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Investors: STOP the INSANE!

Let’s talk about the #1 mistake investors make during a bear market. Better yet, let’s solve this problem by explaining how easy it is to actually make trading profits during a bear market. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. So let’s try something new to get you on the right side of the stock market (SPY) action. Read on below for more.

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I just read another email from a StockNews customer saying that this bearish market has pushed them to the sidelines. And they will”Just wait‘ to determine what to do next.

Sorry friends… this is just suicide investing.

There’s no other way to say it. And yet this is the most common reaction of investors in difficult times, such as in 2022.

I want to point out the insanity of this approach in hopes of getting people on a more successful investment path.

The danger of “Just wait

At first glance, this seems so logical. To realize that the current market conditions are rough. And so you wait and see what happens next and set your course forward.

Now the reality check…

“There is ALWAYS a bull market somewhere”

This is not just a funny expression… but a fact.

There is always something going on, even in the darkest of times. And so there is NEVER a good reason to be out of the market.

The key is to align your portfolio with the prevailing trends. And since we’re in the midst of a long-term bear market, investments that benefit when the market goes down, such as inverse ETFs and put options, are what goes up.

Inverse ETFs are just one of the tools I’ve used in my Reitmeister Total Return service to hit +4.65% gains as the S&P 500 (SPY) plunged more than 15% to new lows (8 /15/22 to 30/09/22) ).

Then you have Tim Biggam taking advantage of a series of winning put trades in his POWR Options service. Customers of this service have achieved an astonishing gain of +65.44% since the service opened in November 2021.

By the way, you can start a 30-day trial of the above services to enjoy these winning trades. We’ll discuss that in a moment, but first I need to share one more important point, which is…

Inflation is destroying your money accounts

At the moment, cash is waste.

The math is obvious. Inflation is raging at 8% and yet your bank is paying you a tiny fraction of that, meaning every minute your money is in cash… you’re losing to inflation.

So the “Just wait” approach to switching to cash assures you of a hefty loss as inflation is such a silent killer of wealth. So cash is not as safe as you imagined.

This alone should make you curious to see if there is a better way to invest. Such as the approaches discussed in the previous section in the Reitmeister Total Return and POWR Options service.

What to do?

Start your 30 day POWR Platinum trial… this is the bundle of all our active trading services.

It not only includes access to the winning trades in my Reitmeister Total Return service or Tim Biggam’s POWR options… but also these additional popular services:

  • POWR growth– Jaimini Desai uses the Top 10 Growth Stocks strategy and the average annual return of +49.10%.
  • POWR Trends– In-depth commentary and top picks on the most exciting growth trends from EVs to space exploration to Internet of Things to Genomics and more.
  • POWR value– Steve Reitmeister hand selects the best value stocks using the Top 10 Value Stocks strategy with an average annual return of +37.67%.
  • POWR Ratings Premium – Full access to our coveted POWR ratings for over 5,300 stocks and 2,000 ETFs.
  • POWR Shares Below $10 – Based on our most powerful stock-picking strategy, with a market-shattering annual average return of +59.43%. And also shockingly good results at bear markets!

AND soon….

In just 2 weeks we’re adding a brand new service called POWR Breakouts, which uses chart patterns combined with the fundamental power of our POWR Ratings to find the stocks most likely to break out in each market. Truly a ‘best of both worlds’ approach to finding the most current stocks.

There really is something here for every investor and EVERY market condition. This is undoubtedly the best way to find out which of our services is right for you, so that after your trial you can just stick with what works best for you.

And the costs?

Only $1 for the next 30 days.

During your all access trial, you get all current choices, every new transaction—including 2 exciting choices next Monday morning-plus in-depth analysis and market commentary from our experts to put you on the right side of the market action.

I am confident that with all these market-beating services at your disposal, you will outperform significantly in 2022 and want to remain a member for a long time to come.

But if I’m wrong, you can cancel anytime and be fully protected by our industry-leading performance guarantee. That means we’re happy to refund every cent you paid for your subscription if we can’t help you beat the market.

So don’t wait any longer and click on the link below to get started now:

About POWR Platinum & 30 Day Trial >>

I wish you a world of investment success!

Steve Reitmeister

…but everyone calls me Reity (pronounced “Right”)
CEO, Stock News Network and Editor, Reitmeister Total return

SPY shares fell $0.18 (-0.05%) in after-hours trading on Friday. Year-to-date, the SPY is down -22.73%, versus a % increase in the benchmark S&P 500 index over the same period.

About the author: Steve Reitmeister

Steve is better known to the StockNews public as “Reity”. Not only is he the CEO of the company, but he also shares his 40 years of investment experience in the Reitmeister Total Return Portfolio. Learn more about Reity’s background, along with links to his most recent articles and stock selection.


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