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Is the best fan service anime a necessary evil?

Is it even possible to write a compelling story without shoehorns in a barely hidden b**b for the sake of anime fan service? I’m not so sure.

We all remember Ghost in the shell for the major’s stoic approach to nudism in the workplace. If Batou didn’t offer her his jacket to cover, we could be forgiven if we accept Masamune decency was completely forgotten.

I’m sure there’s a story here somewhere, I’ve heard from my colleagues that GitS has a . is tour de force in storytelling, a perfectly crafted dystopian masterpiece that offers a future currently well on its way to becoming the inevitable present. That’s all well and good, but can we stoop for a moment to appreciate the real star of the show, the side-b**b?

It’s time to admit that the foundation of all anime isn’t the genre-blurring story, bravery in stylistic choice or the ability to crush the viewer with emotion, it’s the chance that a bare thigh or bathing suit scene is just around the corner. lies.

Anime Sex Sells, But Who Buys?

Jokes aside, the unfortunate reality is that sex sells. I mentioned shoehorning in b**bs, and that’s exactly how it feels sometimes. No matter how lovingly a dialogue is constructed, how emotionally devastating a death is…the seams are bursting and they are filled with perky anime br*sts.

I am not a hater of the feminine form. Truly, if there is a work of art in all the world more beautiful than a woman in all her curvaceous glory, I have yet to see it. I just wonder if the constant bombardment of scantily clad bodies in anime is real adds something other than what might be a cheap thrill to the uninitiated.

It’s no coincidence that the terminology used to describe this sort of thing hits the nail on the head. fan service. As a fan, if you expect me to sit here and watch your anime, I expect to be rewarded. What do you mean this show has no b**bs? Let’s check out one that does!

The name suggests that, as the crawling cavemen that we are, we don’t have the attention span to appreciate any kind of complex story without throwing in the occasional n*pple to bolster our resolve. Without the occasional island of erotic memory to rest on, we would surely drown before we managed to swim to the conclusion.

It’s like we’re all subscribed to the idea that things like this are normal and to be expected. After decades, however artful the animated sparkle is, the shine wears off. The once strategic hit of dopamine used by wily animators to unknowingly add a point or two in their favor is starting to gnaw a bit.

We all hate filler episodes because they are pointless. The story doesn’t progress, characters don’t grow, and eventually we’re back where we started as if nothing happened. What else can we make of anime fan service scenes if we don’t compare them to a short mid-episode filler?

A strange path to a conclusion

Ask yourself, what sex scene ever helped the plot move forward? I know there are a handful of pivotal moments where sex and nudity have a devastating effect, like the r*pe from Berserk’s Cascabut that can hardly be construed as fan service or pointless filler.

So. If any of you would like to join me in protest, don’t hesitate to raid your arts and crafts drawer to make a suitably outraged sign to swing around. Right now, the world and its inhabitants are carrying a large number of burdens and unnecessary animations upsk*rts are certainly one of them.


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