts to get your kids to develop the reading habit for the summer.

Below are a few tips that will likely help your kids read in the summer.

Tell them the importance

Parents are the first role models for their children. If you are someone who appreciates reading, your children will surely be fascinated and try to be just like you. Children always observe their parents. Tell them why reading is important to you and what good things you can learn from the books.

You can also share with them the stories of your childhood, such as which books you used to read and how much you have loved reading since childhood. This would certainly encourage your kids to read.

Understand their reading assignments

If the teachers have assigned reading assignments to your children, be sure to check them out. See which books the children should read and whether there is a project associated with the assignment or not. For example, there may be a test based on the reading assignment after the holidays, or the children should emphasize the main points of the book, or they should prepare the summary in their own words.

Knowing this will give you an idea of ​​how to run the command. You can also encourage your children to seek additional help. Nowadays, with help with online assignments kids can get a complete guide on how to proceed with their reading assignments.

Help your child create a reading plan

Vacation means sports, TV, video games and playing all day. So it is very important to help your child create a routine by scheduling his day and making some time for reading every day. Not only this, you can also help them determine how much to read each day and how they are going to approach the reading assignments.

If the children were aware of their ‘reading goals’, they would take it as a challenge and eagerly try to complete it.

Make reading fun

Summer reading should not appeal to the children as a burden, but as a fun activity. Make plans to visit the public library at least once a week so that the children learn about books and feel connected to them. You can also ask your kids to keep a journal of the books they read where they can write down the titles of the books they read, or they can also record further information about the books.

Use audiobooks and let your kids enjoy some stories along the way. This in itself is also a beautiful experience.

keep it real

Don’t burden your kids with reading too much in one day. Break the reading assignment into specific parts so that the children always look forward to reading. Consistency is the number one reason to adopt a habit in your life.

If your child reads a hundred pages in one day and forgets to read for the rest of the week, there’s no point. So keep these things in mind when creating their reading plan.

You can also encourage your kids to read in the summer by offering rewards for their small achievements. For example, their favorite video games, a family outing, sleepover or a movie night. This would motivate them to perform their reading task efficiently.

There is no doubt that summer reading assignments are important for the kids, but the parents can make them just as fun and engaging. You are the one who can encourage them to read and explore the world of books and increase their creativity. Make sure your child doesn’t see summer reading as just an assignment, but as a fun activity.


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