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Is he the best anime villain of 2022?

Anya cries in episode 4 of Spy X Family.
Anya Forger cries when she remembers her late mother. Pic credit: Cloverworks

Anya Forger has captured the hearts of the anime community calling her “dear daughter”. Anya, formerly known as Subject 007, is a telepath or “esper” whose abilities were created in an experiment conducted by an evil organization.

Anya’s young age makes her very impressionable. There are times when she starts acting really strange because she reads Loid and Yor’s mind. It is these funny reactions to the thoughts of her adoptive parents that have made her so endearing to anime fans.

In the beginning, Anya wanted to go everywhere Loid went to see spy stuff happen like on her favorite show. After the mess she accidentally caused in Episode 1, she has stopped messing around with Loid’s spy gear. Anya helps Loid the best she can, even challenging Loid and Yor to actually get together.

Anya Forger’s cuteness knows no bounds

In Spy X Family Episode 4, the counterfeiters managed to make it to the admission interview at Eden Academy, despite several bizarre obstacles. While Anya, Loid and Yor wait to be called, Anya becomes nervous as she reads Loid’s mind.

It’s cute when Anya forgets one of the answers to her question and accidentally says Loid’s thoughts. Loid covers smoothly for her. When the interviewers ask Anya to give her parents a score, Anya answers with 100 points!

It’s such little moments that have endeared Anya to the anime community. She really can be so cute! Unfortunately, Dorm 2’s caretaker, Murdoch Swan, has been jealous of all the happy families since his wife recently filed for divorce and he lost custody of his child.

Murdoch maliciously decides to ask Anya if she prefers her old mother or her new ones mother. When Anya thinks about her deceased mother, she starts to cry and calls out for her mother.

This was when the anime community exploded. Anime otaku could really relate to how Yor and Loid acted and how they felt when Murdoch made Anya cry.

Loid gets angry on behalf of Anya.
Loid gets angry on behalf of Anya. Pic credit: Cloverworks.
Yor gets angry on behalf of Anya.
Yor gets angry on behalf of Anya. Pic credit: Cloverworks.

Anime Community Outraged by Murdoch Swan

One of the most memorable remarks regarding this moment from last night is: ‘That bastard really wasn’t at all elegant and that interviewer made Anya cry – especially after her hopeful and loving ‘want to be together forever’ statement. I loved how Yor immediately rushed to Anya when she started to cry.”

Artist @hunnymzdraws/Twitter has already made a drawing of Yor and Loid getting very angry because of Anya.

Yor and Loid get angry on behalf of Anya.
Yor and Loid get angry on behalf of Anya. Photo credit: @hunnymzdraws/Twitter

Another memorable comment was, “Henry Henderson is the MVP on this episode for the Elegant Punch on that bastard.”

Henry Henderson punches Murdoch Swan.
Henry Henderson punches Murdoch Swan. Pic credit: Cloverworks
Unconscious Murdoch Swan.
Murdoch Swan gets what he deserves. Pic credit: Cloverworks

@kacchanscape tweeted: “pov: you talk shit about anya and eri” and went on to compare Yor to Bakugo and Loid and Deku from My Hero Academia.

Yor and Bakugo and Loid and Deku are compared in their reactions to Anya's crying.
Yor is compared to Bakugo, while Loid is compared to Deku from My Hero Academia in the way they reacted to Anya’s crying. Photo credit: @kacchanscape/Twitter

Other memorable comments from the anime community regarding Anya’s crying:

  • “We have drawn up the rule. Make Anya cry, you will be punished.”
  • “Death brings no satisfaction. He needs endless torture and suffering.”
  • “He was lucky that Yor didn’t react before Loid.”
  • “Scumbag caretaker, husband and father most likely.”
  • “Thank God he lost custody of the daughter. However, his poor mother must have hurt to poop the size of a male child.’
  • “No, man, the MVP is that mosquito who sacrificed his life or else Loid would kill everyone and jeopardize the mission.”
  • “All Hail Random Mosquito-sama.”
  • ‘He will not be forgotten. He died gracefully.”
  • “How dare he make Anya cry.”
  • ‘Swan looks more like pigs. Must be one of those that roam free lol.”
  • “Yes, torture would be better.”
  • “Tamp with his daughter and there will be a slaughter.”
  • “Henry Henderson – the forgetful are a family of true elegance.”
  • “Agreed with Henry the MVP. I hope we can get more of that in future episodes.”

In Spy x Family Episode 4 we also have one of our favorite moments where Anya is furious. When Loid decided to pay his respects to the statue of the former headmaster thinking, “I’ll act like the ideal person,” Yor thinks, “I’ll follow what Loid does,” and Anya thinks, “Old Baldy.” Anya is as furious as ever!

Do you agree that Murdoch Swan is the best villain of 2022? If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that you don’t mess with Anya Forger unless you want a spy, a hit man and the entire anime community to wish you dead.


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